Quick and easy Christmas nail art: 10+ tutorials and ideas for a successful festive manicure!

by Kremy

After giving our nails a makeover in the colors of fall, make way for the magic of Christmas! Red manicure with green elements, sequins, rhinestones… We can’t wait to get them! Whether you go to a nail salon or do your own nail art, here you will find 15 great ideas and easy, simple, but impressive tutorials for the holiday season. Are you ready? So let’s go! Check our inspiring selection of easy Christmas nail art!

Quick and easy Christmas nail art: Which design to choose?

easy nail art for the end of year holidays

You have a wide range of nail decorations to choose from, but the question is how festive you want to be. Will you go for the classic red elements or will you prefer something minimalist in nude or forest green? If you’re not sure yet, check out the list below. We are sure it will inspire you. You will find how to make a Christmas hat, snowflakes, a Christmas tree and many other ideas. Let’s go!

Decoupage Nail decoration

decoupage on nails


You don’t have to be a pro to pull off such a beautiful nail design. You just need a nice themed paper napkin. The procedure is simple:

  1. First, buff and shape your nails.
  2. To protect them, apply a base coat of varnish.
  3. Then cut out a Christmas detail from the napkin, small enough to fit your nail.
  4. It’s time to apply it. For this you will need decoupage glue. Apply a thin layer to your nails, then place the napkin over it. Cover with another layer of glue.
  5. When it’s dry, apply a top coat to fix your Christmas manicure well.

Easy Christmas nail art for beginners

how to do a christmas manicure step by step

Getting a pretty manicure can be a breeze. The proof is in the photo above. By following this simple tutorial, you can have minimalist Christmas nails in no time. In addition, this candy cane nail art is perfect for short nails. For a super trendy look, try applying the so-called “Italian manicure” technique. This will make your fingers look thinner and your nails – longer.

how to do a christmas tree manicure tutorial

If your arm is shaking when you try to do a Christmas design, then try this DIY manicure. Using washi tape, you can draw perfect lines. When you’re ready, remove it and let the polish dry. Then glue a small star on top and apply a top coat.

Find inspiration for your Christmas Nail art

easy manicure for Christmas stiletto nails


An easy way to draw Santa Claus on your nails

easy christmas nail art how to make santa claus manicure

White and red nails are an everlasting classic that you can always count on!

christmas manicure 2022 gel nails red white

If you want to try something different, combine matte green with gold.

easy nail art for Christmas 2022

Do you want an elegant and cocooning Christmas manicure? This nail art is perfect for you!

easy christmas nail art with neutral colors

Drawing a gift on your nails is very easy. Take a thin brush and try!

easy christmas nail art gift in white and gold

Here is another green Christmas nail art idea.

easy Christmas nail art green color

Decorate your French manicure with Santa’s hat.

easy Christmas nail art in white and red


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