IKEA Bathroom Shelves: 10 Ideas to Make Your Bath Trendy, Functional and Tranquilling on a Budget

by Snezhana Besarabova

Modern homeowners are searching for possibilities to transform their bathrooms into tranquil spaces, matching a trendy style with functionality. But how to organize this important room, finding out the most comfortable and pretty storage solutions, but without empty your wallet? In this regard, here is an array of budget-friendly IKEA bathroom shelves options to enhance your storage ability and aesthetics.

Freely Standing Shelves

free standing bathroom shelves ikea

Maybe you prefer mobility and flexibility? If that’s the case, freestanding IKEA bathroom shelves are just the solution you’ll like. Not only that these comfortable units can be placed anywhere in the room, but you may change their location anytime, according to your preferences. Freestanding shelves variants, made from metal, wood, or plastic, will supply with plenty of space for storing towels, toiletries, and toilet paper.

Shelves from Bamboo

ikea shelves from bamboo ikea bathroom shelves


If you are a nature lover, don’t miss the possibility to have bamboo shelves. They offer a superb combination of natural beauty and sustainability. Bamboo shelves are not only eco-friendly, but also amazingly stout and resistant to damp. Utilize them to arrange bathrobes, towels and toiletries for an organized and accessible storage. The warm and earthy shades of bamboo shelves brings a relaxation feeling to your bathroom ambiance.

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Shower Corner Shelves

shelves for shower corner ikea small shelves for bathroom

Utilize the sometimes neglected corner area around your shower with the convenient IKEA bathroom shelves for shower corner, which are designed to save space. They will fit naturally and be next to you when you’re taking your bath, without disturbing you, providing a comfortable place for placing bathroom essentials like body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and your loofahs. Entirely made from water-resistant materials, these shelves for shower corner are stable and long-lasting, suitable for the humid conditions in your bathroom. There is a wide selection of sleek, stainless steel or modern plastic variants.

Shelves Mounted on Wall

shelves on the wall best ikea shelves for bathroom 1

Wall shelves are a necessary stylish addition for a trendy bathroom. Their rich variety will amaze you with different designs, colors, and materials. Whether you choose a minimalist solution with floating shelves against the wall or the dynamic option with multi-tiered shelves, they will fit ideally for your bathroom accessories. Arrange there some small plants, scented candles, for a purified and aromatic bathroom ambiance.

Glass Shelves for Corner

corner glass shelves ikea bathroom shelves


In the case of a smaller bathroom, it’ll be wise to maximize your vertical space with glass IKEA bathroom shelves for corners. They are intended to fit perfectly into the corner of this your room for a space-saving, yet comfy storage area for your essentials. These transparent shelves open your bathroom, for a spacious look and more airiness.

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Shelves from Glass

shelves from glass ideas for modern bathroom storage solutions on a budget

Consider IKEA’s sophisticated glass shelves from tempered material for more endurance and your safe bathroom space. They give you the possibility to make a fashionable display of your perfumes, lotions, and decoration. The transparency of glass shelves also makes the feeling of a more spacious area. So, consider that the smaller bathrooms can’t do without them!

Shelves Above the Toilet

above toilet shelves ikea bathroom shelves

There is one specific place in the bathroom, which is underutilized in most cases, and this is just the free area over the toilet. IKEA bathroom shelves above the toilet are created to turn this space into a working storage solution. There are a plenty of open shelves, which come in a variety of sizes to choose from, which are perfect for displaying towels and pieces of decoration.

Over-the-Door Shelves

where should bathroom shelves be placed 1

Utilize every inch of your free area with the unique over-the-door shelves. These clever possessions are hung on the back of the bathroom door, making this overlooked space functional and pretty looking. They are a wise solution for keeping your cleaning supplies, towels, and personal care items. Moreover, over-the-door-shelves are relatively cheap, and will not empty your wallet!

Ladder Shelves

ladder shelves ikea bathroom shelves

Create a modern bath with the special design of the ladder shelves. They are really minimalistic modern workmanship with their leaning forms, looking contemporary and charm. The various shelf sizes of ladder shelves offer possibilities of placing on them items of different heights. Let you display on higher shelves your larger items and on the lower ones small essentials and decoration.

Modular Storage System

ikea's modular storage system ikea bathroom shelving ideas

IKEA’s modular storage system gives you all chances to mix and match different elements, achieving an amazing personalized, beautiful and functional storage. Mount shelves, cabinets, and drawers with ease, reaching a bathroom storage arrangement, which suits great to your preferences. This is an entirely flexible solution for keeping your items, which is adaptable to the available space in bathrooms of all possible sizes.

Inspire with the versatility of these shelves, and turn your bathroom space just in a way that reflects your personal style and matches all your storage ideas.

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