Halloween Couples Costumes 2023: 28 Ideas for Every Taste that Will Make You the Heart of the Party!

by Stephanie Yankova

Are you wondering what you and your boo should dress as this Halloween? Picking a costume for couples is usually a lot more difficult than most people imagine – after all, you both have to look good, right? Do you want to dress like a famous couple? Or characters from a favorite movie? Are you leaning more toward funny or scary looks? Or you’ve completely lost track of time and need a last-minute idea ASAP? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Browse through our selection of Halloween couples costumes that will have everyone think “I wish I thought of that”!

Halloween Couples Costumes

pirates easy halloween couples costume idea 2023

Do you and your partner’s costumes have to match? While there is no written rule saying that couples should coordinate their Halloween looks, I find it endearing when there is some correlation, even if it isn’t blatantly obvious! However, I usually find it a lot more difficult to think of a unique couple’s costume, than to dress myself. Even though you’re sharing your life with somebody, it doesn’t mean you necessarily share the same taste! This is why I like to have options that we can brainstorm on! If you, too, are in need of inspiration, let’s dive into this article and get your creative juices flowing!

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Scary Couple Costumes

corpse bride vicor tim burton scary halloween couples costume idea


We can’t do Halloween without an honorable mention of its cinematic Godfather – Tim Burton. The one movie that I religiously watch every year during this time is Corpse Bride. We have to admit that recreating Emily and Victor’s costumes is a lot of work. The makeup, on the other hand, is much easier to achieve. If this look is love at first sight for you, and you want to copy it, we’ve got the easiest makeup guides for you to follow in the videos below!

Emily The Corpse Bride Makeup Tutorial



Victor from the Corpse Bride Makeup Tutorial



Scary Barbie and Ken

scary bloodie eyes barbie and ken halloween couples costume

Do you feel heavily influenced by the Barbie craze? I don’t blame you, Greta Gerwig’s movie rocked the globe harder than Greta Thunberg’s statements about global warming! It’s safe to say that the outfits are iconic and definitely won’t go unnoticed at any party. Although, it is Halloween, so why not give them a little unexpected spooky twist? Some fake blood tears and white contact lenses will do the trick just fine!

Zombie Sandy and Danny

zombie sandy danny grease scary couples halloween costume 2023

Grease was the IT-movie of my childhood, so every time I get to channel my inner Sandy, best believe that I am going to make the most of it! To make the outfits a little more Halloween-esque, why not try giving them a zombie makeover? If anyone ever decides to do a zombie apocalypse remake of the original motion picture, I’ll be in the first row!

Voodoo Doll and a Witch Doctor

voodoo doll vodouisant witch doctor unique scary halloween costumes ideas 2023

Now, this costume idea is definitely a little out of the box, however, I do love the concept! If your man gets the wild idea to misbehave during the Halloween party, just playfully poke him with one of those pins to remind him who pulls the strings!

Glammed-Up Skeletons

glam skeletons elegant scary couples costume idea halloween 2023

Does the skeleton woman look quite familiar to you? No, you’re not crazy – this is in fact J Lo! Back in 2015, she appeared in this glamorous all-black gown beside her then-boyfriend Casper Smart masked behind stunning glam Halloween skeleton makeup. Truthfully speaking, I haven’t been able to forget about their looks ever since and this might finally be the year when I’ll recreate them with my significant other!

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Wounded Zombies

scary wounded zombies couples halloween costume idea 2023

Are you an aspiring makeup artist who’s looking to play around with prosthetics this Halloween? A classic zombie look with a couple of fresh wounds is a costume choice you can never go wrong with!

Dark Medusa and a Satyr

dark medusa satyr scary couples halloween costume 2023

Do you want to surprise your friends with a unique costume that’s going to make everyone jealous of your creativity? For you (Medusa) – an alluring all-black outfit with a DIY Medusa crown. For him (the satyr) – A goat mask and a black cape.

Credits: opalbyopal

Movie Couple Costumes

lola bunny bugs bunny space jam halloween couples costume idea

As you’ve probably gathered by now, my biggest inspiration for Halloween costumes is movie characters! I am low-key a cinephile, so whenever I watch a movie with costumes that stand out to me, I take a mental note for future Halloween ideas! If you are one of those sporty couples that like to get in little friendly competitions, the Lola and Bugs Bunny couple’s costume is a perfect fit for you!

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Sam and Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom

wes anderson moonrise kingdom couples costume halloween 2023

I think we can all agree that Wes Anderson makes some of the most comforting and nostalgic movies of our generation. This is the feeling that I crave during the fall, which is why I always find myself diving into his work and getting inspired by it around Halloween. Moonrise Kingdom in particular is a movie that I’ve always wanted to transport myself in, and recreating the Sam and Suzy costumes is probably the closest I will ever get to that!

Cruella Deville and a Henchman

cruella deville couple costume idea halloween 2023

Do you feel like you’re living in your villain era? If that’s the case, dressing up as Cruella Deville and her henchman this Halloween will suit you perfectly!

Ted Lasso and Rebecca

ted lasso halloween couple costume idea 2023

If you haven’t seen the brilliant Ted Lasso soccer comedy yet, I advise you to do it and thank me later! What I love so much about this couple’s costume is that it’s really recognizable and easy to recreate. For Ted’s attire, all you need is a faux moustache, a fleece, khaki pants, and trainers. If you already have long blond locks, all you’re going to need for Rebecca’s outfit is a warm and comfy matching set, and you’re done!

The Grinch and Cindy Lou

the grinch cindy lou funny halloween couples costume

Ah, the Grinch and Cindy Lou! One of my favorite cinematic pairings of all time! If you’ve done this costume already in the past, you can switch it up by having your boyfriend dress a Cindy, and you as the Grinch! This will definitely be an unexpected twist that will make your friends laugh in the best way possible!

Top Gun Pilots

top gun halloween couple costume idea

If anyone ever tells you that they don’t like Top Gun – don’t trust them! Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest movies of all time that has won the hearts of generations! Plus, the pilot uniforms are pretty hot, so who wouldn’t want to wear them for Halloween?

The Scream and Casey Becker

scream couple costume halloween scary movie

If you want a costume that’s quick to execute, but still effective, the Scream and Casey Becker make a powerful duo that will definitely give your friends and family a good 90s throwback!

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Funny Couple Halloween Costumes

candy bracelet sweet tooth funny easy halloween couples costume

For those of you who don’t like to take yourselves too seriously and see Halloween as an opportunity to have fun and make people laugh, rather than spooking them out, this selection of funny Halloween couples costumes is for you! Browse through the gallery and pick your favorite one to recreate with your significant other!

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne

sharon ozzy osbourne couples halloween costume idea

Where’s Waldo? Family Costumes

wheres waldo family couples costume halloween last minute ideas 2023

Katy Perry and Russel Brand

katy perry russel brand funny couples costume idea halloween 2023

Stick Man and Stick Woman

man woman stick figures easy funny couples costume halloween

Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro Sanchez

napoleon dynamite pedro sanchez funny couples costume halloween 2023

Cleopatra and Caesar (Sauce)

cleopatra caesar sauce funny halloween couples costume diy

Last-Minute Couple Costumes

bonnie and clyde gangster couple halloween costume idea 2023

You weren’t planning on doing anything for this Halloween until you received a last-minute invite to an amazing party… but you don’t have a costume. What do you do now? Do NOT panic! There are plenty of clothes in your closet that can make for original Halloween costumes, and we’ll show you which ones they are! Scroll down and get inspired by our selection of last-minute Halloween couples’ costumes!

Bank Robbers

robbers last minute halloween diy couples costume idea 2023

Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega (Pulp Fiction)

mia wallace vincent vega pulp fiction last minute couple costume halloween


detectives simple last minute couples costume halloween 2023

Sandy and Danny (Grease)

sandy danny grease easy last minute halloween couples costume idea 2023

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Met Gala Looks

kanye west kim kardashian met gala 2023 last minute halloween couples costume

French Mimes

french mimes easy last minute halloween couples costume 2023

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