How to Clean Curtains from Dust Without Taking Them Down? – 5 Effective Tricks That Actually Work!

by Stephanie Yankova

Your curtains are one of those tricky spots in your home where you don’t really see the dust form – but it’s there. Because it’s hard to see it it’s also not uncommon for people to forget to clean it. Depending on the fabric from which the curtains are made, their upkeep can be quite a hassle. The standard solution – dry cleaning. While this seems like a perfectly reasonable and practical approach, wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way? Spoiler alert – you don’t even have to take your curtains down! Scroll on for tried and tested at-home methods for cleaning your curtains. Success – guaranteed!

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Why do Curtains Get So Dusty?

Curtains are one of the biggest magnets for dust in your home! Both organic and synthetic fabrics act like an air filter for your room, which has its pros and cons. When you leave your windows open, all the dust gets absorbed into your curtains, which stops it from getting to other surfaces. Or at least slows down the transition process. However, just like any other filter, the fibres of the curtains get clogged up. When you start noticing a lot of dust forming on the surfaces in your space in a short period, it’s time to wash your curtains!

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How Often Should I Clean My Curtains?

Unlike other areas and surfaces in your home, curtains don’t require frequent cleaning. Once a month should be enough to keep them fresh and allergens-free. If you have ceiling-to-floor curtains, the bottom edges will accumulate dust more frequently. In this case, it’s good to clean that part of the curtains at least once a week.

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How do You Clean Curtains from Dust Without Washing Them?

Taking your curtains down and putting them back up is a tedious task! It’s no wonder that people avoid washing them. After all, if you don’t see the dust, it doesn’t exist, right? Unfortunately, no! The dust that your curtains collect can become a trigger for allergies over time. Not only that but also the less you maintain them, the quicker they will start wearing out. That’s why it’s important to adopt a habit of cleaning your curtains the same way you wash your dishes or vacuum your floors! Don’t worry! I’ve got the easiest and laziest hacks for you! Let’s see what they are!

Use a Lint Roller

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Why haven’t I thought of that earlier? That’s the question I asked myself as soon as I found out about this hack. I was quite stunned as someone who has lint roller rolling (no pun intended) all around the house because of my dog! This is a great way to remove dust and lint from all kinds of fabrics because the glue doesn’t stick to them. No lint roller? No worries! Just use some sticky tape. One piece of advice – don’t use it on faux suede or satin curtains. It might leave unwanted sticky marks.

Include Your Curtains in the Floor Vacuuming Process

Simple as that? Yes! Who said that keeping your house clean should be difficult? If your vacuum cleaner has a long handle that allows for more mobility, you have no reasons why to keep neglecting your curtains! Next time you’re vacuuming your floors simply reach up to your curtains and vacuum them, too!

Cordless Handheld Vacuum

small portable cordless handheld vacuum cleaner curtain dust tips

Your vacuum is no good for the task? No worries! You can get one of those small cordless vacuums for cars. However, you might need a ladder or a really sturdy chair when you use it to clean your curtains. You can easily get one on Amazon for cheap and it’s an investment you won’t regret! These handheld mini vacuums are ideal for cleaning all those annoying tiny spots that we usually prefer to ignore!

DIY Steamer for Curtain Stains

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Stained curtains? No problem! All you need is a little steam and an upholstery brush. For those of you who own a steamer, the steps you need to follow are pretty simple! Steam the area with the spot and run the upholstery brush up and down the fabric. The results should be immediate. You don’t have a steamer? Don’t worry! You can use a tea kettle instead! Just be careful not to spill the boiling hot water all over yourself while holding it, as you probably know – it is quite heavy!

Give ‘Em a Good Shake!

The quickest and easiest way to rid your curtains of dust is to simply shake them down! Now, we don’t want you inhaling all this dust while you do so, do we? Make sure you put on a facemask, wrap a bandana or another thick, preferably cotton, piece of fabric around your mouth. If you haven’t washed your curtains in a while, or ever, be prepared to see all that dust on your floor once you’ve shaken them down. Simply vacuum the floors once you make sure the curtains are completely dust-free and voila!

Note: Shake your curtains from top to bottom, not the other way around. For your own comfort and best results, get a ladder or a chair in order to reach the highest point of the curtains.

Clean Your Windows Frequently

dirty windows clean dusty curtains tips tricks

You didn’t see this one coming, did you? As simple as it may sound, your windows are the first surface the dust meets. Understandably, when your curtains are in close contact with them, they will absorb all that dust. The more often you clean your windows, the less upkeep you’ll have to do for your curtains!

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