Halloween Crafts with Recycled Materials: Popsicle Sticks, Paper Plates & Toilet Paper Rolls

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How to create a thematic decoration without spending a cent? Discover our selection of Halloween crafts with recycled materials. Popsicle sticks, paper plates, toilet paper rolls, rocks… use everything you already have at home to have fun during the All Saints holidays.

Halloween Crafts with Recycled Materials

easy halloween crafts ideas rock painting

Open your kitchen drawers, check the shelves, open the shoeboxes filled with forgotten items and use it all into your themed crafts. Your children will definitely enjoy it. Plus, if you’re not planning to travel during the holidays, it’s a great way to keep their attention on something useful. Manual activities develop their imagination. Here are our favorites for Halloween 2023.

Popsicle Stick Halloween Craft Ideas

popsicle stick halloween craft ideas


For popsicle sticks crafts, you will also need glue. A little paint will also help, but if not, use markers. Eyes can be painted, made from cardboard, or store-bought plastic eyes. Also don’t forget the hair, made of paper.

halloween crafts with recycled materials popsicle sticks paper plates toilet paper rolls

To make this spider web, you need 3 sticks, white string, black string for the spider’s legs and black pompoms.

make a pumpkin with popsicle sticks

Here is our final popsicle sticks craft idea. To make these pretty lanterns, use black cardboard and artificial leaves. You can glue a string between the sticks and the leaves to hang them around the house.

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Halloween Crafts with Paper Plates

diy halloween pumpkin with paper plates

Let your child paint the plates orange, no matter how talented he is. You’ll be showing him your confidence, which will motivate him even more. Then help him cut out the mouth, nose and eyes and glue them on. To finish, add a green pipe cleaner on top.

halloween crafts with paper plates

Want to decorate the fireplace for Halloween, but you have a Scandinavian interior? This simple decoration will not interfere with the color balance in your living room. You can paint the plates any color you want to match your style, just keeping the mouth black for contrast.

cute monsters from paper plates

How to make monsters? It’s as easy as pie! Here are 4 super fun ideas, inspired by the movie Monsters Inc. Yes, it’s not exactly Mike Wasowski, but the goal here is to find inspiration to create something unique.

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Toilet Paper Rolls Halloween Crafts

halloween crafts with recycled materials

Here is an idea to make a witch’s castle with cardboard, 7 toilet paper rolls and a paper towels roll. Paint them all black and glue them together. Then use nail polish, marker or white paint to draw all the details. If you wish, you can place LED candles inside.

how to make a mummy for halloween with toilet paper rolls

To make this simple mummy, you need a toilet paper roll, black paint, plastic eyes and cheesecloth. As we already mentioned, eyes can also be made from cardboard. You can similarly paint them with nail polish, letting the white dry completely before applying the black dot.

toilet paper rolls halloween crafts ideas

Salem, is that you? The black cat and the bat are two essential elements of Halloween decoration.

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Easy Halloween Rock Painting Ideas

easy halloween rock painting ideas

Here is another idea for Halloween crafts with recycled materials. Collect all kinds of rocks you have in the garden. Their shape and size may vary, but that’s great. Use each angle as an opportunity to create a unique face. This Halloween craft is perfect for outdoor decoration.

how to make emoji rock painting ideas

To achieve greater contrast, paint the stones white first. This will make your decoration even more elegant and minimalist, so use it to decorate the pots on your balcony.

Easy Halloween Crafts with Cotton Buds

easy halloween crafts with cotton buds

Black paper and a few cotton buds are enough to create a skeleton. Here are two ways to do it.

easy halloween crafts with cotton buds and cardboard

Halloween Craft Ideas with Pringles Boxes

easy halloween crafts with pringles cans

Pringles cans can be very useful as a storage solution, but you can also use them to make Halloween monsters. They can be used as a vase for dried flowers or filled with beans, rice and lentils to make a musical instrument for your child. In that case, you will also need the lid. Be sure to tape it down to prevent the beans from being scattered all over the floor.

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Crafts with Corks

halloween crafts for kids ideas

If you are still looking for Halloween crafts with recycled materials, make this super simple bat that you can hang on the balcony, on trees and plants in the garden, on kitchen handles, etc.

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