Have You Tried the Office Siren Trend? Here’s All You Need to Know About the New Fashion Style!

by Kremy

Hardly anyone can deny the influence of social media on our lives. Trendsetters, influencers, and content creators come up with new styles in interior design, fashion, nail art, and if you have not heard of the latest TikTok trend – the office Siren aesthetic – it’s not a surprise. Here’s all you need to know about the office siren trend!

what is office siren trend

What Is Office Siren Trend?

the office siren aesthetic is based on the corporate looks of the 90s

The Office Siren aesthetic is based on the corporate looks of the 1990s and 2000s and is inspired by the archive collections of Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Prada, and Gucci… and of course, from movies like “The Devil Wears Prada.” What makes this style different from other viral TikTok trends like the mob wife trend, for example?

  • Elegance. The basis of the style is elegant clothing that fits within the framework of the company dress code.
  • Sexy. An integral part of the office siren aesthetic is to create a feminine and attractive look. To do this, it is necessary to use such closet elements that emphasize the advantages of your figure and accentuate the beauty of your body.
  • Details. Heels, impeccable manicure, bright jewelry, and original clothing details – these are the main components of the new fashion trend. The hair is gathered in a sleek bun, and bayonetta eyeglasses emphasize your office siren style.

How to Create the Office Siren Look?

how to create the office siren look

This fashion style plays an important role in creating the professional look of a successful and confident woman who values both her career and her individuality. But how to create an office siren look? Here’s all you need to know!

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office siren aesthetic tiktok fashion trend 2024

The office siren aesthetic features a lot of neutral shades and even more black. Sandy brown, gray, cream, white, and a little bit of animal prints – this is what you should have in the closet.

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Clothes and Shoes

office siren outfits ideas fashion trend 2024

Pencil skirts, mini-skirts (but not too short), tops with cutouts, fitted button-down shirts, tights, scarves, jeans, and tight-fitting pants are the main elements of this aesthetic. Heels (forget about sneakers!) is what an office siren wears. Classic black pumps, heeled Mary Jane models, or boots is what you should think about.


office siren aesthetic tiktok trend fahion 2024

Accessorizing an office siren outfit allows you to express your individuality. From massive bracelets to stacked silver chains, chokers, rings, pearl earrings just get creative! However, do not forget that there is a thin red line that should not be crossed! Whatever the accessories, they should not attract attention. The accent is on your personality and professionalism, so, to be on the safe side, keep to the rule “Less is more.” Opt for a plain shoulder bag, do not get carried away with something flashy.

Office Siren Makeup

office siren makeup fashion 2024 trend

Nothing too much is the motto here. Choose nude shades to create a natural look. Decide what you will accent – your eyes or your lips. If it is the eyes, use a black eyeliner to accent your eyes and a transparent gloss for your lips. If the accent is on the lips, choose a brighter shade.

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