5 Pieces You Don’t Want to Miss from IKEA Nytillverkad Collection Part 3

by Kremy

IKEA is probably the most famous manufacturer of affordable furniture in the world. Celebrating its 80th anniversary, the company has developed a new colorful collection based on iconic furniture pieces from the 1950s to the 1990s. Here are the pieces that you don’t want to miss from the ikea Nytillverkad collection, part 3!

Ikea Nytillverkad Collection Part 3

5 pieces you dont want to miss from ikea nytillverkad collection part 3

Those who follow trends are aware that retro interiors have become increasingly popular in recent years, and many people choose this style as it provides the perfect opportunity to add character and style to their homes. With the Nytillverkad collection, IKEA returns to its roots and accents on furniture design that is simple, functional and playful. The new part of the collection features the aesthetics of the 60s and 70s with soft rugs and furniture in bold shapes and colors.

“That is why we decided to bring back a selection of our design icons, and we are excited to see interest coming from customers of all ages, especially young people who are discovering our design legacy and using these vibrant solutions to express themselves at home. To us, these products are the essence of democratic design: they are timeless, as they combine a beautiful form, a great function, sustainability, an affordable price, and quality that lasts long,” Johan Ejdemo, Global Design Manager, IKEA of Sweden says in a press release.

ikea 80th anniversary collection nytillverkad

IKEA Nytillverkad collection part 3 is created in bold, bright green, yellow, cobalt blue, and black and stunning, lively patterns. The symbiosis of retro charm and a modern twist creates a special vibe that reflects the needs of the 21st century reality and, at the same time, offers an unpretentious, youthful look.

ikea nytillverkad collection part 3

The third part of Ikea’s 80th-anniversary collection presents a number of timeless designs in new colors and materials, adapted to meet the needs of the current lifestyle. IKEA Nytillverkad collection part 3 will be available in stores in January 2024, and these are the pieces that you wouldn’t want to miss!

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DYVLINGE Swivel Armchair

dyvlinge swivel armchair ikea anniversary collection nytillverkad

Introduced in 1967 as MILA, the armchair now comes in a modern look and has received an extra leg for increased stability, which improves safety and helps avoid accidents. Designed by Gillis Lundgren, the sitting position is low and relaxing. The upgraded armchair now has 5 legs on a star-shaped cross base. The base is made of steel and the chrome plating gives it a sleek look. DYVLINGE Swivel armchair will be offered in black and green colors.

SOTENÄS Armchair from IKEA Nytillverkad Collection

sotenÄs armchair ikea nytillverkad collection part 3

Another iconic design by Gillis Lundgren was launched in 1969 as PUCK. In Nytillverkad collection it is called SOTENÄS and has kept the tubular underframe, which is now yellow instead of white.

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baggboda side table ikea

Designed by Karin Mobring in 1971, the iconic CROMI table was inspired by the Bauhaus movement. Karin Mobring was a very productive designer and developed about one hundred products for IKEA.

ikea baggboda side table nytillverkad collection

Retaining the original silhouette of the CROMI, BAGGBODA side table returns 50 years after its first appearance in white and yellow colors with a chrome-plated frame.


bullerremsa rug ikea nytillverkad collection

The BULLERREMSA rug is all about coziness. It has the groovy look of the 1958 EPOK rug, and evokes associations of a relaxed home where you can rest after a long, hard day. The magnificent cobalt blue, black and white colors of the BULLERREMSA rug merge into one another in a spectacular way and create a flowing pattern that offers a new look on geometry shapes.


skogstundra vase ikea collection nytillverkad

Designed by Ehlén Johansson who started her career as an intern at IKEA in 1984, the OPTIMUM vase was originally in the 1995 IKEA catalogue and was made from matte glazed flintware. “If asked to design a new vase, I would have started from scratch. With SKOGSTUNDRA I could begin where my old design left off and improve it.”, says Ehlén Johansson.

skogstundra vase black ikea collection nytillverkad

And it is true, the design stands out with its perfect simplicity and functionality. The black SKOGSTUNDRA vase has a high neck, and its matte finish will complement any contemporary home interior. The green version is absolutely beautiful, and if you need a pop of fresh color in a room, go for it!

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