How to Make a DIY Halloween Garland? Easy 5-Minute Tutorials

by Kristiyana

Halloween is only a few days away and the excitement is everywhere! If you are overflowing with joy and reveling in the embrace of fall, then you will be delighted to find some wonderful DIY Halloween garland decoration tutorials! They are perfect both for young and old!

halloween garlands 2023 ideas

DIY Halloween Garland Decoration: 4 Adorable Ideas!

Did you know that the tradition of decorating your house for Halloween has its origins in pagan holidays? The holiday we know as Halloween, in the pagan religion, is called Samhain. This day marks the transition from summer to winter and literally corresponds to the division of light and dark, heat and cold. It’s a separation between the ethereal world and our world, where the veil is thinnest. This means that evil spirits are roaming all over our world. To protect themselves, people decorated their walls to keep these evil spirits away from their homes. Whether or not you believe in evil spirits and ghosts, decorating for Halloween is always fun and brings lots of joy indoors. So today we are going to show you 4 wonderfully easy DIY Halloween garland tutorials that you can try for yourself or with your children!

Halloween Wool Pompom Garland

diy halloween garland with wool pompoms tutorial

This simple and beautiful Halloween garland made from pom poms can be hung on your doors or fireplace! All you need is a some pom poms, thread, decorative pumpkins, glue and scissors. Here is a short and easy tutorial:

  1. Make pompoms with wool, with or without cardboard.
  2. Next, take some thread and determine the length you’ll need, depending on where you want to hang it. Then cut it with scissors.
  3. Start passing the thread through the pompoms and put in the amount you deem necessary and aesthetic.
  4. Then, if you have small decorative pumpkins, you can use the glue to stick them to the pom poms.
  5. Finally, hang the garland!

DIY Halloween Lace Ghost Garland

hallowen garland with ghosts diy tutorial

To make this DIY Halloween garland with lace ghosts, you will need:

  • White lace fabric
  • Small white plastic balls
  • Hot glue
  • Thread (preferably white)
  • Needle
  • Beaded eyes
  • Black marker
how to make a ghost garland


  1. Cut two square pieces of lace (20 cm/7.87 in side) with scissors and overlap them. Then wrap the white plastic ball with these pieces.
  2. Take a piece of thread and tie it tightly just below the plastic ball. You will then have loose fabric. This is the “body” of the ghost.
  3. Glue the eyes to the plastic ball and draw a smile with a black marker.
  4. Then take some thread and thread it with a needle into the ghost’s head. Put as many ghosts as you want on the thread and hang the garland over your fireplace or windows!

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Halloween Pumpkin Garland

halloween garland to do it yourself

This is the ideal activity for little children, because this DIY Halloween garland tutorial is very simple to make! Here is the equipment needed:

  • Thread
  • Orange paper
  • White paper
  • Black marker
  • Small clothespins
  • Scissors

Instructions :

  1. With a marker, draw or trace the shapes of the pumpkin and ghost on the colored paper.
  2. Take the scissors and carefully cut them out following the black marker.
  3. Draw eyes and mouths on your scary characters. You’re almost done!
  4. Take a piece of thread and determine the length to cut, depending on where you want to put the garland.
  5. Attach the ghosts and pumpkins to the thread using the little clothespins!

Simple, quick and cute, right? We love it!

DIY Halloween Garland with Bats

diy halloween garland tutorial

To help you with this task and make the process faster and easier, here are the templates that you can download for free, print and cut out to create your Halloween garland:

halloween template to print bats

Halloween template to print bats

free halloween template to print

Free Halloween template to print a skeleton and crow

halloween template to print for free cat

DIY cat Halloween garland template

Necessary materials:

  • Halloween templates
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Glue


  1. Print the templates you need from the provided images above.
  2. Take the scissors and carefully cut them out, tracing the outlines.
  3. You can use different colored markers to color the models. You can also do it on the computer, both methods are possible.
  4. Take your thread and cut it to the desired length.
  5. Using glue, stick the models onto the thread and wait for them to dry.

You now have a beautiful Halloween garland that requires no effort!

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