What Are the Best Cropped Pants for Women Over 60: Casual Outfit Ideas for Summer 2023

by Kremy

What are the best cropped pants for women over 60? How to style them? Every season comes with new fashion trends, yet there are some classic wardrobe staples that have been in women’s closets for decades. The secret of cropped pants is well known – they are not only comfortable, but make mature women look younger! Do you know how to style cropped pants? Look at these casual outfit ideas for summer 2023!

Cropped Pants for Women Over 60 – 2023 Fashion Trends

what are the best cropped pants for women over 60

This year fashion trends for mature women come with numerous outfit ideas – maxi skirts, wide leg pants, midi and maxi dresses – all these are important elements of out capsule wardrobe for the summer. Cropped pants are models that end above the ankles. Yes, lengths vary from just above the ankles to the middle of the calf. Even Bermuda shorts are sometimes in the category of “cropped pants”. It is important to learn how to adequately combine these pants into casual outfit ideas for summer 2023. Are you intrigued? Let’s go!

Capri Pants Outfits for Women Over 60

capri pants outfits for women over 60 summer fashion


Capri pants are the favorite summer model for women of all ages. The variety of lengths, colors and prints allows you to choose a model that will emphasize your advantages and hide the disadvantages of your figure. Due to the fact that Capri pants are usually worn during the warm season, they are sewn from fabrics such as linen, fine denim, cotton, etc. You can wear your Capri pants with t-shirts, sleeveless blouses, shirts or tunics. If you choose a model with prints, then the top should be in a solid color and vice versa. In terms of shoes – choose a pair depending on the occasion. If you are going for a walk, a pair of sneakers is a great option. If you need to style a casual chic outfit with capri pants – opt for wedges or sandals. Ballet flats are a great option for your everyday activities like shopping, going out with friends, etc.

Cropped Wide Leg Pants for Women Over 60

cropped wide leg pants for women over 60

Wide leg pants are one of the major fashion trends in 2023. The cropped version is the perfect choice for hot summer days. To wear them there are no restrictions in age, figure or chosen style. You can combine cropped wide leg pants with a white shirt, t-shirt, a linen blouse, etc. Such outfits are great for walks and rest which makes them the perfect resort wear for women over 60. You can wear them on sightseeing walks, for a tour around the city, for a dinner in a restaurant, etc.

cropped pants for women over 60 summer outfit ideas

Cropped wide leg pants can be styled in trendy monochromatic outfits as well. If you prefer bright colors – opt for yellow, viva magenta, green, blue – these are the trending colors for summer 2023. Do you like prints? Choose your favorite patterns and combine them with a solid color top.

Cropped Pants for Women Over 60 – Casual Summer Jeans Outfits

casual summer outfits for women over 60 cropped jeans

There is no doubt that jeans are the most popular type of pants all over the world. Cropped jeans for women over 60 can be combined in many casual summer outfits. Cropped jeans come in tight fit and wide leg variation. You can choose from different colors as well – classic denim, white jeans, khaki, black, navy blue, etc. A combination of a white shirt with jeans is considered universal and practical. You can choose any shirt, top, t-shirt or blouse for your summer outfit. If you need an outfit in casual chic style, add a blazer or a cardigan. Cropped jeans can be worn with white sneakers, sandals, pumps, wedge sandals, ballet flats, etc.

Summer Outfits with Cropped Pants for Women Over 60 – What Is Important to Know?

chic summer outfits for women over 60 with cropped pants

Many women wonder how to combine cropped pants with other clothes to create a harmonious and stylish outfit. The first rule when choosing cropped pants is to determine their style. Depending on the style, you can choose a proper top, shoes, accessories and outerwear. The color is also important, because it will determine the overall look. For a more casual look, you can choose cropped jeans and wear them with a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Add sneakers or pumps to complete the look. If you need a stylish outfit for a semi-formal event, style your cropped pants (capri or wide leg) in a monochromatic outfit. A light blazer, denim jacket or bolero will complete the look.

Outfit Ideas for Summer 2023

wide leg cropped jeans and black top

All-white Casual Style Outfit

all white outfit with accent scarf summer fashion women over 60

This is How to Style Your Cropped Pants in a Casual Chic Outfit

casual chic outfits for women oer 60 with cropped pants and blazer

Cropped Pants are the Perfect Choice for Hot Summer Days

cropped pants for women over 60 stylish casual outfits

Printed Pants and Solid Color Tops – the Best Casual Summer Outfit

cropped pants outfits ideas for summer 2023 fashion trends women over 60

Cropped Jeans for the Summer

summer outfits with cropped pants for women over 60

White Outfit and Colorful Shirt

white outfit and colorful shirt



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