How to Tuck Your Shirt? Discover 10 Easy Ways to Look Like a Street Style Fashion Icon

by Kremy

Do you want to look stylish in a casual outfit? Add a modern twist to your look – tuck it in in a fashionable way! Do you know how to tuck your shirt in an original way? With these clever tricks you will look chic and carelessly modern without any effort! It looks easy but you will be surprised that there are different methods for this so if you want to stay on trend, it’s worth knowing how to do the fashionable tucks!

How to Tuck Your Shirt – The Classic Full Tuck

the full tuck white shirt pleated midi skirt

This is something that we all know from childhood – the full tuck. It is neat and tidy, office–appropriate and a real classic. Is it still modern? Sure, it is! Nothing beats the full tuck if you want to look professional or if you are dressed for a formal occasion.

The French Tuck

how to do the french tuck


Do you know what the French tuck is? It has been all the rage for its casual, loose and French style look. It is a very simple tuck, actually and is suitable for everyday life, work or study. So, how to do the French tuck? You need to tuck only the front of the shirt (or top) in the pants, leaving the back untucked. The slightly asymmetrical look elongates the body which is one of the reasons why it is the favorite of so many women.

how to tuck your shirt the french tuck

The French tuck, also known as front tuck, works best with shirts, blouses or tops made from thin fabrics or very thin sweaters. It looks equally good with pants, jeans or skirt, with or without belt.

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The Twisted Tuck

twist tuck street fashion trends

This is a variation of the French tuck which adds a great flair to your outfit. How to do a twisted tuck? Just gather some of the fabric at the front bottom, twist it and then tuck in into the waistband.

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Side Tuck

how to do the side tuck

The side tuck is another variation of the French tuck, but it is done on the side. Choose the left or right side and tuck a few inches into the pants leaving the opposite side fall down at an angle. Easy, isn’t it?

Half Tuck

how to tuck your shirt 10 easy ways to look like a street style fashion icon

The idea of this styling appeared long ago and is still the favorite of many modern fashionistas who love the cool and deliberately undone look. For the half tuck, leave a few buttons unbuttoned at the bottom of your shirt. Then simply tuck only one side, left or right, whichever is more convenient for you, into the pants. That’s all! For this tuck, button-down blouses and shirts are the best choice.

Hair Tie Tuck

how to tuck your shirt with hair band

This tuck works for t-shirts and is very easy to do. Gather the fabric at the bottom of the t-shirt on the left or right side. Twist the fabric into a rope and tie it with a rubber band. Last, tuck the shirt in on itself.

The Cross-Over Tuck

the cross over tuck street fashion trends

This is an easy, comfortable and original tuck. Here’s how to do it: Criss-cross the two flaps of your button-down shirt and tuck them into your jeans or pants.

Belt Loop Tuck

easy belt loop tuck street fashion casual outfits

To make this tuck, take the flap of your shirt that has buttons and bring it through a belt loop on your pants. Do the same with the other flap but on the other side.

Bra Tuck

how to do the bra tuck

The bra tuck works when you want to style an oversized shirt, t-shirt, top or sweater. Simply tuck the hem of the shirt into the bottom band of your bra and leave the shirt fall into place. The tuck is super cool and casual and ideal when you don’t want a lot of fabric stuffed into your pants, jeans or skirt.

Back Tuck

street fashion how to back tuck your shirt

If you want a clean look at the front of your t-shirt or sweater, then the back tuck is for you! You will need a rubber band to fix a knot at the back of your t-shirt. Then tuck it into your pants.

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