The Chest of Drawers – a Versatile Piece of Furniture for Every Room

by Kremy

Since humans first created the chest of drawers, it has been reinvented to adapt to various interiors and uses. Traditionally, we used the chest to store undergarments, socks, and other foldable clothing that we would not hang in a closet. Therefore, most chests of drawers have lived in the bedroom.

The Chest of Drawers a Versatile Piece of Furniture

As creative creatures do, we have found many uses for a chest of drawers over the years, and they have moved into other rooms in the home. So let’s take a look at a few ways and reasons why using a chest of drawers as something other than intended is a wonderful option.

Replace Your Bedside Tables with a Chest of Drawers

Replace Your Bedside Tables with modern Chests of Drawers


If you have ample space on either side of your bed, try filling it in with a small chest of drawers instead of bedside tables. The low sitting, three drawer chest is the perfect companion for all of your bedside activities. Are you not convinced and believe you still need a traditional bedside table? Then let’s go over why this option works and will be a better fit.

For one, you’ll use the space on the sides of your bed for more practical purposes. A chest of drawers maximizes the space well by adding surface and drawer storage to the room. Bedside tables typically only provide enough surface space for a lamp, but the tiny chest will provide a place to store your reading glasses, a cup of water, and drawers for your reading materials.

That means you can also cut down on adding large pieces of furniture to the room. With two three-drawer chests on each side of your bed, you have added six drawers to your room. That means you may longer need a tall dresser that will take up floor space you’d rather use for your morning exercise routine.

As a result, your room feels more spacious, and the lack of clutter makes it easier to move around the room. You also have storage where you really need it.

use a chest of drawers as a nightstand

Standard-sized bedside tables in primary bedrooms are often too small to fill the space and serve your needs. They’re quickly filled with little things you need to keep nearby when in bed, but do they keep everything you need?

Hand creams, medication, notepads, books, and other items won’t fit in a standard bedside table. But with a chest of drawers, they easily have a place they can be tucked away. It’s a great way to declutter the space and keep it neatly organized.

As with any space, you want to keep the look cohesive, and correct proportions play a huge role in this design element. If you have a large king or queen-sized bed, small bedside tables will cause the room to feel disjointed.

You can even out the look with two chests of drawers on each side of the large bed. The overall proportions of the room are much more aesthetically pleasing with the chests. At the right height and width, they will balance out the space. Find the right chests for sale at 1StopBedrooms.

Low or narrow bedside tables can get drowned out by the larger bed, especially once lush bedding is added, which increases the height of the bed to the eye. Chests of drawers work much better in the space than typical bedside tables.

Can You Place a Chest of Drawers in the Living Room?

chest of drawers in living room blue white interior

The versatility of a chest of drawers means that you can also use it in the living or family room. There’s no need to believe you can only use the dresser in the bedroom for clothing. Here are a few ways to incorporate it into the living or family room’s design.

They make great end tables. The three-drawer chest can sit on the ends of your sofa or ground the space between two chairs. Keep remote controls stored in the drawers and lamps on the surface.

A longer dresser can be used as a sofa table. Sit one of equal height behind the sofa to display family photos and use the drawers to keep photo albums, scrapbooks, and other family mementos you don’t want to lose. If you often host game nights, use a chest to store puzzles and board games.

Place a Chest of Drawers in the Living Room

Do you need an entertainment center? Then a low sitting, wide chest of drawers can hold the television on its surface and electronic accessories in its drawers.

Now, let’s go to the kitchen, where the chest of drawers will work with any style you currently have. Many believe it’s best for farmhouse or cottage-style kitchens, but with the correct placement, it’s perfect for any kitchen.

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect sideboard, find a low chest and place it in the dining room. The drawers can hold the flatware, and you can place serving dishes on top for buffet-style dinners. A smaller chest can be used as a dessert station while storing seasonal decorations.

The Chest of Drawers is a Versatile Furniture Piece for Every Room in the House

Versatile Furniture Piece for Every Room in the House Chest of Drawers

You can use a simple chest of drawers to set up a coffee station in the kitchen. You can place mugs, spoons, pods, stirrers, and more in the drawers while the coffee machine sits on top. If you prefer to drink tea throughout the day, it makes a great tea station.

Place hooks and rails on the sides, and you’ll have a cute kitchen island for potholders and kitchen utensils you constantly need.

Are you working from home? Then you need extra space to store projects and files you’re working on. Put a chest of drawers to work and let it keep your office supplies and important paperwork safe. The office rules don’t confine your style, so decorate your space with the furniture you love.

Do you need a place to store the tools you need for hobbies and crafts? What about materials to wrap birthday, graduation, and anniversary gifts? Use a chest of drawers for your scissors, ribbons, scotch tape, tags, and painting supplies.

If you sew, knit, or enjoy needlepoint, these furniture pieces are perfect for storing all of your supplies. So visit the site today and find one to bring home.



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