What Are The Best Pants for Petite Women Based on Body Type? Find Out Here!

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Hello to all the petite ladies out there! I am tiny myself and I know the struggle to find the right size clothing that will fit you perfectly. When I get new things, the first thing I do is run to my tailor, because my clothes need some alterations. Not only that, but when I shop, there are always a few questions that come up in my head: Would this make me look even shorter? Are these pants making my legs appear even smaller? Today I am here to save you some time! I am going to show you what are the best pants for petite women based on body type! Let’s dive right in!

What Are The Best Pants for Petite Women Based on Body Type?

pants for petite women based on body shape how to wear them

Ladies, I know that if we have short legs, the goal is to make them look longer. But that is not always the case! It can only be achieved if you know your body type and what type of pants to wear. Sometimes we make fashion mistakes that can make our tiny legs look even smaller. To avoid that, I am going to help you find out more about your body shape. Check it out!

how do i know what pants fit my shape petite women fashion 2023


How Do I Know What Pants Fit My Shape?

There are 5 main body types that we all know. Petite women can certainly have different measurements and pants can look different. So, don’t think that every version of pants could fit your petite body.

  • Triangle: Petite women with triangle body shape have small waists and larger hips. So if you want to make your legs appear longer, high-waisted pants are the way to go. Avoid wearing low-waisted jeans that will highlight the larger hip area, because this can make you seem shorter.
  • Rectangle: Normally women with this kind of body type aim to highlight their waist more. This can be achieved with high-waisted straight leg jeans or pants that will make your legs longer.
  • Inverted Triangle: You have to avoid wearing skinny jeans and low-waisted jeans. You have to draw the attention away from your larger shoulders, so wide leg jeans or pants will be the best solution.
  • Hourglass: Women with this type of body are considered lucky. It is not a cliché that you can actually wear anything.
  • Round: Ladies with round body shape are known to have bellies. Good thing is that you can actually hide it well just by wearing the right type of pants. Wide leg pants will draw the attention away from the belly area. Flared jeans or pants will also do a great job. Remember that they should be high-waisted for extra support and this will also help to make your waist look snatched!

Now let’s find out more about what are the best pants for petite women to wear in 2023!

Petite Cargo Pants for Women

petite cargo pants for women body shape

Cargo pants are a total hit this year and many women hive tried different looks with them. They are considered to be a military wear in the past, but women managed to turn them into a real masterpiece, when they decided to incorporate them in the fashion world. If you are a petite woman and want to hop on that trend, then you have to find something with fewer pockets. Why? Because pockets can create volume, which can make you appear even shorter. Another advice is to aim for something high-waisted.

Can a Petite Woman Wear Wide Leg Pants?

high waisted pants for petite women based on body shape

Not only that petite women can wear wide leg pants, but they absolutely should! Contrary to popular belief, wide leg pants can elongate your legs and the loose fit (as shown on the picture) can make your silhouette look even better.

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Pants for Short Elderly Woman

pants for short elderly woman petite body shape fashion

Spring is finally here, so I present to you the best pants for petite elderly woman that you can try out! If you are over 50 or 60 and want to feel comfortable, but also fashionable, then try that type of pants. You can also show your new Spring/Summer 2023 shoes and your legs will appear extended. You can find out what are the best cropped pants for women over 60, that you can wear proudly this season!

Pants for Short Chubby Ladies

pants for short shubby ladies petite women fashion 2023

Being chubby is not a taboo! The plus size models are here to prove it! With the right type of pants you can look like a goddess. But what are they according to your body type. For the ladies that are petite and chubby, it is best to wear something that will not highlight your silhouette, but rather make it elongated. High-waisted pants or jeans are ideal here!

What Type of Jeans Should a Petite Woman Wear?

type of jeans for petite women according to body shape

High-waisted straight leg jeans or mom jeans are the ones that will look amazing on petite women. If you have hourglass, triangle or inverted triangle body shape, then don’t hesitate and go buy some mom or boyfriend jeans that will make your figure look incredible.

How to Wear Leggings Petite?

how to wear leggings petite kim kardashian body shape

Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous petite women out there. If you don’t know how to wear leggings, just check out the queen herself. You can go for a monochromatic look, that will elongate your figure.

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Other Pants for Petite Women

pants for petite women that will make your legs look longer

Petite Jumpsuits for Women

petite jumpsuits for women 2023

How to Wear Flared Pants for Petite Woman?

how to wear flared pants for petite women based on body type

High-Waisted Pants with a Belt for Petite Woman

high waisted pants with a belt for petite woman

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