How to Decorate a Window for Halloween? 10 Scary & Cool Ideas

by Kristiyana

We’re counting down: the unique party where we scare each other while having fun, and have fun while scaring each other is approaching. What do you want: to scare or to have fun? Both of them? Then off we go! We are offering you today with scary and cool ideas for decorating a window for Halloween, so roll up your sleeves and let’s prepare for the upcoming Halloween party in 2023! 

A window is always suitable for decorations and since children love to smear on any surface (much to mom’s horror), it is better to “sacrifice” a window, since it is easier to clean. Make a plan to decorate a window for Halloween! We propose creative ideas just for you!

Scary & Cool Ideas to Decorate a Window for Halloween in 2023

decorate a window for halloween party unique create creepy vibe have fun

When it comes to festive decorations, alongside fun and pleasure, we feel another positive and creative emotion: competitiveness. As each party approaches, the temptation to improve its atmosphere is the driving force that unites imagination and desire. How to decorate a window for Halloween is our challenge today. Anything goes on Halloween! Rush for ideas! Scary, unusual, eccentric, it’s not difficult to DIY, plus the market offers double-sided stickers, figurines, trinkets, thematic decorations, paint that washes easily, etc. Also, we would advise you to avoid the red tint imitating blood. It’s not very educational when children are involved, even if it’s for a special craft.

How to Decorate a Windowsill for Halloween?

decorate a window for halloween with pumpkins in different sizes and faces

If you have a large window with a sturdy sill, no worries! A whole collection of pumpkins and gourds can fit there. Tanned or natural, hilarious or frightening, cucurbits plants dominate. You can also try making some out of papier-mâché with your children.

decorate a window for halloween combine indoor plants with terrifying names

Combining them with a few pots of indoor plants like “mother-in-law’s tongue”, “spider plant”, “monstera deliciosa” will add a beautiful green note, despite the terrifying names. Self-adhesive spider figures and toothless black pumpkin stickers are the obligatory addition. With this idea, elegance dominates if you are not a fan of skeletons and witches.

How to Decorate a Window for Halloween: Easy DIY Ideas

decorate a window for halloween little cute witch decoration window stickers

A cute little witch is ready to fly away on her broomstick. Dressed in an orange top and a gauze skirt, she sticks stickers of black bats and white ghosts. A dream catcher hangs on the window and spiders climb onto its net. The witch’s hat is also a decorative accessory on the brim. It is made of black felt, and its cone is decorated with an orange ribbon which’s ends intersect to imitate Egyptian mummies. Charming, don’t you think?

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decoration halloween window to make draw pumpkin bats oranges cut out glued to wall

An easy Halloween window decoration to make are bats in orange of different sizes, cut out and glued to the wall. On the window, a little hand has drawn a funny pumpkin with big teeth, a witch’s broom in the horrible company of spiders and bats. You might say, not very scary, but on the other hand charming.

decoration halloween window use these colors black white orange lilac

Apart from black and orange, there is still one favored color during Halloween: purple. Plus, it combines ideally with black. Look at the little witch contemplating her work: a Halloween window decoration.

drawing window halloween decor inevitable spiders skeletons bats

Bats and spiders are the inevitable decor. But if you add a garland on which skeletons swing in the company of dry branches and a torn spider web, you will infuse mystery and fear.

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drawing window halloween little girls disguised as witches impressive hats

The two little girls dressed as witches imagine the future decoration for the party. Their hats are impressive.

decorate a windor for halloween idea minimalist modest black stickers thematic figures

Our latest proposal, even if minimalist, is like a setting from a horror film or a fairy tale. Stick on some black spider web stickers, hang a string with little plastic skeletons floating in the air, cover with an authentic-looking cotton spider web, and the decoration harmonizes perfectly with a rusty window having that abandoned vibe.

halloween window stickers haunted castle sticker ghosts lives witches

The castle haunted by ghosts and inhabited by wicked witches stuck to the window is like something out of your nightmares. Moreover, this decoration is measured, simple, but quite evocative.

If you haven’t yet organized your thematic DIY workshop at home, hurry up. A good week will pass quickly so as not to complete the project at the last minute!

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