Free Printable Halloween Masks – 12 Spooky Ideas That Kids Will Love!

by Kremy

Are you ready for Halloween 2023? Kids are always thrilled and it’s the candy hunt that appeals to them, as well as the possibility of dressing up as a scary, amusing or bizarre creature. One of the easiest and best ways to do this? Opt for free printable Halloween masks!

12 Free Printable Halloween Masks to Cut (and Color)

free halloween mask to print cut out and color

Sure, the elaborate costumes and exquisite makeup are stunning, but we have to be honest: they’re not for everyone. Sometimes a simple costume and a scary mask are best and you can combine them even at the last minute. With their help, we avoid face paint which can be allergenic, as well as the disappointment in the eyes of the kids. Better yet, such a Halloween mask is free and you simply have to cut it out to prepare your little ones for the party. So, here are some colored half masks that you can print even at the last moment before going to pick up some sweets.

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Colored Half Masks Suitable for a Last Minute Disguise

free printable pumpkin halloween mask


Yes, the great advantage of a full-color Halloween mask is that you can choose and print it even a few minutes before trick-or-treating begins. The downside? It’ll waste ink – one of the most expensive liquids in the world! You’re not going to be printing dozens of masks throughout the year anyway, so don’t worry too much and go for it.

free printable halloween mask frankenstein

You can attach a half mask to a stick and hold it in front of your face, but tying the ends of an elastic band on both sides is more practical, as you have your hands free (for the candy basket) at any given moment, right? Also, take into account that printing the mask on thick paper or cardboard is best, but a regular white A4 sheet will also do the job.

free printable halloween masks to cut out

After printing the mask of your choice, cut it out along the dotted lines. Don’t forget to cut out the eye holes too. Use a pencil or a punch to make small holes on either side, then thread an elastic string through the openings and tie knots, checking the correct length according to the size of the child’s head. Voilà!

free printable halloween mask witch

Colored Masks for the Whole Face

free halloween mask to print dog

A red cape, a printable Halloween mask and you’re ready to go!

free halloween mask to print on cardboard devil

A clown with a sinister smile is a very good idea for the masquerade

printable halloween mask smiling clown

Free Printable Halloween Mask to Cut Out and Color

halloween crafts for kids free printable masks

A Halloween mask to print, cut out and color is another wonderful idea, because it combines a fun artistic activity for the kids and the creation of an object that will be useful to them later, on October 31. This is a great DIY to try during the holidays so you don’t get bored during the evenings. Here are some coloring models that are perfect for this purpose!

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How to become Frankenstein monster in the 2023 candy hunt

halloween mask to print coloring monster frankenstein

Little girls love to take on the role of witch to celebrate Halloween

free halloween mask to print and color witch kids craft ideas

Scary Halloween mask idea to print: Chinese dragon to color

free halloween mask to print and color chinese dragon

Cute creatures are a good alternative choice for the scary party

free halloween mask to print and color cats

Nothing could be easier than transforming into a pumpkin for October 31!

free halloween pumpkin mask to print and color

Sugar skulls Halloween half mask version to color

printable halloween mask sugar skulls

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