Pumpkin Painting: Beautiful and Creative Fall Decoration Ideas for Your Home and Garden!

by Kremy

As soon as fall begins, we start thinking about how to decorate our home and garden with pumpkins. There’s certainly nothing wrong with using traditional jack-o’-lanterns or plain orange pumpkins this year, but the possibilities for creative use of pumpkins are virtually endless. So how can you paint your pumpkins?

pumpkin painting the most beautiful fall decoration ideas

We’ve rounded up some of the best pumpkin painting ideas you can try this fall, from spooky skeletons to bright and funny pumpkin faces.

Pumpkin Painting – DIY Projects for Adults and Children

pumpkin painting diy projects for adults and children

Carved pumpkins are fun, but they can be messy and even dangerous for children, so they’re not always the best choice Painted pumpkins are a more durable and kid-friendly project than carved ones. The only hard part about the idea of not carving pumpkins is figuring out something to paint them with.

diy fall decorations for house and garden

Think spooky elements like spider webs, floating ghosts, and flying bats, or cute elements like pastel faces, beautiful rainbows, and glittery pumpkins. Get inspired by cartoons, choose a simple striped pattern or go for a bold, metallic color.

pumpkin painting ideas and tips

Get a few pumpkins, whether they are large or small, spray paint, acrylic paint, and a few brushes. Before you start painting the pumpkin, you should wash it thoroughly with soapy water and let it dry.

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DIY Fall Decorations – Pumpkins with Leaves

diy fall decorations with pumpkins and leaves

Fill a wheelbarrow with pumpkins and paint or decorate them with a leaf pattern to welcome guests. Add a bunch of pumpkins in different sizes and colors to complete the arrangement without doing more work. Leaves and flowers can be cut out of new or old wrapping paper or wallpaper and used for decoupage.

Using a leaf-shaped stencil, paint fall colors onto white, green, or blue pumpkins to look like leaves. After the paint dries, you can add other features to the leaves by painting them with a white pen.

Striped Black and White Pumpkin

striped black and white pumpkin

Black and white stripes are classic and easy to create. First paint your pumpkin with white paint and let it dry completely. Paint the vertical stripes as thick or thin as you like, following the pumpkin’s natural grooves. You can always go back and fill in the gaps with more strips until you find a pattern you like.

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Skeleton Pumpkin for Halloween

skeleton pumpkin for halloween

Craft a skeleton from two pumpkins stacked together (one wide for the head and one round for the body) for a spooky display. Spray paint the pumpkins white, then use black marker to draw ovals and circles for the skeleton’s eyes and mouth. The stem of the bottom pumpkin must be cut off before stacking.

Tiny Pumpkins in All Colors Make Beautiful Fall Decorations

tiny pumpkins in all colors make beautiful fall decorations

Small, white pumpkins are ideal if you want to play with different colors. You’ll need a lighter and a darker version of the same shade for each pumpkin. Use the pumpkin’s grooves as a stencil for your artwork.

Pumpkin Painting: Cool Pumpkin with Face Mask

pumpkin painting ideas cool spa pumpkin with face mask

Find a perfectly spherical pumpkin and treat it like a king. Design a face mask with green or teal color, leaving openings for the eyes, nose and mouth. Once the pumpkin’s face is dry, place a shower cap over its “head” and secure it with pins. The cucumber eyes complete the look.

Create Green Caterpillars with a Few Pumpkins

create green caterpillars with a few pumpkins

It takes a lot of work, but these cute pumpkins are decorated to resemble a caterpillar. Paint the pumpkins with green paint and the stems with black paint. The body can be decorated with felt glue dots, while the head can be decorated with googly eyes and pipe cleaner antennae. You can use the painted pumpkins to create a creepy, crawly S-shape.

Idea for Homemade Pineapple Decoration

idea for homemade pineapple decoration

Spray paint a pumpkin with yellow paint and draw details with a black marker to create this pineapple-inspired pumpkin. Add some glitter foam pineapple leaves and some store-bought eye stickers.

Draw Funny Faces

funny pumpkin face painting

Use your imagination for pumpkin painting. You can dress up your pumpkins to give them personality.

Black Cat Face

black cat face

Make a black cat face with painter’s tape and glue it to an orange pumpkin. Once dry, peel off the stencils to reveal an adorable kitty.

Cute Pumpkin Painting Ideas

pumpkin painting diy lanterns

These cute ghosts can be made in no time. Just get a few pumpkins and decorate the faces with acrylic paint: you can give them a scary or cute look.

Decorate Pumpkins with Flowers

decorate pumpkins with flowers

Pretty pumpkins should simply be crowned with flowers. To make a wreath, you need to shape some floral wire. Remove excess stems from flowers, leaving 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 centimeters), and use wire to secure the stems and foliage. Place the wreath on your hand-painted pumpkin and admire it all season long. If you choose real flowers, you can extend their lifespan by misting them with water every now and then, but even if they dry out, they will still look great.

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Decorate the House Entrance with Pumpkins

decorate house entrance with pumpkins

You can decorate your house entrance with pumpkins. Just paint your house number on it.

Pumpkin Ghosts for Halloween

pumpkin ghosts for halloween

Metallic Colors Are Also Trendy

metallic colors are also trendy

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