Fashion Tips for Short Guys: Make Your Height Work for You with Stylish Outfits!

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Are there certain fashion tips for short guys that can make you feel more confident while looking good? Here are some of the most common ways to achieve a stylish look! 

Although height is a crucial factor when choosing menswear, certain fashion tips for short guys can enhance the way they look. Everyone would love to grow a few more inches, but in the fashion world, this can be achieved visually with sophisticated outfits. Usually, most manufacturers have few suitable sizes for men under 1.60m. However, this should in no way stop you from following your own style and taste with cool combinations. With the help of the following tips, finding the best possible clothes for your size should be a piece of cake!

Besides Fashion Tips for Short Guys, What Contributes to Self-confidence?

the fit men's outfit with jacket and well fitting chinos pants or shirt at a small size combination

Before you decide on the right clothes, it would also be helpful to look taller from the perspective of others. What do we mean? For example, good posture could prove to be crucial if you want to achieve a visually maximised appearance. Here are some changes you can make for this purpose:

the right posture is also of importance when trying to look taller

  • Try to always stand or sit with a straight back and hold your head proudly. If your posture looks limp and slouched, you will look smaller accordingly, not to mention the insecurity you radiate.
  • As for the appropriate men’s hairstyle for shorter guys, short haircuts are more suitable than long hair. This is because the latter have the detrimental effect of covering up the neck and shoulders, making the entire body look smaller. This would definitely not help you when choosing the right men’s outfit.
  • Another way to make your body look bigger is to stay in shape by exercising regularly. However, don’t overdo it with muscle mass, because extremely muscular men tend to look broader and therefore smaller. Building strong and shapely muscles as well as big shoulders would be enough to increase your overall height by a few centimetres.
  • Also, research on the internet or ask in clothing stores if they have special catalogues with specific sizes. This will make it easier for you to find your way around the selection and possibly order the right outfits conveniently at the click of a mouse. Otherwise, the following advice can help you achieve the desired effect:

Choose Simple Clothes & Colours to Look Slimmer

choose specific colours to look taller

First and foremost, one of the simplest fashion tricks for shorter men is colour selection. If your trousers and jacket are roughly the same colour, your silhouette will look much slimmer and elongated. What’s more, you can kill two birds with one stone. Monochrome colours are very trendy at the moment, although it is not advisable to wear yellow or fiery red. If you opt for black outfits, you can look equally stylish, but also a little sombre. Therefore, it is best to try dark blue or a beige shade.

Avoid Flashy Logos & Prints and Wear Vertical Stripes

find the best possible dressing style with fashion tips for short guys

You can visually optimise your appearance by donning striped garments to create the illusion of a larger body. Although there are also vertical patterns with the same effect, you should, however, rather avoid chequered shirts and large logos. Such texts, as well as eye-catching prints, would also make your body shape appear visually smaller.

Fashion Tips for Short Guys: Consider Size and Cut

fashion tips for short guys too feel confident and look good

Regardless of how you are physically built, it is always important to choose the right size and cut when selecting clothes. So, first and foremost, remember to be able to fit your clothes to your body shape. For example, wearing clothes that are too loose can make you look stocky and smaller. In addition, inappropriately cut outfits with sloping shapes can look bad, which could be the case with trouser legs that are too long. Therefore, try to wear tailored suits or other men’s clothes that simply look good on you as often as possible.

Look Taller with the Right Shoes

casual outfits for short guys

There are certain shoe types that you can also consider when it comes to fashion tips for short guys. And no, this is not about high heels, of course, as you might think at first. The trick when choosing shoes is to decide on the right shape. If you want to visually lengthen your legs, you should avoid shoes that look blunt.

shoes for short guys tips advice

Also, choose styles with extra details like thick soles, but they shouldn’t look too big either. Stick to voluminous shoe models when choosing, but don’t go overboard with this effect. Classic derby shoes, for example, always look elegant and stylish without making your feet look smaller.

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More Clever Fashion Tips for Short Guys

coats and jackets for short guys to look taller

  • For example, opting for a jacket or coat with moderately cut lapels can actually work great wonders. The main benefits of such seemingly small details are that they visually stretch the upper body and generally make the figure look fitter.
  • Also, avoid wearing blazers or waistcoats that are too long, or those with more than three buttons. These would draw attention to your smaller upper body.
  • Choose jumpers and T-shirts with V-necks, as these make the upper body appear longer. Jumpers with turtlenecks, on the other hand, can make you look shorter as they hide the neck.
  • It is best to wear your trousers just above your hips and avoid those that sit below your thighs. The legs of your trousers should also not rest too far over your shoes, so as not to make your feet look small.
  • As accessories can also contribute to how tall you look, it is better to avoid cuffs or bow ties. Instead, opt for narrow ties with diagonal patterns. As for belts, those without holes would be best, as they are adjustable and allow for a perfect fit. Otherwise, you can of course make extra holes in leather belts.

best fashion tips for short guys

Now, hopefully you have found some guidance in this post to help you discover the perfect style for you. The best thing to try is not necessarily to look taller, but to look stylish and cool. This way, your height will no longer be an obstacle if you want to achieve the perfect look.


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