Experts Predict 6 of the Biggest 2024 Hair Trends, and They’re not What You Would Expect!

by Stephanie Yankova

The year of the butterfly cut, curtain bangs, y2k layers, French bob, and a whole array of other hairstyle trends – some new, some revived – is reaching its end! It’s time to update our mood boards, book our appointments, and say “hello” to the most exciting 2024 hair trends predictions! 

2024 Hair Trends: Experts’ Predictions

90s bob effortless waves trendy hairstyle idea shor hair 2024

We had a whirlwind of a year with endless beauty trends. Voluminous 90s cuts, lots of layers, every possible type of bangs you can imagine, animal-inspired hairstyles and so much more. You’re probably wondering, “What other hairstyles could possibly be invented that we haven’t seen yet”?  The world of beauty is unpredictable, however, we decided to get one step ahead and reached out to a few experts who shared their inspirations and predictions for what they believe would be the most sought-after haircuts of 2024! Spoiler alert – it’s big chop time!

Micro Bangs

italian bob micro bangs trendy medium length hairstyle 2024

How short is too short? These micro bangs are giving SO much face, so you better serve, honey! If you’re not one to shy away from an edgy cut, this makeover is bound to take your self-confidence to a whole new level. Who does it suit? It’s an excellent choice for those with an oval, round, or inverted triangle face. If you have an angular-shaped face, opt for side-swept baby bangs.

Soft Shaggy Layers

soft shaggy layers wispy bangs medium length hair trends 2024

Did anyone say volume? If you want your hair to look perfectly undone with minimal effort at all times, then you’re an ideal candidate for a soft shaggy layer cut. It will give you lots of volume at the crown and movement at the ends, and all you need to keep it in shape is a texturing spray!

Short 90s Bob

90s bob short hair trends 2024

If there is one classic hairstyle that we can never get tired of seeing (or wearing) it’s the super cropped 90s bob. Chin-grazing, effortless, and super chic, this is the ultimate cool girl hairdo that will make your life so much easier by cutting the time you spend in front of the mirror in the morning in half!

Edgy Pixie

modern edgy pixie haircut trends 2024 women

The pixie is a statement. It’s a rebellion against social constructs and narrow-minded, toxic beauty standards. Edgy, subversive, and unapologetically bold, this is a hairstyle for women who aren’t afraid to provoke. Do you feel like 2024 is about to be your year? This ‘main character’ hairdo is surely a good place to start.

Jellyfish Haircut

jellyfish haircut long hair bright orange money pieces trendy hairstyle 2024

While we’re on the topic of avant-garde hairstyles, this abstract anime-esque chop is certainly one that can’t go unnoticed. If you’re split between keeping your long locks and getting a bob, the jellyfish haircut offers you both! As controversial as it may seem, according to recent Pinterest stats, this is going to be one of the most sought-after hairstyles for 2024.

Effortless Waves

efforless waves long scandi blond hair trends 2024

Enough with the unconventional haircuts! The effortless Scandi waves remain a safe and easy hairstyle option for those who prefer to stick to minimal-effort classic chic look.

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