Eclectic Style Clothing Ideas – A Guide to the Unique Fashion Trend+ Outfit Tips

by Kremy

Eclectic style clothing ideas are truly unique. Every year the world fashion evolves – something new is introduced or well forgotten old is remembered. In any case, you need to know and follow fashion trends to look modern, stylish and young. Eclectic fashion style is one of the most interesting, intriguing and original phenomenon. Do you want to know how to do eclectic style like a pro? Here is a guide to eclectic fashion style in 6 simple steps!

Eclectic Style Clothing Ideas for Bold and Creative Personalities

eclectic style clothing ideas a guide to the unique fashion trend outfit tips

What is eclectic fashion? This fashion style is perhaps, is the simplest and, at the same time, the most complex one. The essence of eclectic fashion is to combine the incompatible, to mix different styles, textures and trends. It is true that eclectic style is not for everyone. It is the choice of creative people who like to dress in an unconventional way and be different. Usually such people develop their own individual style and very often their outfits are so attractive to others, that they become fashion icons.

eclectic style clothing ideas for bold and creative personalities


Do you dear to be different? To create your own rules? Then you will love eclectic fashion style because it is all about being bright, unique and one of a kind! Despite the wide range of choices and combinations, eclectic style clothing ideas do follow some rules. It is not easy to combine different things and there is a very thin line between looking in a unique way and looking tasteless and ridiculous. Here is a guide to eclectic fashion style which will help you understand the basics and the philosophy so that you can assemble your own outfits and have fun at the same time.

A Guide to Eclectic Fashion Style – Where to Start From?

a guide to eclectic fashion style where to start from

When it comes to eclectic style clothing ideas, one of the biggest mistakes is that you have to go shopping for totally new clothes. No, no, no. We already said that eclectic fashion is based on combinations, on expressing your creativity, so start with looking around your closet. What are your favorite pieces? Can you combine them with other pieces but in an unexpected and original way? Do you have any vintage items? Could they work with the trendiest dresses or jeans that you bought?

How to Do Eclectic Style Like a Pro – Combine Different Styles

how to do eclectic style like a pro combine different styles

Nowadays, you won’t surprise anyone with a combination of sporty pants and a classic jacket. It is very important that details from different styles match each other at least in one way: color, texture, material, etc. You can mix different and even opposite styles. You can pair a trendy maxi tulle skirt with biker boots and leather jacket. Combine a lace dress with a punk jacket and sneakers. Add a bright colored accessory – a scarf or a handbag, belt or necklace. Boho is the perfect base for eclectic outfits.

Pair Vintage with Modern Pieces

eclectic style fashion pair vintage with modern pieces

Combining vintage and modern is easy! You know that fashion is cyclic, don’t you? Just think how many trends from the past have returned to the catwalks for the last few years. In 2023 we see the return of 70s fashion, so it is super easy for you to mix and match your clothes. You found a skirt from the 80s? Why don’t you combine it with a trendy sheer shirt and a clutch? There you are – your eclectic outfit is ready! Take a tip – try different combinations at home and see how they look on you!

How to Combine Colors for an Eclectic Style Outfit?

eclectic outfits fashion trend wear different colors at the same time

There is nothing wrong with wearing different colors at the same time. The trick is to combine them properly. Think about complementary colors, these are the colors standing on opposite sides of the color wheel – purple and yellow, blue and orange, red and green. In terms of eclectic style clothing ideas and color combinations, here’s how it works – you can combine green pants with a red blazer or jacket or yellow skirt and purple shoes.

how to combine colors for an eclectic outfit

Combining adjacent colors (Analogous colors) is another approach to create an eclectic outfit. These colors are next to each other on the color wheel. For example – blue and green, red, red-orange and orange or purple, red-violet and red, blue, blue-violet, violet – all these combinations will work for an eclectic style outfit.

Monochromatic palettes are not typical for eclectic style but if you feel that bold color combinations are a bit too much for you, choose one main color and add another one with accessories, shoes, bag, etc.

Combine Different Textures, Mix Patterns and Prints

combine different textures mix patterns and prints

The combination of different textures is typical for eclectic fashion style. For example, a white silk dress can be combined with a knitted cardigan in the same color. If you feel like combining plaid and stripes, go for it!

Add an Accent

how to style an eclectic outfit

This is an optional part of an eclectic look. However, a bright accent most often makes the outfit complete and memorable. Usually this is an accessory that is different in color or original shape. For example, over-sized chain jewelry, big hoop earrings, long and short necklaces, scarves in floral, animal or paisley print – the options are endless.




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