Sloping garden ideas and optimal solutions for landscape design

Sloping garden ideas garden plants flowers terraces

If you want to create your garden on a slope, you must meet the challenges of nature. Turn the frustrating slope in a dramatic accent with one of these clever sloping garden ideas and enjoy a stylish and picturesque garden.

1. Sloping garden ideas – slow down the water flow

Sloping sloping landscape design flowerbeds

Arrange miniature terraces or several retaining walls horizontally across the slope to slow down the water flow. Sloping garden ideas will give you additional tips how to design and organize the outdoor space.

2. Sloping garden ideas  – integrate water features or fountains

retaining walls sloping ideas water feature

A waterfall is the ultimate way to take an advantage of the terrain. A steep slope is an opportunity to create a dramatic curtain of water. Sloping garden ideas and creative landscape design will be able to inspire you for optimal solutions.

3. Build a wall

on slope design ideas wall natural stone

Retaining walls are bold architectural elements, creating an intimate atmosphere. Add climbing plants on the wall to soften the hard lines and add color.

4. Terraces

Sloping ideas terraced levels bench

If a large wall is not enough, several low walls with terraces in between can be the right solution. An inviting terrace is also a great place to relax and overlook the rest of your garden.

5. Replant the whole slope

Sloping creative landscape design

Plant roots are very efficient to anchor loose soil on a slope and in addition, blooming plants decorate the whole slope with beautiful colors.
6. Build a wooden deck

Sloping wooden deck terraces levels

Transform a steep slope into a valuable living space by building a multi-level deck. The contrast between natural vegetation and a wooden terrace is always striking.
7. Create bold accent with rocks

sloping garden ideas garden rocks natural landscape

Add groups of rocks to the ground. You anchor portions of the slope and add natural beauty. Garden rocks have a great decorative effect.

8. Build stairs

sloping landscape design stairs

Arrange the stairs so that they are convenient to climb.

 9. Create a babbling brook

sloping water features waterfall stone bed

A hillside location is the perfect place for a babbling brook and several small waterfalls.

10. Display your favorite potted plants

sloping flower pots display

Take an advantage of the change to show your favorite potted plants. At eye level the beautiful flowers would make greater impression.

sloping front yard decoration ideas

sloping natural stone retaining wall stairs

sloping garden ideas patio stone flooring pergola

design terraces planting

sitting area

natural stone stairs retaining wall


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