Is balayage out of style 2023? Find out now and see 15 of the top colours we expect to see this year

by Kristiyana

This year, we are seeing many new and fabulous trends in the world of hair colouring. You have the expensive brunette, auburn and copper reds, pastel hair, buttercream blonde, and many more. But there is one question that needs to be asked about this year’s hair trends. Is balayage out of style in 2023? Can women this get it and still look trendy? Find out now with 15 of the top balayage colours we expect to see this year!

Is balayage out of style 2023?

Every year, hair trends come and go, and sometimes you might not even realize it. As soon as you’ve found the perfect picture of what you want your hair to look like, you learn from a friend, or the internet, that it’s actually not in style any more. And this should never happen to a true fashionista. We must always be on track with the latest trends. For balayage, some hair stylists might say that it’s out of season, but that doesn’t seem to be the case according to others. In fact, there are many new and fabulous balayage colours that any girl can’t wait to try out this year. Have a look for yourselves!

Buttery blonde balayage 2023

buttery blonde balayage_balayage 2023

Looking for the perfect summer look for 2023? I think you found it. The buttery blonde balayage colour consists of warm blonde tones, highlighted by darker bases. They create a rich, soft colour that would be your ideal summer, or even early autumn look.

Dark hair with auburn highlights

dark hair with auburn highlights_Is balayage out of style 2023


Hmm, I think this would be my top choice. I just love anything in red. You can easily spice up your brunette hair with some beautiful auburn highlights. The bigger they are, the more eye-catching your hair will be!

Strawberry brown balayage 2023

strawberry brown balayage_strawberry brown hair

And how can anyone resist this strawberry brown balayage? When it comes to fashion, pink is going to be trending all year round. And if you are looking for a fun and girly look for your summer vacation, this balayage would be ideal.

Stylish pearly blonde hair colour

pearl blonde_blonde hair colours

Is balayage out of style in 2023? I surely think not with this mesmerizing pearly blonde hair colour! To get it, mix a beige tone with a pearly blonde colour to get this expensive look. Wear it wavy to make it all the more appealing.

Espresso balayage trend 2023

espresso hair_espresso balayage

Looking for more ways to get creative with your black or brunette hair? Try the espresso balayage! It’s a super simple and low-maintenance colouring technique, that will create dimension throughout your beautiful dark hair.

Smudged money piece highlights

smudged money piece_subtle money piece

Forget about the chunky money piece hairstyle, it’s time to go for something a bit more subtle. Money pieces are still in style, but now women are opting for a “smudged” look, making these highlights appear more natural. Opt for this dimensional blonde balayage and look like your favourite celeb.

Stylish contrast balayage for 2023

hair colour trends 2023_contrast balayage

A lot of women might think that you can’t mix a light shade with a darker one, but this is not the case. Just look at this perfect example of bright blonde tones against a darker brunette base. Opt for soft waves to enhance the colour.

Mesmerizing rose gold balayage

Is balayage out of style 2023_rose gold hair

The rose gold balayage just never seems to go out of style. This warm feminine colour looks amazing when added to a darker base. If you have chocolate brown or raven black hair, the soft rose gold colour will add extra dimension to your hair.

Beautiful hazelnut brown balayage

hazelnut brunette balayage_hair trends 2023

And why not spice things up with some hazelnut tones? A balayage that is elegant and stylish, yet has a playful side to it. Looks even more beautiful on long curly or wavy hair.

The gray balayage trend is here to stay!

gray balayage_is gray hair in style in 2023

A gray balayage is one of the best colouring techniques for achieving a stunning gray hairstyle. This balayage will skilfully blend it your gray hairs with your natural hair colour along with other similar tones. And no one said it’s reserved only for women with graying hair!

Subtle auburn brunette balayage

auburn brunette balayage_Is balayage out of style 2023

More auburn balayages? You bet! Auburn is said to be one of the trendiest hair colours for 2023. And if you want to get a more subtle balayage look for your dark hair, I would advise you to opt for these soft tints.

Stylish honey wheat hair 2023

honey wheat balayage_balayage for blondes

Honey wheat blonde is so in this year! It’s a beautiful and warm hair colour that can easily be pulled off by any blonde. For girls with darker hair, best to ask for tips from your stylist on whether this balayage would be the right look for you.

Caramel melt balayage trend

caramel melt balayage_Is balayage out of style 2023

With this caramel melt balayage, the colouring is more focused on the ends and the strands around the face. This makes it an easier hairstyle to maintain, as you won’t require root touch-ups.

Amazing black dimension hair

dimension black hair_dimension black balayage

This year seems to be more focused on brunettes and dark-haired gals. And it’s no wonder, really. A beautiful dimension black balayage, achieved by a few sun-kissed tints that give the hair vibrancy and radiance.

Stylish bronze balayage for 2023

bronze balayage_brunette balayage

More stylish and low-maintenance hair colours for brunettes? You’ve got them! Lighten things up with your hair with this summery bronze balayage look.

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