Honey balayage on light or dark brown hair: Info and looks in pictures to show your colorist!

by Kremy

Shimmering and luminous, chestnut hair is the most common. Halfway between brown and blonde, this color is perfect for softening facial features. But what color can you use to make it even more shiny and delicious? What if you opt for a honey balayage on light or dark brown hair this fall-winter 2022-2023? This coloring technique aims to lighten your natural base, while bringing golden and warm shades. How to do it? Why? And how to maintain it? Our professional colorists have the answers for you!

honey caramel balayage dark chestnut hair trend coloring winter 2023

What balayage color for chestnut brown hair?

When it comes to coloring for light or dark brown hair, we immediately think of honey balayage which, for its part, goes wonderfully with caramel highlights. Indeed, these two colors are so close that we often confuse them. But while they are very similar, there are many differences. Honey balayage is suitable for dark bases, mainly brown and chestnut manes. However, blondes can also use it without worry.

hair contouring trend blond honey caramel balayage on dark brown hair


What is Honey Balayage?

Generally speaking, honey balayage gets its name from its golden hues. Bright and warming, this shade comes in many tantalizing hues: from golden to amber to cherry honey and acacia honey. As for the caramel balayage, it is distinguished by its copper reflections evoking an unparalleled gourmet softness, perfect for giving character to dark brown hair.

How to do honey balayage on light or dark brown hair?

how to do honey balayage on light or dark brown hair

What if we told you that you can make your own honey highlights at home without going to the salon? To do this, you need:

  • 1 balayage kit
  • 1 comb to target the strands you want to lighten
  • 1 cap with holes

Opt for a shade, two or three shades lighter than yours. Take a few large thick strands and dye them gently, if you have light brown hair. In case of dark brown hair, apply the honey blonde color on fine strands for a more natural look. Apply the balayage on the lengths and tips. Leave the product on for the specified time, then rinse. The intensity of the color you want depends on how long you leave it on. To obtain honey blonde highlights, the waiting time is estimated at 20-25 minutes.

If you decide to entrust your hair to the hands of a pro, you should know that he or she will suggest two techniques depending on your natural base: a bleaching product followed by a hair platinum or a lightening product directly creating honey highlights. For a more contrasting look, your colorist can perform this balayage like a hair contouring or ombré hair. In both cases, honey tones are shaping up to be the biggest trend in hair color.

How to maintain a honey balayage on light or dark brown hair?

honey balayage on light or dark brown hair trend 2022

Whether you’ve opted for honey or caramel balayage, the maintenance is the same. Start by investing in care products suitable for colored hair. Freshly colored hair tends to lose its intensity quickly. But thanks to certain products, such as washing creams and shampoo balms for colored hair, you are able to preserve the shine of your locks and limit the loss of pigments with each wash. Also, use a mild, low-stripping, sulfate-free shampoo. Finally, don’t forget that this is a chemical coloring that weakens and dries out the hair. So remember to make homemade masks at least once a month to nourish the hair fiber and help it rebuild.

What cut/hairstyle to enhance the honey balayage?

what hairstyle for honey blonde balayage on dark brown hair

Apart from long wavy hair, the long bob, also called lob, is the ideal cut to highlight your balayage, even more so if it is paired with bangs. It’s a perfect look for women 50 years old (or older) looking for a way to look younger. Moreover, the ball cut is also very suitable for enhancing gourmet tones. However, hairstyles that are too short like the 2022 boy cut and the pixie cut do not go well with the balayage. When it comes to hairstyles, anything goes: bohemian bun, half bun, glamorous tail, braids, scandi waves, baby braids, etc.

Gallery: The most beautiful balayages on chestnut hair

honey balayage on brown and black hair trend fall winter 2022

Honey balayage on brown hair before/after

honey balayage on chestnut brown hair before after

Honey balayage on chestnut brown hair before/after

Honey balayage on brown hair before after

A bob haircut and honey balayage: the winning duo

long bob haircut light brown hair honey balayage caramel highlights

Honey balayage and feathered bob – the perfect look for women over 60

what balayage woman 60 year old light brown and white hair

Honey highlights on dark brown hair for women over 50

wavy bob rejuvenating cut woman 50 year old honey balayage dark chestnut brown hair

Honey highlights on brown curly hair

what balayage for curly hair afro curls chestnut color trend 2023 honey balayage

Blonde balayage on brown hair

what blonde balayage on brown hair long blonde lob

Honey and caramel highlights on light brown hair

what haircut to enhance your honey blonde caramel highlights trendy bob

Blond and wavy bob to highlight the balayage

blonde balayage wavy bob hairstyle

Honey blonde on long brown hair

honey blonde balayage on long chestnut brown hair


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