Martini Makeup 2023: The Edgy Trend That Everyone Is Talking About!

by Gabby

Are you ready for another makeup trend this Fall 2023? We have already seen the latte makeup, and we are definitely in love with it. But why not try something different? What is the martini makeup? How to achieve it at home? Who can wear this makeup look?

martini makeup tiktok trend fall trends 2023 tutorial

What Is The Martini Makeup?

It all started again at TikTok of course, where Brittney Foley, who is a New York makeup artist, did a tutorial that was totally inspired by that elegant classic drink – the martini. Now there are over 1.5 million videos of women trying to recreate this makeup look by doing it entirely their own style and customizing it to make it look incredible according to their facial features and skin tone.

How do you like your martini, ladies? The great thing about this cocktail is that there are many variations, which automatically means more opportunity for different looks. So, today we are going to talk about classic martini, espresso martini and a dirty one. Buckle up and let’s get started!

how to create the martini makeup trend tiktok 2023 fall


How to Create the Martini Makeup Trend 2023?

Foley says that the martini makeup is the complete opposite of the strawberry makeup trend, which is leaning towards the “clean girl” aesthetic more. For the martini makeup, we are going to use a lot more techniques with brown and green glittery eyeshadows, which makes it ideal for the Fall season 2023. Also, the makeup look is famous with its smokey shades and cut crease, which means that it is a bit more dramatic. Now, follow these steps to achieve it at home.

  1. First, apply an eyeshadow base on your eyelids. If you don’t have one, you can use your concealer. Blend well.
  2. Using a deep brown eyeshadow, start cutting your crease. Don’t apply too much pressure and blend well. If you have a tool for cutting crease, you can use it to be more precise. You can also use a brown eyeliner, if you don’t have deep brown eyeshadows.
  3. Blend, blend, blend! That’s super important with this look! Now, take a nude color and apply it on your eyelids.
  4. Grab a green eyeshadow of your preferences. It should be a bit more on the neon side, or it could be an olive shade. Put it on your eyelid and blend well. If the crease needs more brown, reapply after the green.
  5. Take a glittery green or golden shade and apply it on the corners of the eyes. Blend it with the green.
  6. Now, it’s time to apply your eyeliner. You can be as dramatic as possible, and do it as shown on the picture below, or apply it as normally. You should also apply it on the waterline and smoke it out.
  7. Grab the same green color that you used for your eyelids and apply it below your waterline. Blend again!
  8. Now, do the rest of your face as usual.

fall makeup trends 2023 martini tiktok tutorial

Espresso Martini Makeup Look

espresso martini makeup look 2023 tiktok trend tutorial

Look at that brown espresso martini inspired makeup look! If this isn’t the pure perfection for the Fall season, then I don’t know what is. I know that you may get it confused with the latte makeup 2023, but this is a new look and here’s why! We already mentioned that the martini makeup trend is slightly dramatic and it gives you this mysterious vibes, while the latte makeup is more wearable and smokey. You can achieve it with no eyeliner, while for the espresso martini you need both – eyeliner and smokey brown eyeshadows. Use the same technique that we explained above, but instead of using green, use deep brown eyeshadows for the espresso look! Of course, don’t forget to use glittery eyeshadow at the end, since you want that glowy effect. You can use shades that are ideal for your skin tone.

espresso martini makeup look tutorial tiktok trend skin tone

And if you are not a fan of the dramatic eyeliner looks, you can still achieve the espresso martini inspired makeup. All you have to do is cut your crease using smokey brown eyeshadow and then apply a darker shade in the corner, as shown on the photo. Remember that it is really important to blend well, without leaving any harsh lines.

The Dirty Martini Makeup Look

dirty martini makeup look tiktok trend fall 2023

Do you know what makes a martini dirty? Of course, it’s the olive that you put inside the cocktail! So, we want to emphasize on that in the dirty martini makeup look. The green should play a major role without making it seem over the top. According to our makeup artists, if you want to make a dirty martini makeup look, use an emerald green or an olive green shade on the lower lash line, as shown on the photo. Use brown eyeshadows on your eyelids and smoke them out. For the best result, don’t forget the dramatic eyeliner!

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