DIY Halloween Demogorgon Costume Tutorial for Adults & Kids

by Kristiyana

Are you a fan of the Netflix series Stranger Things? While waiting for the final season, why not make yourself a Demogorgon costume that will definitely set you apart from the crowd this year? Here’s everything you need. We have prepared 3 amazing tutorials for you!

What Is the Demogorgon?

what is the demogorgon from which series netflix

If you’ve heard your teen talk about it or watched the show but still don’t know what exactly this creature is, here’s a brief description. According to the official fan page for the Netflix original series, the Demogorgon is a monster from a parallel dimension that recalls a dark reflection of the world.

It became so popular that Netflix started implementing it in other series, like Sabrina, for example. Similar details can also be found in The Fall of the House of Usher, Fate (The Winx Saga), and Riverdale. So here’s how to recreate this popular antagonist.

DIY Demogorgon Costume

It is not very difficult to create this creature yourself. It’s very recognizable, so just add a few details to let neighbors know there’s a Demogorgon in the neighborhood. You need an all-black outfit and a red carnivorous flower made from paper or foam. Here are 2 easy ideas.

Halloween Costume for Adults

diy demogorgon costume for adults

Michele made this costume with a black bodysuit, but you can also use leggings with a t-shirt and gloves. For the head, you can use a ski mask. To make the flower, use craft foam, because it is light and easy to modulate. Paint the petals red and use a hot glue gun to add dozens of white teeth. If your petals are too big, glue wooden popsicle sticks to the back to support them. The details of the costume, such as the ribs and nails, are also made of foam covered with hot glue to create relief. Stick them on the costume or use double-sided tape.

Demogorgon Costume for Kids

diy demogorgon costume for children

Grab some wanze pajamas for your little kid and the costume is almost complete! Use foam again to make the flower, but this time make it cuter. Make drops from white cardboard and glue them. You can also draw them with acrylic or fabric paint. To make things easier, you can glue the top petal of the flower onto a cap. Clever, isn’t it? Remnants can be added to the costume using self-adhesive Velcro. Your kid can wear the pajamas even after Halloween has passed!

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DIY Demogorgon Decoration

halloween decoration for the front door to do it yourself

In addition to the monster, you can create the portal it comes out from. Take some paper and roll it up as shown in the first photo. Then paint it black and if you want to make it even more stable, unwind some wire around it. Attach it to the wall around the door with double-sided tape or adhesive pads.


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