How to Style Striped Shirt Over 60? Expert Fashion Tips & Advice

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A woman should always try to look her best, no matter her age. With the right styling tips and advice, you can easily pick out clothing that fits your body type perfectly and creates a stunning outfit. Today at, we will be focusing on how to style striped shirt over 60, so you can look chic and younger. There are numerous ways you can wear stripes, and a striped shirt, blouse, jumper, or dress are items that every true fashion icon must have in her closet. So who is ready to look divine?

How to Style Striped Shirt Over 60? — A Guide

how to style stripes over 60

Most of you have probably heard of some of the age-old rules for wearing stripes, like how horizontal ones can make you look wider, or black and white stripes create a prisoner-like outfit. However, the case is not always so simple. Rules are meant to be broken, and if you know how to style stripes correctly, you can wear them in any type or colour you want. For the expert fashion tips on how to style striped shirt over 60 and striped clothing items overall, just keep on reading!

Fashion Tips for Wearing Blue & White Stripes

styling advice for stripes over 60


When it comes to striped T-s, there is perhaps no bigger classic than navy blue and white stripes. Any woman at any age should have such a shirt, blouse, or jumper as these are one of those fashion items that can easily be paired with almost anything to create an effortless and stylish outfit. And who wouldn’t want that? To style a blue and white striped shirt over 60, combine it with a pair of white fitted jeans, a blazer, statement handbag, sandals for summer and plain sneakers for colder weather.

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Wearing a Lightweight Striped Jumper Over 60

how to dress over 60

Don’t you just adore this look? I personally find it so simple and elegant, perfect for a casual get-together with some friends or even going out by yourself to the park or beach. A lightweight jumper in horizontal stripes can be paired with almost any bottoms to create a chic look over 60. For colder weather you can search for a jumper with horizontal stripes in colours like burgundy, deep purple or navy blue, and for warmer days opt for one with stripes in bright pastels. Combine it with ivory trousers for women over 60 that will make you look younger, or a pair of jeans. Layer the outfit with a blazer or tweed jacket.

How to Style Striped Shirt Over 60 with Buttons?

outfits with stripes over 60

A striped shirt with buttons can be styled in numerous ways to create the look you desire when you are over 60. For example, if you want to go for a casual chic style, wear the shirt buttoned down as part of a monochromatic outfit. This will give you a clean and smart look. And all the better if the colour of your stripes match your base one. If you, however, want a more sophisticated look, wear the striped shirt buttoned, and tucked in jeans or trousers with a belt and loafers. Each of these looks works best when the stripes are vertical, as they align with the button-front style of your shirt.

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How to Style Striped Shirt Dress Over 60?

how to style striped shirt dress over 60

When it comes to styling stripes over 60, there are versatile ways for wearing them and looking gorgeous. Apart from your classic striped T, why not try wearing a striped shirt dress as well? A dress like this one can be your best attire for spring or summer weather, as it is perfectly age-appropriate, yet keeps you cool. Plus, if you choose the right style and shape for your body type, you can look amazing and at least 5–10 years younger! Pair your striped shirt dress with a belt, so you can highlight your waist, a statement handbag, shades, and sandals or loafers. How to choose a trendy handbag for 60 year old woman? Best for the dress to be with vertical stripes if you are going for a buttoned one.

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