How to clean the dishwasher and disinfect it? Tips and home remedies that work well!

by Kremy

Is a dishwasher only for lazy people? Not necessarily! While the device does us a favor by keeping our dishes clean, it still needs regular cleaning to remain efficient. The dishwasher is a practical, but also capricious device. It calcifies quickly, especially if the water is too hard and contains lime. Food residue and grease build-up in the pipes can also result in a smelly dishwasher. But how can you clean the dishwasher and disinfect it naturally and effectively? We will show you how to extend the life of your device with some home remedies.

How often do you have to clean the dishwasher?

Clean and disinfect the dishwasher thoroughly

Just like the refrigerator, the extractor hood and the washing machine, the dishwasher also needs a thorough cleaning every month. The door seals, the filter, the washing-up liquid compartments and the rollers on the baskets quickly become dirty with regular use. So remember to clean them regularly with a brush and washing-up liquid. Your machine will thank you!

How to clean the dishwasher thoroughly?

Clean the dishwasher filter


If your dishwasher is too dirty and calcified, you should do a thorough cleaning. To do this, you need to follow 6 steps:

  • Unplug the machine and remove all detachable parts, including the filter.
  • Rub the spray arms with a sponge soaked in soapy water. If the holes are clogged, insert flexible wire into each hole to dislodge the debris.
  • Do the same with the filter but with a brush.
  • Also take out the gaskets and clean them with a brush and white vinegar.
  • Turn the machine back on and run it empty by putting in a few tablespoons of citric acid and two cups of vinegar.
  • Finally, wipe off the residue.

clean the spray arms of the dishwasher

Which home remedies can clean the dishwasher and disinfect it?

Your household appliances need to be cleaned regularly to keep them efficient and working longer. This is especially true for the dishwasher, where dirt accumulates after each wash cycle (even if you can’t always see it). Regular cleaning not only prolongs the life of the machine, but also increases its performance. In other words, a machine clogged with dirt and grease cannot operate properly. Here’s how to clean the dishwasher with three simple home remedies to keep it running smoothly for years!

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How to clean the dishwasher with white vinegar

How to clean the dishwasher with white vinegar

Household vinegar can really work wonders when cleaning your home. Once a month or two, pour 250ml/8,5 fl oz of white vinegar into a bowl and place on the top drawer of your dishwasher. Set the dishwasher temperature to the highest setting and run a quick empty cycle. Thanks to its natural cleaning and disinfecting properties, white vinegar will dissolve fat and eliminate bad odors. Deodorizing, disinfecting and limescale-repellent – this natural product does everything right in the household.

Clean the smelly dishwasher with baking soda

how to clean the dishwasher with soda

After cleaning with white vinegar, sprinkle the bottom of your dishwasher with two good handfuls of baking soda. Then set the machine back to the highest temperature and run a short empty cycle. The refreshing and cleansing properties of baking soda make it a valuable ally in thoroughly cleaning your dishwasher. It will eliminate musty odors while removing dirt residue.

Use washing soda to degrease

Remove dirt and food leftovers

To degrease your machine, pure soda is the perfect solution. The accumulation of fat in your dishwasher clogs the pipes and is therefore often the cause of bad odors in your home. After cleaning with washing soda, however, these odors are a thing of the past. Just throw in three tablespoons of pure soda before you run your dishwasher empty.

You can also use these tips when cleaning the washing machine!

Care tips for a high-performance dishwasher

How often do you need to clean the dishwasher

To keep your dishwasher working well for years, it needs not only cleaning, but also proper use. Here are a few tips for using the dishwasher every day to extend its life and ensure optimal results.

  • Before starting your dishwasher, first run the water from the faucet in your sink until it is hot. This way, the water will be warm right at the start of the wash cycle, making cleaning easier.
  • Then check the temperature of the selected program. For clean dishes, the water should be warm enough, about 50 C/120 F degrees.
  • To save energy, wait until your dishwasher is full before starting it. On the other hand, avoid packing the dishes too tightly. This is because there must be enough space between the dishes and plates so that they can be cleaned well by the dishwasher’s nozzles.
  • Do not rinse dirty dishes(completely), as the dishwasher tabs need a small amount of grease and dirt to do their job.


tips for optimal care of the dishwasher

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