13 Patio blinds ideas for your privacy in the garden

by Kremy

garden privacy protection wooden fence

Patio blinds play an important role in the terrace design, so you have to consider various possibilities. Take a look at our ideas so that you can protect your privacy in the garden.

1. Patio blinds ideas for privacy

privacy protection terraces fountain water play road noise reducing


The background noise of a busy street can be just as annoying as your neighbors peeping in the backyard. Solve this problem with the help of a garden water feature. The gentle trickle of water can make a big difference. Patio blinds will separate you from the neighbors.

2. Evergreen trees as patio blinds

garden furniture wood patio blinds privacy protecting

Evergreen trees are first-class choice for patio blinds. They block any view and offer a lush, green backdrop. The evergreen trees also serve as a filter for the noise. There is an evergreen tree in almost every garden. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes – including columnar types that do not grow more than 2 meters.

 3. Build a wooden pergola

patio blinds privacy terrace wooden pergola rocking chairs

A pergola can be transformed into the the perfect blinds for patios. It will make your outdoor area cozy, creates a pleasant shade and adds an interest touch – especially if you decorate it with hanging baskets and plant vessels.

 4. Plant a lush vegetation as a visual screen for patios

Patio blinds ideas privacy terrace lush tropical plants


The gardener in warm climate areas, such as tropical, knows that plants can provide the desired privacy almost immediately. Even gardeners in the north can enjoy these fast growing plants with large leaves. Grow them as houseplants and move them in and out for each season.

5. Use the location of the house

Privacy terrace veranda pergola

 Look at the lines of your home to – try to find the perfect spot to place a terrace in a niche.

6. Building a protective wall

outdoor fireplace wooden deck patio blinds

While an outdoor fireplace is the focal point on the terrace, it is the simple solution for privacy patio blinds that makes the biggest difference. Even if the barrier is not completely blocking the view, it offers enough protection to make the patio more enjoyable.

7. Integrate a tree

evergreen trees around wooden terrace privacy protection screen

Rather than clean up the ground for terrace, you use what is already there. This old apple tree is not only a great addition to the yard – it protects the privacy of the residents by creating a soft, natural canopy. Lush plantings around the edge of the deck also contribute to the sense of security.

8. Add an awning or other roofing

awning terrace patio blinds privacy protection

A traditional awning provides both protection from the hot summer sun, as well as the neighbors, peeping from the window on the second floor. Awnings are available in a range of styles and colors, including retractable types.

9. Build a big fence

patio blinds protection garden privacy wooden fence

A fence is one of the most common methods to block unwanted views. Here a simple fence surrounds the patio and offers the perfect, secluded retreat. A number of plant containers beautify the garden and make it more inviting.

10. Limit the visibility

Privacy deck ideas green plants wall

If it is not possible to add blinds to the entire terrace, then concentrate to only a part. This can be done with a beautiful Hinoki cypress – a nice eye-catcher, which pulls the eye of the visible terrace behind it.

11. Grow climbing plants and vines

patio blinds ideas garden privacy protection screens

Climbing plants are the ultimate investment in relation to the blinds for patios. Here, an evergreen clematis forms a beautiful canopy over this tiny wooden terrace. It forms a nice “green curtain” by winding in the wooden lattice.

12. Plant trees

Privacy terrace trees plants

A few small trees around the patio to create a gentle, green curtain without taking up too much space in your garden. Add drama through the selection of different types of trees. Small maples (such as fire-maple), for example, get a magic red autumn color, while in spring blooming beautifully.

 13. Add fabrics with beautiful patterns

patio blinds ideas privacy protection colorful fabrics

Get the variety of outdoor friendly fabrics to to create a perfect barrier. Webs with beautiful, cheerful colors can be quickly and easily pulled together. Plus, they are inexpensive – you can have a few different options, depending on your mood.


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