What color to wear after 50? Focus on the right combinations that will make you look younger in 2023!

by Anjelina

Is there really a cloth color that makes you look younger? The answer is YES. Just like hair coloring, certain shades in your wardrobe have the power to rejuvenate and hide unwanted pounds. So what color should you wear after 50 to look younger, slimmer or even more fashionable, depending on your natural skin tone? Our stylists reveal the trendy duos and trios of 2023 to cheat your age a little. Keep reading!

What color to wear after 50 to look slimmer?

what color to wear after 50 years woman 60 years clothes accessories fashion 2023

How to dress after 50 to look slimmer? By respecting your morphology and wearing the right colors of clothes! So, after revealing the 2023 fashion pieces to wear, it’s time to talk about the shades that enhance the silhouettes of the quinquas. Without any surprise, dark shades like black, brown, gray, dark blue and khaki green refine the figure. But if we have to define THE color to wear to stay in the picture after 50 years, it will be blue and all its variations (petrol, navy, king, etc.)

trends color clothes woman 50 year old 2023


As for prints, horizontal stripes are to be banned, whether you are 25 or 55. Small flowers, mini checks and polka dots are perfect after 50. The same goes for vertical stripes. In any case, the total printed look is to be avoided if you want to look slimmer. On the other hand, a floral blouse, straight jeans and a pair of boots make a great outfit to hide the little round belly after 50 years.

Combinations that make you look younger (or not)

what color to wear woman 50 years old to look younger trends in fashion 2023

At 30, 40 or even 50, the black and white duo is still a sure bet to jazz up your outfit and make you look younger. However, it is not the only association to dare to erase the years. If light and natural colors soften the round face, it is the same for the colors of your clothes. To cheat a little on your age, there is nothing like the monochrome outfit in beige tones.

what clothes to wear after 50 to look younger

If you think that the total black look gives you a youthful look after 50, think again! On the contrary, this timeless color tends to age, especially when worn close to the face. The solution? Dare to use prints! Whether it’s stripes, mini flowers, polka dots or even animal motifs, prints are made for all ages. So just because you’re in your 40s, 50s or 60s doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them. If you don’t like patterns, wear black with gray or beige.

how to adopt colorblock trend after 50 years woman modern outfit 2023

Daring to wear several prints at once can however quickly turn into a fashion disaster. To avoid missing out, opt instead for a tone-on-tone outfit or the colorblock trend, which consists of marrying two contradictory bright shades for an outfit that is right in line with the winter women’s 50s fashion trends. In short, the color duos that will definitely work in 2023 are the following:

  • pink and red
  • black and white
  • white and beige
  • beige and brown
  • black and gray
  • green and blue
  • purple and fuchsia
  • red and yellow
  • blue and red
  • white and blue

As for iridescent pastel shades, they should be banned after 50. First, because they often rhyme with synthetic materials. Then, their look gives a little too girly to the quinquas. If you can’t give up on pastels, adopt them in homeopathic doses and combine them with bright colors to keep your look fresh.

clothes that rejuvenate preferable colors after 50

Finally, don’t forget the three-color maximum rule (including shoes and bags), which is always relevant no matter what your age, if you want to avoid a fashion faux pas!

What color of clothing after 50 according to your skin tone?

fashion trends 2023 for women over 50 high waisted jeans asymmetrical top

At the risk of repeating ourselves, some shades are more flattering than others. In other words, your makeup, your haircolor or the choice of your outfit depends strongly on your natural skin tone. If you fall into the group of light skin, wear warm colors like red or orange to rejuvenate yourself. Do you have a pinkish skin tone? Your perfect clothing colors are therefore light and cool tones. Choose blue, matte pastels, pink, yellow, mauve or gray. Golden skin tones should also be favored in warm tones to look their best after 50. As for matte skin, they can afford anything.

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