Best Friend Halloween Costumes – 30 Iconic Outfit Ideas for You and Your Soul Mate!

by Stephanie Yankova

Celebrating together is always more fun, and what better time to do that than Halloween? Have you ever thought about how fun it would be to match with your BFF? Well, you have no more excuses not to do it, because we’ve selected the most fun, fabulous (and scary) best friend Halloween costumes guaranteed to make your night of fright unforgettable! 

best friends halloween costume ideas good bad witch

Best Friend Halloween Costumes: Creative Ideas for an Unforgettable Appearance

cher amber clueless group costume pictures halloween bff

Two heads are always better than one – especially when it comes to planning a Halloween costume. However, ghosts, bloody victims, or witches are not exactly the most creative ideas, but that’s why we’re here for you. We’ve gathered plenty of inspiration for you, which will make you the star of any party, we promise! And the best part? It doesn’t even have to be an expensive costume – you probably already have everything you need for most looks!

The Grady Twins from The Shining

best friends halloween costume ideas scary

The Grady twins are iconic characters from one of the most critically acclaimed horror movies of all time – The Shining. All you need for the cool look are two blue dresses, a pastel pink ribbon for a belt, and plain white sneakers. Add a touch of spookiness to the look with smokey eye makeup, and you’re done!

Zombie Bride and Groom

zombie bride halloween costume for bff scary

We know – dressing up as a zombie for Halloween is nothing groundbreaking. But if you and your best friend appear as a zombie bride and groom, you will immediately cause a stir! For the bridal outfit, you’re going to need a white mini dress or a corset paired with a skirt, a garter, stockings, and a bouquet (of course). For the lady groom wear either a black mini dress or corset with shorts, knee-high boots, a bow tie, and an optional top hat. Finish off the looks with zombie makeup, and you’re ready to say ‘YES’!

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Devil and Angel

angel and devil best friends costume ideas diy halloween

Are you the naughty friend, or the nice one? It doesn’t matter! Not particularly creative, but a true classic and absolutely adorable – Devil and Angel as a Halloween costume for BFFs always works! There are all kinds of costumes you can order online to recreate this look. If you don’t want to spend extra money, a mini red dress and a baggy white shirt will do the trick just fine! To complete the look add red devil horns and white angel wings.

The Purge Halloween Costume

purge halloween costume for bff group scary diy idea

The Purge has also established itself as a true horror classic, making it a perfect choice for a Halloween costume for friends.  You can DIY the scary look by covering a plain white shirt with fake blood handprints and pairing it with the movie-inspired glowing mask. If you don’t have time to order the mask, you can recreate the look using makeup. Follow the video guide below to see exactly how you can do that:

Thelma and Louise Best Friend Halloween Costume

thelma and louise halloween best friends costume idea

A movie about the friendship between two women is always a great choice for a sweet Halloween costume for you and your best friend. In addition to Rachel and Monica from the TV series ‘Friends,’ Thelma and Louise are another iconic female duo that we adore. You also probably already own most of the pieces you need for the look, which makes it a great last-minute idea!

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Elsa and Anna

frozen carnival costume ideas halloween best friends

You’re never too old to dress up as a Disney princess, right? In essence, your best friend is like your sister, but sometimes you could not be more different – does that sound familiar to you too? Then why not consider Elsa and Anna for your Halloween BFF costume?

Dancing Emojis

emoji halloween costume for bff diy last minute funny

On Halloween, we would love to dance the night away. So it only makes sense that we dress up as the dancing emojis. The two girls look really cute, and recreating the look is much easier than you might think. A black T-shirt, black shorts, socks, and of course, black bunny ears – that’s all you need!

Grace and Frankie

grace and frankie halloween costume idea for bff

All Jane Fonda fans, pay attention! Grab the wine and dress up as Grace and Frankie from the popular Netflix series. Decide who’s who and rummage through your closet to recreate this adorable BFF Halloween costume idea!

Black Swan and White Swan Costumes

black swan white swan costume halloween best friends

Make a fashion statement with this exciting Halloween look for best friends! Recreate it by pairing a black corset with and tulle skirt for the Black swan, and the same pairing in white for the White swan. Style your hair into a high chignon and finish off with dramatic makeup!

BFF Grannies

grandma halloween costume for bff last minute

True friendships last a lifetime. Go through your grandma’s closet and dress up like her for Halloween – she will undoubtedly be very pleased! A cute nightgown, cozy slippers, and a cane – and your best friend Halloween costume is ready! The best part? The funny look is comfortable enough for you to party all night long.

Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire

country singers halloween costume for best friends

Country fans, now is the perfect time to celebrate two of the genre’s biggest icons – Dolly and Reba! For the outfit, you’ll need jeans, a shirt, and of course, cowboy boots. A little tip – practice some of their greatest hits in case you ever have to take the stage.

Best Friend Halloween Costumes: More Outfit Ideas

80s themed best friends costume idea halloween

Witchy Cheerleaders

witchy cheerleaders halloween costume bffs

Cher and Dionne from Clueless

clueless halloween costume for bff 90s themed party

Velma and Daphne

velma and daphne cool duo costumes for girl best friends halloween

Fancy Cowgirls

sparkly cowgirl halloween costume idea best friends

Pebbles and Wilma from the Flintstones

pebbles wilma the flintstones duo halloween costume girl bffs

Red and Blue M&Ms

easy diy duo halloween costume blue red m and m

Ghostbusters Trio

ghostbusters trio best friends costume idea halloween

Scary Zipper Face Makeup

scary best friend matching zipper face make up halloween

Lazy Netflix & Chilly Baggy Sweater Outfits

lazy best friend halloween costume idea netflix chill sweaters

Cute Aliens

cute aliens halloween costume girl bffs

Lilo and Stitch

lilo and stitch girl best friends cute halloween costume

Peggy and Kelly Bundy from Married… with Children

peggy kelly bundy married with children funny girl best friends halloween costume idea

Pop Art Cartoon Women

pop art cartoon women unique best friends halloween costume idea

Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” – Before & After

pretty woman julia roberts before after girl best friends halloween costume

Cute Scarecrows

cute scarecrow duo halloween costume bffs

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