IKEA Nytillverkad Collection – Stunning Affordable Redesigns of Timeless Furniture Pieces!

by Stephanie Yankova

In 2023 IKEA is turning 80! To celebrate their legacy, they’ve launched the nostalgia-packed IKEA Nytillverkad Collection! They’re bringing back some of the most iconic furniture pieces they’ve put out between the 50s and 80s. This collection is scheduled to drop in 4 parts, the first of which has just been released! Which products should you add to your cart? Let’s browse through the pieces you absolutely shouldn’t miss!

IKEA Nytillverkad Collection Part 1 – A Vibrant Blast From The Past

ikea nytillverkad 80 year anniversary collection kulturskog plant stand

 Credits: Ikea

The first part of the limited edition Nytillverkad collection was first teased in April and has just hit the online stores! The IKEA team has made a deep dive into the company’s archive to dig out some of the most iconic pieces of each era! The collection explores vibrant colors, clean lines, practicality and timeless design. This table was initially designed in 1957 as a plant stand. However, currently under the name KULTURSKOG we see new uses and potential to be utilized in various ways!


80 year anniversary collection ikea nytillverkad domsten stool 3 colors pastel purple green orange


The iconic DOMSTEN stool from 973 gets a vibrant redesign that’s going to add the perfect touch to color to your home! The new version of this stool has been upgraded with high-density steel, which is a step towards the more sustainable approach that the company is trying to achieve.

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The LOVBACKEN Coffee Table

ikea nytillverkad lovbacken coffee table orange vintage collection 80 year anniversary

It’s interesting to know that the LOVBACKEN (first known as the LOVET) was IKEA’s first flat-pack furniture piece! This table comes in 3 fabulous colors – orange, blue and light green, with brass leg elements. If you’re looking for a new colorful addition to your home, this table is definitely not one to miss! Especially with its bargain price which is only $100!


ikea nytillverkad vintage collection kantdracena bedsheets

What’s truly iconic about these bedsheets is that the pattern dates all the way back to the 80s! Originally under the name of BLADHULT, this was one of Sven Fristed’s most iconic patterns of that era!


ikea new vintage collection bondskaret yellow hanger stand

Dating all the way back to 1978 under the name SMED, this standing hanger was a game-changer for its time! It fits perfectly in every corner and completely utilizes vertical clothing storage. In this new collection under the name of BONDSKARET, the stand comes in 3 colors – bright yellow, black and lilac.

IKEA Nytillverkad Collection Part 2 – Orange Disco Haven

ikea nytillverkad collection 80 year anniversary second drop 2023

The second part of the Nytillverkad collection is set to release in October and we’ve just received the first look at the products. It pays homage to IKEA collections from the 70s and 80s and comes in a stunning color scheme of bright orange, raspberry purple, red and brown. Here are some of the most exciting pieces to look out for!#

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holmsjÖ stool ikea nytillverkad 2 vintage collection 80 year anniversary 2023

First released in 1963 under the name DOLE, this modern reimagination of the stool is an absolute home essential! The sleek design combines wooden legs with a soft leather cushion which gives it an elegant and timeless appearance. The stool has a wide seat, which guarantees comfort when you sit on it for a long period of time.


ikea nytillverkad 2 skÅlboda armchair black 80 year anniversary collection

In the 80s the founder of IKEA had a request for a chair that’s designed for quick and affordable manufacturing. Designer Niels Gammelgaar designed this sleek, structured chair in 1983 which was then the cheapest of all so-called “easy” chairs at the IKEA stores. In this release, you’ll be able to purchase this chair in two timeless colors – black and orange.

JARLASA Side Table

jÄrlÅsa side table ikea nytillverkad 2 80 year anniversary vintage furniture collection

This side table dates back to 1984 under its original name HOFF. First designed and manufactured as a foldable table, in this new release it is supported by two metal hinges on the sides for more durability. It may look fragile, but this stand can support up to 100kg! It’s an extremely versatile product which can be used everywhere from the kitchen, to the bathroom and even the garage! You’ll be able to purchase it in two colors – white and orange.


havsfjäder lampshade ikea nytillverkad 2 80 year anniversary collection vintage furniture pieces

The story behind this lampshade is rather interesting. While IKEA is incredibly meticulous when it comes to their archives, no prototypes were to be found of the then-called CIRKEL. It wasn’t until a member of the team found the original shade at a flea market that were actually able to replicate the design! In this upcoming collection, you will be able to purchase this iconic flat-packed lampshade made partially from recycled plastic. Don’t miss out on this historical relic, because you may not be able to get your hands on it again!

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