Ho Ho Ho! It’s time for 2022 red Christmas nails! Here are our 30 ideas for parties in style

by Kremy

What Christmas 2022 nail art to choose to enhance your hands during the end of the year celebrations? A traditional pattern or a rather minimalist design? When it comes to choosing a new manicure, there is always hesitation and uncertainty. Yes, I understand you very well. To avoid the headaches once in a beauty salon, I have found for you the 30 most festive ideas to inspire you. So, don’t wait any longer and discover your next 2022 red Christmas nails in the gallery below!

nails Christmas 2022 snowflakes reindeer penguin long nails

2022 red Christmas nails: Which festive pattern to choose and welcome the holidays in style?

Snowflakes, Santa Claus, baubles and festive bows… there are quite a few festive nail designs to choose from. But before choosing your new Christmas nail art, I would like to give you a rather precious advice: do not forget to pamper your nails, as well as your cuticles. Home nail care is important! Don’t underestimate natural products like castor and argan oils that will work wonders for cuticles. Now, let’s take a look at the most famous designs before showing you the gallery of images.


Snowflakes are the top pattern of the holiday season, and they’re inviting themselves onto our nails in a very gentle way. In stickers, textured or simply drawn in a traditional way, they generally come in white and are associated with classic colors such as red and silver. So, choose a fantastic snowflake nail art this year!

Santa Claus:

The Santa Claus manicure really does allow all kinds of creative designs and it is suitable for both short nails and long nails. You can either choose his face or just his iconic belt in red and gold on a red and white base. Hit hat is also a good idea to consider for a Christmas French manicure.

The poinsettia invites itself on 2022 red Christmas nails

Red and lush, the poinsettia takes over our festive nails in 2022 to give them an unmistakable natural touch. Choose its traditional colors, namely red and green and add a touch of gold.

The Christmas tree: The essential pattern that should not be missed

The classic Christmas manicure features the tree in all its variations! Minimalist, richly decorated or glittery… the choice is yours.

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2022 red Christmas nails: 30 manicure ideas to unwrap your gifts in style

gel nail trend 2022 manicure Christmas canes


White and red for a traditional Christmas manicure

gel nail trend 2022 nail art Christmas red and white

Stiletto nails in red, white and gold to welcome Christmas…

red white and gold Christmas nails traditional festive manicure

… like it should be !

Christmas nails red and gold festive nail art 2022 long stiletto nails

Red and gold Christmas nails with classic patterns

2022 red Christmas nails festive manicure ideas

The Christmas tree and glitter are indispensable for the festive manicure

Christmas nails red and gold green tree festive manicure 2022

A symbol of Christmas, the poinsettia invites itself on our nails in 2022

Christmas nails red and gold nail art poinsettia

Santa’s hat in a playful French manicure version

French manicure Christmas hat of Santa Claus nail art

White and red for festive French nails

French manicure Christmas in red and white nail art minimalist

Snowflakes, candy canes and gingerbread cookies: the symbols of Christmas on the nails

2022 red Christmas nails ideas fake nails long snowflakes

Choose fake nails for large 3D decorations

Christmas manicure Santa Claus gifts and snowflakes red and white nail art

Santa Claus manicure also works on short nails

red and white Santa Christmas manicure festive nails 2022

Matte, glossy and textured finish for nails that look like the holidays

classic Christmas manicure in red and white snowflakes

Realistic Christmas nail art that looks frozen

2022 red Christmas nails snowflakes pattern

Textured patterns are especially popular at this time of year

easy and classic Christmas manicure in red and white short nails

The great classic: red and white on short nails

festive nail art 2022 on short nails reindeer christmas ball

Minimalist reindeer and snowflake on extra long nails

2022 red Christmas nails reindeer snowflakes

Ho Ho Ho! It’s time for 2022 red Christmas nails!

2022 red Christmas nails textured and shiny finish

Cute cherries in full harmony with the festive colors

nail art Christmas 2022 red and white on short nails

2022 red Christmas nails with a minimalist design

chic Christmas nail art 2022 red and white on coffin nails

Short nails can also have a beautiful festive decorations

Christmas nail art in red and white with snowflakes

Red nails are always in style

2022 red christmas nails ideas

Snowflakes and Christmas gifts – a fabulous Christmas nail design

2022 red Christmas nails glamorous ideas snowflakes gift

2022 red Christmas nails ideas for all types of nail shapes

christmas nail designs 2022 ideas

Rhinestones add glamor to your manicure

glamorous red christmas nails 2022

Stylish and festive Christmas nail art

red Christmas nails 2022 ideas for short nails

Combine different nail art techniques for your festive manicure

red Christmas nails 2022

Winter nail art for short nails

Red Christmas Nails white decoration 2022

Glamorous Christmas nail art ideas

stylish elegant 2022 red Christmas nails

Shiny and textured nail finish

the best christmas nail designs 2022

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