What shampoo to use at 60? Discover our favorites for voluminous and shiny hair!

by Kremy

As we age, our hair also ages. By the time we reach 40 and 50, we can all notice massive changes in texture and elasticity. The fact is that as the years go by, our natural oils tend to disappear and we end up with a dry, itchy scalp, hair loss and thinning hair. This is nothing but a nuisance in our daily life and the way we see ourselves. So, what to do to have beautiful hair at any age? What shampoo to use at 60? Are there any tips and tricks to revive locks and restore their shine? Yes! Keep reading!

What shampoo to use at 60? Top of the best shampoos

What shampoo to use after 60

Many women suffer from dry scalp. Their hair becomes very fragile and unpleasant to the touch. Not only does your hair start to turn gray, which we all approve of! Check out the Silver Sisters movement to learn more. But this process is due to a loss of pigmentation, which changes the entire structure of the hair, making it less elastic and soft and harder and wilder to tame. In fact, to avoid this and regain your confidence along with your once soft, shiny and voluminous hair… We have some useful tips and tricks for you as well as the best products on the market for every hair type. Just like our skin care routine, we all need to follow a hair care routine. So if you want to make a positive change to your hair, scroll down!

fine hair after 50 years old


What is the best shampoo for fine, dry hair?

Kérastase Resistance – brittle, damaged hair 250ml (€29.95): This wonderful formula will repair your hair to the maximum, while restoring it to its former glory. It is very hydrating and will transform dry hair into hydrated and healthy hair in no time. The results are visible from the first use and the quality is impeccable!

Kerastase Resistance for brittle damaged hair

Kérastase Densifique – Bain Densité 250 ml – plumping shampoo for hair lacking density (€22.90): This shampoo is perfect for gray and almost dead hair, without any bounce or shine. The formula contains hyaluronic acid, which helps hair stay ageless. In fact, it tones and thickens the hair significantly!

Kerastase Densifique for hair lacking density

Fine and oily hair shampoo

Kérastase Balancing Shampoo – Oily Root-Dry Ends Shampoo (€26.70): Although most hair tends to dry out, many women have a very oily scalp and dry tips that weaken them. In addition to hydrating the hair follicles, it also gives incredible volume!

Balancing Shampoo for Oily Roots Dry Ends

Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo ($30): You can find this amazing shampoo at Sephora. It moisturizes well and gets rid of oil buildup. So, if you wonder which shampoo to use at 60, you see there are quite many options to choose from.

Shampoo for fine hair without volume

Tips and tricks to get voluminous and shiny hair

How to have shiny and silky hair? Follow our advice and see for yourself the radically positive change in your hair!

  • Wash less often. In fact, what makes your hair even drier and more brittle is washing it every day. Yes, if you have oily hair, it’s a little hard to follow. However, using a dry shampoo right after you finish washing your hair will keep it looking flawless for at least two more days! So give your hair time to relax and save it at least two showers a week!
  • Choose the right product. But then, what shampoo to use at 60? Indeed, we have seen together the best possible choices for women over 60, which are neither cheap nor too expensive. By using the right products for your hair type, you heal your roots and give your hair a much-needed boost!
  • Check your medications. Many drugs have side effects and some of them are hair loss and dry skin. If so, consult your doctor about it.
  • Do not use heat. If you like to have straight or curly hair, try the no heat methods instead. You’ll find it hard to believe how much damage heat can do to your hair. However, it is sometimes difficult to break old habits. So you can buy a heat protector and not straighten or curl your hair every day. Let them breathe a little!
  • Use a conditioner and hair masks. Using a conditioner can really help fully hydrate your hair and make it softer and shinier. In fact, check out our homemade hair masks too!
  • Follow a good diet. Eating a lot of processed sugar, drinking a lot of alcohol, gorging on carbs and fat every day leads to bad skin and hair. Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet.



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