20 Easy Halloween Costumes with Clothes You Already Have for 2023

by Kristiyana

Are you prepared for this year’s Halloween festivities? Don’t want to bother with spending a ton on a unique costume? Why not create one with the clothes you already have? 

Easy & Unique Halloween Costumes with Clothes You Already Have for 2023

go as jim from the office for halloween

Boo! Yeah, that’s right, soon enough one of my favourite holidays of the year will be delighting us with fun parties, trick or treating, and having a laugh at what your friends decided to wear for Halloween this year. I don’t know about you, but my budget is a little bit tight right now, and I can’t really afford to spend a fortune on a cool costume. But I still want to go as something other than a sexy cat or vampire… Any ideas? Maybe I can stir up something quick and easy, yet unique from items I already have in my closet? Join me on an adventure for creating 20 Halloween costumes with clothes you already have for girls, guys, adults, couples and children!

When Life Gives You Lemons….

when life gives you lemons super clever and easy halloween costume idea


make a lemonade! Okay, am I the only one who finds this idea super clever and funny? You can get a lot of complements and laughs from just writing the word “Life” on a standard white T, and filling a basket with lemons. A neat costume suitable both for women and men.

Halloween Costumes with Clothes You Already Have: Frat Guys

frat boys halloween coustume

Another last-minute super easy costumes idea with normal clothes – go as a guy from a frat this year! Better yet, convince a couple of your friends to dress up like you are all from the same frat.

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easy costumes with normal clothes guys and girls idea dress as frat boys

Again, a pretty cool idea suitable for both men and women of any age. The red beer cups are a must!

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Last-minute Easy Costumes with Normal Clothes for Duos

last minute duo costumes easy couples costume boy and girl

Okay, so this is maybe one of my all-time favourite easy costumes with normal clothes for couples or duos ideas! You don’t really need much, just a black turtleneck, green cargo pants for girls, and grey for guys, and black gloves. And maybe Kim’s signature belt.

kim possible and ron stoppable costume for halloween

My best friend and I tried this idea last year, and it was super fun! The person who was supposed to be Rufus (Ron’t pet rat) was the one behind the camera. I also had a gun, but it’s not in the picture. We even added some freckles to my friend’s face to make him look like an authentic Ron.

Some The Office Inspiration Ideas for Your Last-Minute Costume

last minute easy costumes with normal clothes jim from the office

For anyone who’s obsessed with The Office as much as I am, you very well know that you can always draw inspiration from Jim’s last minute Halloween costumes. First the book one featured in the first picture, and now his iconic three hole punch costume.

the office jim 3 hole punch costume for halloween

All you need is a white shirt, a tie, and your usual black pants, and I am going to leave the shoes to your choosing. Cut out three circles from black paper and stick them on your shirt for a unique Halloween costume. Have a drink with anyone who gets the reference!

easy costumes with normal clothes for couples jim and pam from the office

Oh, and another great last-minute Halloween costume idea for a couple that is a fan of the series, go as Jim and Pam this year! I personally find them really cute, and would love to try out this idea with someone special.

Easy Costumes with Normal Clothes for Children in 2023

mean girls costume for little girl

Why not dress up your little girl as one of the Mean Girls for Halloween this year? You really don’t need anything special. Simply create a cute outfit with lots of pink. And if you want to go a little extra, enjoy a fun activity with your little one by creating your very own iconic burn book!

Last-Minute Daphne & Velma Halloween Costumes for BFFs

easy daphne and velma halloween costumes

How to create Halloween costumes with clothes you already have with your BFF? Go as Daphne and Velma. A classic, stylish duo that you can easily copy.

halloween costumes with clothes you already have 2023 ideas

Last year, one of my besties went as Velma and she looked super cute. She only mentioned that she had trouble with finding orange knee-high socks, but in the end it worked out. And yes, I had two costumes last year – one as Kim Possible, and the other one as Trinity from The Matrix. Btw, each of my friend’s costumes were created with clothes they already had!

Last Minute Halloween Costumes That You Probably Already Have in Your Closet

More Ideas for Halloween Costumes with Clothes You Already Have in 2023

easy last minute halloween costumes men in black

An original Halloween costume idea: Go as Mr. Clean!

halloween costume with clothes you already have mr clean idea for guys

Any true fan of Lana Del Rey (myself included) can pull this off

easy last minute costume ideas with clothes you already have for girls lana del rey

Guys can very well try this easy Halloween costume as well! 

go as lana del rey for halloween

Adorable Halloween costume with clothes you already have for a little boy

the bachelor last minute costume for kid

Last-minute easy costume for young girl: Go as Dora the Explorer!

easy halloween costume dora the explorer for young girl

You and your besties can be the whole Mean Girls crew

clever unique and easy halloween costumes with clothes you already have for girls guys adults children and couples

Easy costumes with normal clothes for couples: Barbie & Ken

dress with your normal clothes for halloween as barbie and ken


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