What kind of balayage for white and grey hair? Spotlight on Gray Blending to finally get your own!

by Kremy

What if it were possible to stop dyeing your hair to hide the visible roots? Although not the majority, a good number of women embrace their white manes with pride. So why not you? The downside? Sometimes they tend to yellow. We have the solution you need and it’s called gray blending or simply the art of wearing your gray hair without problem. Here’s a complete guide on the new and most popular grey hair balayage technique!

highlights trend balayage on gray white hair why I have gray hair

Why do I have yellow gray hair?

Not ready to go gray? Well, maybe your hair is! The appearance of gray hair, also called canities, is normally linked to aging. Typically, the first gray hairs appear when melanin (the hormone that gives the mane its natural color) stops forming, which is between the ages of 45 and 65. But after your thirties, each new age group increases your chances of going grey. However, canities can have several causes that are not necessarily related to aging. Here are some of the most common:

  • You live in a stressful or polluted environment.
  • Your mother (or grandmother) turned gray very early.
  • An autoimmune disease.
  • You are constantly stressed.
  • You smoke and lead an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • You have a hormonal imbalance.

Highlights or balayage on gray hair?

what balayage on grey white hair woman 50 years plus technique trend coloration grey blending


Gray and white hair is trendy! If you’re struggling to cope with grey and white hair, but don’t want to go for a short haircut or go through the process of visible roots and lines, there is a hair trend you should try this winter 2023! Halfway between Herringbone Highlights and Oyster Hair, the new balayage technique called Gray Blending promises to revolutionize your hair routine after your fifties! The hairdressers and colorists of Deavita gladly recommend the new balayage trend to 50-somethings (and not only) who want to embrace their gray manes without the traces classic dyeing leaves. It’s not about camouflaging, but rather highlighting! So, does this work for you?

Grey Blending, what is it?

grey blending technique balayage grey hair turning yellow

What is gray blending? This is a balayage technique specially designed for white hair. It consists of working on an application method to bring shades and reflections to white manes in order to enhance them. The result? A micro-balayage, either rather light if done on dyed hair that has already grown back, or darker if you want to follow the Salt and Pepper hair trend. The basic idea is to blend the white hair into the mass to obtain an even and natural look.

Who is the grey balayage for?

Salt and pepper mane not your cup of tea? So fall for Gray Blending! But is it for everyone? Reserved for trendy fifty-somethings, the trend adapts better to light bases (blonde or chestnut). And if it’s a balayage that appeals more and more to women who want to stop monthly dyeing and have a more natural hair, it also allows you to get a tailor-made color, while adding a good dose of light to the hair. In terms of hair type, Gray Blending goes just as well with straight hair as it does with natural curls.

Gray Blending: How to take care of gray hair?

dye grey white hair rend grey blending balayage maintenance

When it comes to care and maintenance, opt for mild shampoos, if possible without sulphates, to avoid damaging your mane too much. It is also essential to regularly use repairing treatments to preserve the intensity of your strands. To avoid ending up with hair with yellow highlights, use a shampoo with bluish formulas. Used once a week, it neutralizes the yellow and prevents the pigments from escaping. Our color pros recommend washing new balayage on gray hair with cold water to prevent yellowing.

grey blending trend coloring white hair woman 60 years old salt and pepper hair balayage grey highlights maintenance

Finally, don’t forget to moisturize. Gray Blending is above all a coloring that dries out and weakens the hair fiber. It is therefore important to nourish the tips and the lengths with suitable oils and homemade masks for dry hair. Also, limit the use of heating appliances and space out brushings and shampoos as much as possible.

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