Fashion Tips for Petite Ladies Over 50: Look Stylish & Taller

by Kristiyana

Shopping for clothes can be difficult when you’re little. But there are many wonderful brands for short women too, so don’t be afraid to buy something new, even if the selection seems limited. With the right fashion tips for petite ladies over 50, you can keep your wardrobe interesting and fashionable!

When it comes to fashion, we know that quality is most important. And it is especially true for petite women over 50 as high-quality clothing flatters a variety of body types. This is the only law of fashion, and it applies to people of all ages and shapes. It’s fun to experiment with new trends, and this can help you avoid the trap of looking too old when you’re over 50 and shop for clothes that fit you perfectly.

Fashion Tips for Petite Ladies Over 50 – Monochrome Outfit

fashion tips for petite ladies over 50 monochrome outfit

Wearing dark colors that make a person appear slimmer contributes to the optical illusion of size. However, this trick is universal and can be applied to any shade.

Vertical Stripes Create the Illusion of Height

vertical stripes create the perfect illusion of height for petite women

As much as we love the traditional horizontal striped shirt, your petite silhouette looks best in vertical stripes that run from head to toe rather than shoulder to shoulder. Vertical stripes create the perfect illusion that adds height. Not a fan of end-to-end stripes? Try pants with tuxedo stripes on the side, which create the same effect with less effort.

Choose Perfect Size for Your Petite Figure

find the perfect size for your petite figure

For petite women over 50, it is particularly important that their clothing fits perfectly. Mismatched pieces will only emphasize excess volume. Do not wear loose clothing, even if it is fashionable. If you insist on wearing oversized items, keep a balance between form-fitting and loose pieces. Avoid excessive width at the top and bottom. Solid colored dresses with a belt look great on shorter women.

Outfits for Petite Ladies Over 50 – Wide Leg Jeans

outfits for petite ladies over 50 jeans with wide legs

Flared jeans are one of the most flattering and comfortable options for petite women. These jeans have a slim fit up to the knee and a wider leg opening below it. Women with a smaller stature look stunning in this leg shape. They not only make your legs appear longer, but also slimmer.

Jeans with flared legs (bootcut jeans, flared jeans) look best when paired with high heels. Because these jeans are wider at the bottom, they are best for balancing heavier heels (for example, wedge heels). To maximize the lengthening effect of flared jeans, they should be slightly longer so that they cover at least part of the heels.

Do Not Wear Shapeless Dresses or Tops

don't wear oversized flowy dresses or tops when short

Sack dresses don’t do much to flatter a petite body. Unfortunately, these flowy dress types can completely drown you in fabric, so it’s important to recognize which styles and pieces fit your body size. Wrap dresses, slim sheath dresses and fitted dresses are more suitable than full-coverage options.

High Waist Skirts & Trousers for Petite Mature Ladies

skirts and pants with a high waist for small mature ladies

Wearing high-waisted pants, jeans, and skirts stretches the body. An outfit consisting of a cropped top with high-waisted pants will make you appear taller and your legs will look longer. Opt for loose-fitting pants with a fitted shirt for a great look. Consider purchasing an asymmetrical shirt if you are self-conscious about your belly and cannot wear a tucked-in top.

Wear Chic Belts to Accentuate Your Body Shape

wear belts to highlight your petite figure over 50

Always wear clothing items that accentuate your slimmest part, as if they were made specifically for you. You can try this tactic in a few different ways: attach a leather belt to the waist of your favorite flared dress, or choose a top that fits a little tighter in the middle of the body. High-waisted trousers with a stylish belt are also a must for petite women over 50.

Fashion Tips for Petite Ladies Over 50 – Purchase a Long Coat

fashion tips for petite ladies over 50 buy a long coat

A long coat can make even the most casual outfit appear more elegant. If you are short, a stylish trench coat will fit your height perfectly.

Low Heel Shoes for Older, Smaller Women

low heels for older small ladies

Wearing high heels naturally makes you appear taller. But what to do if you absolutely detest putting on these shoes? The low heels model are definitely back – these shoes are comfortable and also make you appear taller. You can wear low heels with different outfits and still look modern.

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