25 Ways to Wear Culottes, Regardless of Age and Season (+Ideas for 60-Year-Old Women)

by Kremy

Anyone who’s ever tried it knows that wearing culottes is a chic choice of clothing that also allows plenty of freedom of movement. However, elegance can’t be taken for granted, and you need to know what to wear when you’re 30, 40, 50 or over, depending on the season, if you want your final outfit to be a success. Which model of wide leg pants to choose? What top to combine them with? What accessories should you choose to make them even more stylish?

Why Wear Culottes?

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Culottes are exactly what their name suggests – wide leg pants of varying lengths, with a crotch that’s not clearly visible, so the overall cut is more reminiscent of a skirt. It is a comfortable and attractive feminine garment that combines “the best of both worlds. Let’s take a look at some of today’s hottest styles and see how to make this magnificent in-between work for you, whether you’re a young girl or a woman of 60 or more!

The Golden Rules to Wear Culottes at Any Age

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As is almost always the case with clothes, there are a few basics to know before you start wearing them. Of course, depending on the preferences and the occasion, you can wear almost anything at any age, as long as you take into account your own body type. The good news is that you can wear long culottes when you’re short, or a cropped ones when you’re tall.

Don’t Forget Your Body Shape

cropped wide leg pants and crop top summer fashion 2023

Girls with sensual curves can happily opt for a plain, flowing version. Most 7/8 culottes are suitable for everyone, and look particularly flattering on wide figures with wide hips (pear body shape). Given that you are slender, you can wear culottes according to your desires, whether you are 40, 50, 60 or older. However, if your body shape is round, triangle or Oval (apple), keep in mind that heavily pleated pants, with too many details or voluminous materials at the waist will make you look heavier than you are, which is rarely the goal The other trick to look slimmer in culottes?

Know How to Choose Your Top

classic black and white outfit combo

Pay attention to your top! Choosing a top can be tricky with pants as expressive as culottes. The first rule to remember is that the top you choose should have less volume than the pants. Otherwise, you’ll erase your waistline and look like you’re “drowning” in an ocean of fabric. So opt for a smart blouse instead of an oversized blouse which is likely to look like SpongeBob SquarePants.

high waisted wide leg pants and white blouse with puff sleeves

If you prefer to wear culottes with a T-shirt, it is better to tuck it into the pants or tie it at the waist to accentuate it and create the optical illusion of having an hourglass body shape, which is considered ideal. At 20 or 30, there’s nothing like a trendy crop top! How to wear culottes when you have a belly? A cropped top that stops just at the top of the hip bones is the best solution for you!

What Accessories to Choose?

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If you want to wear culottes that reach your calves, consider high heels to lighten and elongate your legs. At 40, 50 or 60, you can choose a flashy handbag or a colorful scarf to refresh classic black or gray wide-leg pants. Big glasses or earrings, as well as showy belts are also recommended if the culottes are in a restrained color. When it they are brightly colored, reduce the number of accessories and opt for simplicity.

how to wear culottes fashion trend outfits ideas

At 20 And 30, Anything Goes, or Almost!

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An Elegant Outfit with Culottes

chic outfit in neutral colors

Satin Fabrics are Classy!

elegant outfit summer fashion trends wide leg pants

How to Wear Culottes with Sneakers

how to wear culottes at 30 spring summer trends

Combining Black and Yellow Is Very Chic

how to wear culottes at 30 40 50 black yellow outfit idea

How to Wear Culottes In Between Seasons

how to wear culottes at any age any season ideas fashion trends

Classic White and Blue Denim T-Shirt

how to wear denim pants wide leg jeans fashion ideas

How to Wear Culottes at 40?

what top to wear with culottes t shirt blouse spring summer fall 2023

Stylish Monochromatic Outfit

what to wear with culottes ideas for women at 40

The Perfect Outfit for a Special Occasion

how to wear black culottes elegant and chic outfit ideas

The Tie Belt Is a Nice Addition

red cropped wide leg pants and white blouse

High-Heeled Shoes In Mauve As An Accent

how to wear culottes regardless of age and season ideas 40 50 60 years old

How to Wear Culottes in Cool Weather

how to wear culottes in winter pink coat and boots

Trendy Ideas for Girls at 50, 60 Or Older

stylish cropped wide leg pants outfit in black and orange for mature women

Combine White, Denim and Brown

how to wear culottes at 40 50 60 years old stylish ideas 2023

At 50+, Don’t Be Afraid of Color!

how to wear culottes at 50 60 or older elegant ideas summer

How to Wear Denim Culottes after 60

how to wear culottes over 60 ideas to look elegant




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