Is trench coat out of fashion? Let’s find out if the fashionistas will be wearing it in 2023!

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We all can tell that spring is approaching and it is that time of the year where the mid-season jackets come in handy! During this time, normally I am stuck between wearing something warm or something lighter, but I end up feeling either cold or hot. Until I have discovered one particular piece that is the perfect mid-season staple piece in my wardrobe! The trench coat was back in 2021 and most of our favorite fashionistas were wearing it. The question for today: Is trench coat out of fashion? How to wear it mid-season? Let’s find out!

is trench coat out of fashion outfit ideas 2023 spring fashion trends

Are trench coats in style 2023?

Ah, yes, let’s talk about the trench coat! The iconic piece that was once worn by the British officers long time ago, in the 60s took a new turn thanks to the Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn! It became a symbol of elegance and femininity. It is for sure a staple piece, which will be super trendy in 2023 and I am sure it will never go out of style! You can wear it with anything and everywhere. You want something casual? Wear it with jeans! You want something elegant and classy? Wear it with a maxi dress or a skirt! Now let’s find out how to wear it according to the spring fashion trends in 2023!

Is trench coat out of fashion? Find how to wear it this spring!

trench coat 2023 how to wear it in spring fashion trends


The iconic women’s trench coat 2023 will be seen a lot more as expected. Usually in canvas or cotton, this fall-winter, it comes in leather, vinyl, tweed, sleeveless, cutouts or even a patchwork version to appeal to all fans of stylish streetwear looks and working girls. This year, this fashion piece is considered to be a true chameleon, as we can find it in many different colors and materials. You can even try matching it with your skirt (check out the photo) or with your pants. The monochrome outfit will make your look really sophisticated and put-together.

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Short trench coat for women

short trench coat for women spring fashion trends 2023


Every season comes with new trends in fashion. If you love the classic trench coat, then you are going to adore this new short version of it! It is certainly more casual than the business look of the long trench coat, however it can give you the same elegant vibe, if styled correctly. You can match it with pants that are the same color for a monochrome outfit, or you can wear bootcut jeans or straight-leg pair to elongate your silhouette. This look goes hand in hand with a pair of loafers. Check out how to wear loafers in 2023 with style!

Spring fashion trends 2023: Trench coat in different materials

trench coat trends vinyl pop of color spring fashion trends 2023

This year is all about taking risks when it comes to fashion. We adopt vinyl in a trench coat version to change a little from the classic model in beige cotton. Black or colored, patent or mock crock version, the vinyl trench coat is perhaps something for the bolder ladies. You will not get rid of the attention for sure! However, this isn’t a bad idea after all, since it is going to be one of the biggest trends! The fear comes really fast when we realize that it can look a little bit vulgar. How to change that? Wear straight jeans, white t-shirt, cropped hoodie with a logo, etc. For more inspiration, you can check out how to wear bootcut jeans in 2023, since they will be the perfect match for your vinyl trench coat.

Is trench coat out of fashion? Check out the runway models!

Paris fashion week 2023 trench coat outfit ideas runway catwalk


If you are still wondering if the trench coat is out of fashion, check out the Paris Fashion Week runways and you will know! Many of the designers have come out with different styles and adapted the classic version in a modern way. Yves Saint Laurent trench coats were my personal favorites, because of the wide shoulder silhouette! There is no doubt that this is one of the most chic outwear for women these days! Wearing this type of coat makes you feel powerful. Let your inner “boss lady” shine trough and get your hands on one of these!

The classic trench coat with a twist

classic trench coat military outfit inspiration fashion spring summer trends

You are wearing the classic trench coat all the time and you need to spice it up a bit? Military-inspired outfits or accessories are here to stay and slay! If you want a more edgy look, opt for this kind of leather accessories, belts, and pockets.

Inspire yourself with more outfit ideas!

women trench coat 2023 leather spring outfit

Black trench coat for women

black trench coat women spring fashion trends 2023

Modern trench coat outfit idea

coat trends 2023 trench classic elegant outfit ideas

Spring Fashion trends 2023

sparkly trench coat outfit spring fashion trends women style 2023

Casual outfit idea

casual outfit idea with trench coat 2023

Classic trench coat for women: Spring Fashion 2023

spring trench coat fashion week women outfit inspiration

Wear the iconic staple piece this spring!

is trench coat out of fashion 2023


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