60s Glam is Back! – Here’s How to Wear the Staple Light Blue Eyeshadow in 2024!

by Stephanie Yankova

If this summer was all about natural-looking makeup in warm tones, for the winter we’re making a 180-degree turn and whipping out our boldest, brightest eyeshadow palettes because we’re about to have an icy 60s glam end of the year! The Pumpkin Spice and Latte makeups are SO last season – this is the Renaissance of the Aquamarine! We’ll show you how to incorporate light blue eyeshadow into your makeup routine by giving it a modern twist with 3 stunning glam looks! 

The Beginnings of the Blue Eyeshadow

twiggy elizabeth taylor cleopatra blue eyeshadow origin

Cleopatra was believed to be the first to adorn her eyelids with Lapis Lazuli, a semiprecious stone, which gave them a prominent light blue tint. However, it wasn’t until Elizabeth Taylor’s role as Cleopatra in the movie of the same name, which came out in 1962, that the blue eyeshadow caused a true furor! Even though the makeup was used to simply help depict more accurately the image of a historical figure, it began a rebellious movement that promoted a new kind of freedom to the women of the boomer generation. An image we’ve probably all seen at least once is that of Twiggy, a British model, and her dramatic baby blue mod eye makeup. This magazine poster cemented the trend in the history books as the most iconic look of the 60s. Do you feel inspired to recreate it? Say no more! Follow the steps from the recently-made-viral Twiggy makeup tutorial video shown below!



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Modern Light Blue Eyeshadow Looks

I can imagine that blue is probably not the first color you reach for when you open your eyeshadow palette. It’s cold, bold, and certainly not one you can casually pull off for an everyday look. But we’re approaching the Holiday season, which means no work, no business meetings, and plenty of time to play around to have a little bit of fun with your makeup! The key to making this odd eyeshadow choice work in your favor is to pick the best shade for your eye color:

  • Blue eyes – Always pick an eyeshadow that’s at least 2 shades darker than your eyes.
  • Green eyes – Aquamarine with a hint of teal is the match made in heaven that will make your eyes pop!
  • Brown eyes – Congratulations, babes – you suit every shade of blue! Having brown eyes isn’t so bad after all, right?
  • Hazel eyes – Mix and match! Combining different shades will help highlight the various colors in your eyes.

Twiggy’s Staple Blue with a Sparkly Twist

glam light blue eyeshadow makeup idea 2023

This is a brilliant example of how you can use eyeshadow to bring out the different tones in hazel eyes. You start this look by mapping out the cat eye using a brown kajal or eyeshadow. Then, fill in with the blue eyeshadow and use a blinding brush to marry the two colors together. Apply green sparkly eyeshadow or a highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes, as well as the midpoint of your upper and lower lashes. Finish the look by applying volumizing mascara.

blue eye makeup idea brown gold glitter winged eye

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Matte Blue Fog

light blue eyeshadow matte makeup idea winter 2023

If you’re not one to shy away from a full beat, then this doll-like icy look is for you! Most people prefer to choose either having a bold eye or a bold lip, but who said you can’t have both? With just a single shade of blue and a creamy kohl pencil, you can create a killer femme fatale eye look that will freeze in place anyone you take a glance at! Use a pink blush to add some warmth to your face and finish off with a brown to pink ombre lip.

Lifted Blue Smokey Eye

lifted blue smokey eye makeup trend winter 2023

Smokey eyes are brilliant for adding dimension and drama to your makeup. Keep in mind that you always start building the eyeshadow with the darkest shade from the outside, and you work your way to the inner corners with lighter shades. If you want to create a lifting effect, you can drag the shape up, but make sure that you don’t go past the end of your eyebrow. Whenever I work with blue eyeshadow, I like to use blue mascara, which adds to the richness of the tones and creates a beautiful cohesion. Again, when you’re working with cold shades, you need to remember to add warmth to your face with a blush or a bronzer and finish off with a lip in a corresponding color.

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