What to plant in December? Find some of the best perennial plants and flowers that can handle the cold weather!

by Gabby

I know that your gardens may not look like you want it in the winter. A lot of fallen leaves, many dry branches, require you to get to work! You can turn things around very easily by planting some hardy annuals or perennial plants and flowers. You need to keep the beautiful, clean ambiance of your garden. Gardens need special care during this time of the year, pretty much as we do. Grab your gardening boots and let’s see what to plant in December! What are the perennial plants and flowers that you absolutely need in your garden? Let’s find out!

What to plant in December? Perennial plants and flowers that will survive the cold!

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Don’t we want our garden to look stunning during spring and summer? Those gorgeous bright colors that adorn this space and those floral scents are my favorite thing. But what should we plant in the winter, so we can enjoy it a few springs in a row? There are several plants and flowers we can add to our garden. You should know that potting in winter can have its risks. Only some of these plants can accommodate. You have to take into consideration your soil and how much time you have to put in the effort. Temperature is also very important. Some plants want more heat than others. At this time of year, either a seedling heating pad or a temperate windowsill with excellent light but out of direct sunshine are suitable. You can have a look on how to prepare the soil in your garden for new plants. Let’s have a look at some of the best hardy annuals and perennials to plant!

1. Snapdragons – the ideal perennial/annual plant

snapdragons annuals perennials plants gardening housekeeping what to plant in december


Just look at these wonderful flowers that transfer you to a fairytale world! The name of this flower is snapdragon, and it comes from its very shape, which resembles a dragon’s nose. These flowers are a beautiful memory of my childhood when we used to play with them, because they open when you snap their tiny “jaws”. We made different sounds and had fun. If you want a flower that will really stand up to the cold weather, you need a snapdragon in the garden. You can also find them by their botanical name, which is Antirrhinum majus. How do they grow? I’ll grow somewhere up to 4 feet. When the heat starts in the summer they stop blooming. Check out the characteristics!

Characteristics of the Snapdragon:

  • Soil type – They need neutral soil PH, and it should be well-drained. If you want them to last longer, you should add organic matter.
  • Light – They are not pretentious when it comes to light. They can grow in full sunlight or partial shade. Snapdragons stop blooming in the hot summer days.
  • Water – Regular watering is a must once the soil is dry. However, when you first grow them, make sure there is 1 inch of water per week.
  • Temperature – They prefer cooler temperature and can really handle the freezing weather.
  • Types – Madame Butterfly, Tutti Frutti, Rocket series and others

2. Let’s plant Osmanthus fragrans in December!

what to plant in december perennial plants and flowers how to take care of them gardening

Do you want your garden to smell like expensive perfume? Try planting the Osmanthus fragrans or as you may have heard of it Fragrant Tea Olive. It is considered a small tree. It is certainly famous with its gorgeous sweet fragrance, this is where the name comes from. The Fragrant Tea Olive will not grow fast, but rather develop its roots slowly. Let’s find out what are the characteristics!

Characteristics of Osmanthus fragrans:

  • Soil type – This plant requires moist, well-drained soil. It should also be acidic to neutral.
  • Light – Fragrant Tea olive need a lot of sunlight. If you live somewhere with very hot summer weather, you should consider creating a shade for the afternoons.
  • Water – It does not require a lot of watering, we can say that its needs are average. For the first year, it should be watered more.
  • Temperature – It can handle the cold winter weather and the frost. It does perfectly well in humid weather.
  • Types – Apricot Gold, Butter Yellow, Orange Supreme and others

3. What to plant in December? Try Hellebore (Christmas rose)!

gardening in december hellebore what to plant ideas tips house and garden housekeeping

This elegant plant is called Hellebore, and it is also known as the Christmas rose. This plant is seen in very different vibrant colors, and it is famous with this tiny stained dots on the leaves. It may be called a rose, but the flower has no smell. Some people believe that the plant has these powers to keep your house from evil spirits, if you plant it in the front. How can you grow it? Let’s find out!

Characteristics of the Hellebore:

  • Soil type – For the plant to grow, you will absolutely need to add organic matter. It grows best in neutral to alkaline soil.
  • Light – They require partial to full shade to grow properly. If you have a tree in your garden, the ideal place to plant it would be around it, because of the shade.
  • Water – If the soil is moist for too long, the plant can rot. Be careful and keep that in mind, when you are watering it.
  • Temperature – They can tolerate humidity, and harsh cold weather. If the winds are too wild, you should protect them.
  • Types – Anna’s red, Angel glow, Amber gem, Winter jewels, and others

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