Halloween Front Door Decorations: 11 Simple Ideas That Are Real Eye-Catchers

by Kremy

On the spookiest night of the year, someone might knock on your door and unique but simple Halloween front door decorations are the perfect, special welcome.

Halloween is just around the corner and there are so many great ways to decorate your house. But the front door is the first thing our guests see when they come to the party. That’s why we should start with this if we want to decorate our home for Halloween. Opt for accents that will make your entrance look a little spookier and increase your visitors’ anticipation. Get inspired by the following 11 decoration ideas that require very little effort but will attract everyone’s attention.

Halloween Front Door Decorations: 11 Simple Ideas for a Festive Look

the easiest halloween front door decorations

Halloween front door decorations shouldn’t necessarily be complicated. You can achieve a great appearance with little effort, you just have to find the right inspiration. No matter what Halloween decoration you choose, you should definitely have fun with it. Take advantage of this great opportunity to get creative and show off your spooky spirit. These 11 simple yet eye-catching decorating ideas will help you get your house in the holiday spirit without spending hours in complex crafts.

Turn the Front Door into a Scary Face

turn the front door into a scary face for halloween


You can decorate the front door in many different ways. You can hang wreaths with pumpkins and other seasonal elements or add a spooky skeleton. But a very simple idea is to turn the front door into a scary face.

Cut out eyes and a mouth from black construction paper and attach them to the door to bring it to life.

To create the right atmosphere, you can scatter a few bones, carved pumpkins and owls around. Only the bravest will dare to come to your door!

Creepy Front Door

turn the front door into a spooky tree trunk

You can easily transform your front door into a spooky tree trunk using just a few simple materials.

Use brown craft paper that you attach to the door with some tape. Cut out slits for the handle and door knocker. Glue eyes and a mouth from black construction paper and use white paint to create the wood grain. First, start with curved lines that resemble facial features and move on to vertical lines.

Complete this simple Halloween decoration with some moss on the stairs and a few pumpkins in different sizes.

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Decorate the House Entrance with Googly Eyes

decorate the front door with googly eyes

If you’re looking for simple Halloween front door decorations that you can create with your kids, this idea is for you. Simply cover the front door with googly eyes in different sizes to give your entrance a fun look. Children love googly eyes and will surely have a lot of fun.

Use as many googly eyes as you like and if you want to really show them off, cover the door with black construction paper beforehand. Also add a Halloween wreath to emphasize the festive spirit.

House Entrance with Bats

decorate the house entrance with bats

If you prefer more minimalist Halloween decorations, one of the easiest things you can do is add bats. With this simple idea you can add a spooky touch to your house in no time.

All you need is a pair of scissors, black construction paper and tape to attach some flying bats to your front door and give your entrance a spooky charm. Combine them with a festive Halloween wreath and a few pumpkins to add some color to this simple decoration. While you’re at it, don’t forget to decorate your front yard properly too!

Simple Decoration Idea with Spider Web

simple halloween front door decoration ideas with spider web

Spiders are a fun thing to decorate with for Halloween, especially if you’re just not into decorations that are too scary. Therefore, using spider webs is another easy front door decoration idea.

You should simply stretch the spider web around the door using white yarn and attach a few small spiders to it. But don’t forget the big hairy spider. You can make the spiders yourself using halved Styrofoam balls for the body that you paint black, black pompoms for the head and black curved pipe cleaners for the legs.

This decoration idea is perfect for black front doors or you can simply cover your front door with black craft paper so that the spider web can be seen from afar.

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Decorate a glass front door with spider web

decorate glass front door with spider web for halloween

Simple spider decoration for Halloween

spider decoration for house entrance

Hang up a vampire teeth garland over the door

simple tooth garland for front door

Make your own scary face with googly eyes and painter’s tape

make a scary face for the front door from painters tape and googly eyes

Simple decoration with cardboard

simple halloween front door decorations with cardboard

Transform the front door into pumpkin with construction paper

turn your front door into a pumpkin with craft paper


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