What Is Jazz Aesthetic? Stylish Outfits and Clothing Ideas for Men and Women

by Kremy

Jazz has been one of the most popular trends in music since the 20s of the last century, and this style affected not only fashion but also home interiors, and you’d be right to say that it was a lifestyle more than anything. Even nowadays, themed parties are widely popular, and people love the outfits of that era. So, what is the jazz aesthetic in modern times? Let’s have a close look and talk about outfits and clothing ideas for men and women.

what is jazz aesthetic outfits and clothing ideas for men and women

Jazz Aesthetic Clothing Combines Retro-Inspired Outfits and Modern Touches

jazz aesthetic clothing outfit ideas what to wear to jazz club

The return of jazz aesthetic in 2024 is predicted by Pinterest and it will not include just outfits but a nostalgic look at the 1920s and the glamorous looks of men and women. We have seen many retro-inspired trends for the last few years, and since the beginning of 2024, the mob wife aesthetic is gaining momentum. The office siren outfits are also inspired by the corporate looks of the past, but with the jazz aesthetic outfits, the time machine takes us quite far back.

jazz age fashion 20s fashion for women

The jazz age changed women’s attire radically and introduced the low waistline, straight cut, knee-length dresses and skirts, deep cut-outs on the back, small sleeves, or no sleeves at all. This was the time when silk and synthetic stockings appeared, women started wearing daring bathing suits and pants, and the shoes became an important part of the outfit, so it was all about style.

How does this trend relate to modern life? Unless you attend a themed party, 1920s outfits will look quite out of place, even if you go to a jazz club. But there you are; the question comes immediately: What to wear to a jazz club? Well, leave your t-shirt, sweater, and jeans in the closet and follow our guidelines to create an original look that will immediately catch the eye and help you get the most out of any jazz event.

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Jazz Aesthetic Outfit Ideas for Women

jazz aesthetic outfit ideas for women

One thing is certain: the modern twist on the jazz aesthetic features elegance and style, and if you love to dress up, get ready to be retro chic!

The Fringe Dress

jazz inspired outfits fringe dress

A fringe dress is alluring and eye-catching. Every movement seems to be accompanied by a barely noticeable rustle. If you are a fan of dancing, then fringe dresses are an excellent option, because even a small movement will always be enhanced.

Sequins and Beads

sequin and fringe retro inspired jazz aesthetic dress

In the era of jazz, girls adored thin, dainty dresses that had intricate beadwork embroidery, shining at any movement. The patterns are geometric, which is characteristic of the art deco style – waves, triangles, rhombuses, etc.

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The Slip Dress

what to wear to a jazz club long slip dress

Bold, feminine, and sexy, the slip dress is loved by celebrities, bloggers, and fashion influencers. Nowadays, it’s more than a trend. For many, it is a universal closet staple. Can you wear a slip dress to a jazz club? Absolutely! Modern fashion brands offer different models, and if you already have a fancy satin slip dress, whether long or midi, don’t hesitate to wear it! Combine it with a faux fur coat and pumps, and you’ll be right in the jazz aesthetic!


what to wear to a jazz club feather dress

Feathers seem like an extravagant touch to any outfit. But when it comes to jazz-inspired outfits, feathers add lightness and a romantic touch to the outfit, so don’t miss your chance to add some zest to your look!

Modern Jazz Aesthetic Outfits for Men

modern jazz aesthetic outfits for men

How to combine a contemporary and jazz aesthetic for a stylish outfit? While ladies can choose from a variety of looks, gentlemen need to be more creative. No one would expect you to appear in a strictly formal suit. After all, you’d want the look if you went to a jazz party or club. Here are some tips on how to get the right look!

jazz age fashion for men modern outfit ideas

What to wear? Think of a spearpoint collar or a club collar shirt, high waistband trousers with pleats, double-breasted jackets, waistcoats – this is the jazz age look of men. Sounds a bit vintage? You’re right! As we said, vintage fashion is trending, and if you want to be well dressed and keep the style of the time, it’d be a good idea to look for garments in thrift shops. If thrift shops are not your cup of tea, bet on classic cuts and silhouettes and high-quality fabrics, and choose clothes that you can combine to recreate the look.

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