How to Wear a Sweater at 50? 10 + Super Chic Outfits to Copy without Hesitation for a Modern Look

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A sweaters is one of the most comfortable and cozy garments that exist! It’s super easy to wear and style! And while there’s not really a huge difference in the way 30-year-olds and 50-year-olds dress, sweaters fall into a somewhat ambiguous category. When and how to wear a sweater at 50? How to combine it to look younger and stay chic at the same time?

How to Wear a Sweater at 50 for a Rejuvenating and Comfortable Look?

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The way we dress since the pandemic has changed a lot. We have rediscovered the comfort of casual clothing and we no longer want to part with it! No matter how old we are, it will be an absolute shame to deprive ourselves of such a comfortable piece as the sweater, simply because we don’t know how to combine it at 50 and over! And yet, all it takes is a tiny bit of imagination and inspiration to create very beautiful outfits and wear a sweater at 50! Would you like to add a little pep and youth to your wardrobe? No matter what age you are, anyone can wear this piece with style! Here’s how!

How to Choose a Sweater for a Modern and Chic Look at 50?

There are plenty of clothes that may seem inappropriate for a woman of 50 or more, but the sweater is probably not among them! Here are some tips for choosing yours to look beautiful and elegant and feel good in it:

  • The sweater you wear should always be of good quality and made of a nice material.
  • At 50, it is always better to choose the model of your clothes according to your body type. In the case of a sweater, opt for one that fits well to look more elegant. Leave oversized models for your Sunday walks.
  • It is better not to choose pieces with images of animals or teddy bears to avoid looking like a little girl.

What Pants to Wear with a Sweater?

how to wear a sweater at 50 and look chic


The 50 year old women’s sweater can be worn in many different ways and with many different styles of pants. It all depends on the occasion you’re dressing for and your personal preferences. Most often, you can see the sweater with or without a hood in combination with jeans or leggings. If it’s a large or oversized model, always prefer slim-fitting pieces at the bottom to balance the silhouette, and vice versa. However, depending on the model of sweater, it can be paired with almost any style of pants and create original and fun outfits, for example combining it with leather pants or super trendy wide-leg pants.

How to Be Chic When Wearing a Sweater?

how to wear a sweater with a skirt

How to style a sweater at 50 and look chic and modern? It’s simple: pair it with a skirt or over a long or mid-length dress. The pleated skirt is a super trendy piece for summer and fall, it is easy to wear and flattering for every body type. Combine it with a plush sweater, trendy loafers and a shoulder bag for a stylish, rejuvenating and comfortable look!

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How to Wear a Sweater at 50 at Work?

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Although it may seem unimaginable to some, you can wear a sweater at work without looking badly dressed. How? Combine it with a button down shirt underneath and pull out the collar of the shirt over the sweater. Bonus points if the shirt is longer than the sweater! Wear with slim or straight pants for a professional, yet original look!

Sweater and Blazer – A Perfect Combination!

what pants to wear with a sweater after 50 years of age

Here is a universal outfit for walking, shopping or even for going to work: a sweatshirt and a blazer! It’s a very nice combination that has become extremely popular in recent years thanks to its versatility! Feel free to experiment with different blazer styles to find the one you like best. This combination works best with a hoodie!

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Under Your Trench coat in Fall and Spring and Under a Coat in Winter

wear a sweater with a trenchcoat fashion over 60

If you want to be on top of 2023 fashion trends, opt for a simple sweater in black and wear it with a beige trench coat! Such an outfit will certainly get you plenty of compliments on your style and will make you look 10 years younger! In the same way, in winter, wear your sweater with an elegant coat, slim pants and high boots!

More Ideas for Rejuvenating and Modern Looks After 50

how to wear a sweater at 50

Here Is a Nice Combination with a Scarf

how to dress to look younger after 50

Interesting Outfit with Sweater in Black and Stylish Hat

what pants to wear with a sweater women over 40 outfits

Here’s How to Wear a Sports Sweater with a Shirt Underneath

how to style a sweater to look younger

The Sweater Is Always a Good Idea to Feel Cozy

rejuventating sweater outfits for older women


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