IKEA Fall 2023 New Arrivals: 18 Inexpensive Decoration Ideas to Start the New Season In Style!

by Kremy

As we approach the end of summer, many of us are considering refreshing our homes. And what better way to do this than with a little autumn shopping to give our interiors a cozy feel? Check out IKEA fall 2023 new arrivals that are not only cheap, but functional! Here are our favorites!

ikea bedroom fall 2023

New IKEA Fall 2023: Enhance Your Home!

DeaVita team has selected their TOP picks from the new IKEA 2023 collection! As we are all going to be spending more time at home now that summer is coming to an end, this is the perfect opportunity to make it cozy! Moreover, if you feel that your interior is not quite up to date and you’d like to buy some new furniture and accessories at a reasonable price… You’ve come to the right place! Take a look at our four categories and our favorites to get an idea of what IKEA has to offer. Whether you’re preparing for back to school or just want to freshen up your home, there’s something for everyone.

Kitchen Decoration IKEA 2023

kitchen island trends 2023 ikea fall 2023


With the arrival of the new season, new kitchen trends are rapidly emerging. But we all know that renovating an existing kitchen is a tedious and costly job. So why not add a few elements to make it more functional and, in the meantime, give it more personality and style? We all need a little more kitchen storage and some fabulous lighting! Take a look!

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Pull Out Cabinet Storage System

pull out kitchen storage system2023

Are your cabinets the definition of chaos? With the UTRUSTA pull-out cabinet, you can fix this in no time. It’s a very convenient way to store your pots, pans, plates, cups, etc. It costs $200/€130/£140 and is available in white.

Black Pendant Lamp

black pendant lamp ikea fall 2023

The black NYMÅNE pendant lamp is an ideal addition to the kitchen, or any other room, as it is not only fashionable, but also very affordable and matches almost any decor. It costs €49.99/£50 and if you want to refresh your kitchen with a minimalist element, this is the one for you!

Hanging Storage Rail

hanging rail ikea 2023

Forget the wall shelves! Do you like industrial decor? This KUNGSFORS hanging rail can store all kitchen utensils and look great at the same time. It costs $120/€94/£74, is made of stainless steel and is captivating!

Kitchen Island

kitchen island trends 2023

The VADHOLMA kitchen island ($799/€699/£549) is well worth its price. If you have a large kitchen and don’t want to bother with empty space, here is a practical and trendy solution that you will love!

Living Room Trends 2023

armchair ikea 2023

The living room is probably the room in which we spend the most time. This is our space for work, relaxation or meals. So why not make it functional and comfortable while giving it the aesthetic it deserves? They say the room we spend the most time in should be the one that relaxes our mind and makes us feel good. So, let’s talk about IKEA fall 2023 novelties for the living room!

Natural Footrest

footstool ikea collection fall 2023

If you are looking for a coffee table or a footstool for your living room, look no further! The GAMLEHULT natural footstool costs $99/€99.95/£99. It is made of rattan and fits perfectly with any type of arrangement.

Floor Lamp for The Living Room

floor lamp base brass ikea

The ÅRSTID floor lamp (/$69/€69.99/£60) is honestly one of our favorite pieces! Its beautiful simplicity allows it to adapt to any type of decor and its vintage look is enchanting. The ideal complement to give your living room a warm look!

2-Seater Armchair

2 seater armchair ikea 2023

The BACKSÄLEN armchair ($449/€299/£319) is available in three colors: white, gray and beige. It is extremely comfortable, as it is larger than most armchairs and can even accommodate two people. If you want to snuggle up with your partner or anyone else after a long day’s work, this is the place to be!

IKEA 2023 Sofa

ikea three seater sofa

The EKTORP green sofa ($849/€499/£599) can accommodate three people and is available in 16 colors! The cushions are thick enough and the covers are easy to change. It’s the perfect sofa for relaxing after work!

Kallax Shelf

kallax shelf ikea

The star of the IKEA collection throughout the year is undoubtedly the KALLAX shelf ($199/€159/£115)! Very functional and adaptable to all rooms in the house, it serves both for storage and decoration.

ikea kallax shelf 2023

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Trendy Bathroom Decor 2023

white washbasin cabinet ikea 2023

The bathroom is the most neglected room in our homes. Since we don’t spend a lot of time there, we don’t usually make it very functional and we don’t decorate it. To have more storage, make it more beautiful and trendier and feel good in the shower or during your skin care routine, discover our favorites!

Mirror Cabinet

mirror cabinet bathroom furniture ikea fall 2023

Why settle for a mirror, when it is possible to get a mirror with storage? The HEMNES mirror cabinet ($249/€139/£129) is beautiful and has everything you need close at hand.

Washbasin Cabinet

ikea fall 2023 bathroom furniture

The HEMNES/ODENSVIK washbasin cabinet (€378/£345) is perfect for a minimalist bathroom. Its design is timeless and it is available in two colors: white and grey. Its simplicity allows it to adapt to any type of bathroom layout.

Stool with Storage

stool with storage ikea

Who knew you needed a stool in the bathroom? The VILTO Storage Stool ($79/€45/£40) lets you sit back and relax while multitasking. It can hold your towels, toilet paper or newspapers!

Bamboo Shelf

bathroom bamboo shelf

The RÅGRUND bamboo shelf ($129/€54.99/£70) is quite small and therefore does not take up much space, but on the other hand, it can store all the essentials in the bathroom. Don’t forget to decorate with bathroom plants to add some color and freshness!

Box with Lid

box with lid ikea fall 2023 bathroom accessories

Already have a place to put all your toiletries, but they always seem to get mixed up and create a mess? No problem! The GODMORGON Box with Lid costs just $19.99/€14.99/£13 and comes in packs of 5.

boxex with lids bathroom ikea 2023

Bedroom Novelties IKEA Fall 2023

ikea collection fall 2023 bedroom

Finally, the bedroom is the most sacred space in the house. We go there to sleep, relax and forget the stressful days, letting ourselves be lulled by the happiness of comfort. If your bedroom still doesn’t give you that feeling, let us fix it. Here are four essentials that will make your days and nights cozy. Get the hygge feeling for less and create your own cocooning paradise!

IKEA Bed Frame

bed frame ikea 2023

Among the IKEA fall 2023 novelties, you can find sublime bed frames! The SAGSTUA Bed Frame ($309/€259/£239) comes in black and is the perfect vintage addition to your bedroom.

Combined Wardrobe

affordable closet organizer bedroom storage systems ikea

Are you a practical person? Do you favor functionality over trends? Even if the JONAXEL combined wardrobe ($281.96/€215.98/£204) does not surprise with its enchanting beauty, it is undoubtedly one of the most practical items you can own. It can hold all your clothes and accessories and will look great in an industrial bedroom.

IKEA 2023 Collection: Stackable Bed

stackable bed ikea 2023

Do you often receive guests, but you do not have enough space to install two beds in the same room? No problem! IKEA 2023 fall collection presents the amazing UTÅKER stackable bed ($279/€199/£199) which can be used as a sofa by day and two beds by night.

Laptop Table

small laptop table side table 2023

Do you like to be on your PC when you’re in bed? Watch YouTube videos , write or play games? Then the VITTSJÖ laptop table ($39.99/€34.99/£29) will make your experience even more enjoyable!




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