Feathered long bob hairstyles 2022:Top 13 most gorgeous picks for the trendy haircut

by Kristiyana

November has passed, and we can finally welcome the most festive month of the year—December! With the coming of December we welcome the winter season, and with every new season comes a time for novelties. Personally, whenever a new year or season arrives, I feel like experimenting with my looks. Whether it comes to trying new makeup trends, or wearing something not in my usual style, life is for doing new things, wouldn’t you say? For this winter season, I am thinking of changing my hair. I want to have a fresh and stylish look for the upcoming holidays, but without going to extremes to maintain it. Something chic, but easygoing at the same time. Any ideas? Why don’t we look through the top 13 most gorgeous picks for feathered long bob hairstyles 2022?! Let’s go girls!

1. Brunette feathered long bob hairstyle

feathered long bob hairstyles_brunette lob haircut

Let’s start our picks by first looking at this fabulous brunette long bob hairstyle! This long bob haircut (also knows as a lob) is a little bit longer on one side, with adds some retro vibes to this trendy hairdo. The angled asymmetrical brunette lob is perfect for anyone who likes to spice things up a bit with an already wide-known modern hairstyle.

2. Caramel ends feathered long bob

layered lob_feathered long bob hairstyles


Oh, this is definitely one of my favourite picks! If you want to add some additional style and chic to your feathered long bob haircut, opt for caramel ends! Getting this soft feminine colour for your hair ends will make you look even more trendy and fabulous!

3. Blonde feathered long bob haircut

blonde lob_feathered long bob

In need of more ideas on feathered long bob hairstyles? Alright! This one is for the blondes, I know you are out there! Get the feathered long bob if you want a low-maintenance haircut, which will also make your hair look more voluminous.

4. Curled feathered long bob hairstyle

curled long bob_curled lob

We have mostly been going through wavy takes on the feathered long bob hairstyle, but no one said it wouldn’t look gorgeous curled up! This hairstyle is suitable for all hair types, so if you have natural curly hair, or just like to curl it up now and then, the feathered long bob will look great either way.

5. Peekaboo lob with long feathered bangs

bob with highlights_bob highlights hairstyle

Peekaboo colouring is a technique that involves dyeing the under layer of your hair. Whenever you flip it, or run your fingers though the hair, the dyed layer “peeks” through, hence the name. This look here displays long feathered curtain bangs that fall in the front of the lob.

6. Silver feathered lob hairstyle

silver long bob_gray long bob

Any fans of the silver hair colour? I though so! Silver or gray hairstyles are so in this year. It’s not just mature women that wear them, but a lot of younger girls are sporting the silver hair colour as well! Combine two hairstyle trends by going for the feathered lob and dyeing it silver. Such a stunning look!

7. Long bob with blonde highlights

blonde feathered long bob_blonde lob with layeres

Get the fabulous low-maintenance feathered long bob and add blonde highlights to make the look even more striking! Who is up for trying it?

8. Ruby red feathered long bob

ruby red hair_red long bob hairstyles

Speaking of striking feathered long bob hairstyles, this one is certainly to die for! For any red heads out there like me, why not give a go at this ruby red colour and cut your hair into a long feathered long bob?! This haircut will have heads turning like crazy as you walk by.

9. Bleached blonde feathered lob

bleached blonde hairstyles_medium lenght hairstyles

For anyone who enjoys the bleached blonde hair colour, combine it with the feathered lob look and achieve this outrageous 70s glamour! What’s not to like here?

10. Brunette feathered lob with bangs

layered lob haircut_long bob haircuts

Want to go for a chic and feminine hairstyle? Choose the soft brunette feathered long bob haircut and add some bangs to achieve this lovely take on the hair trend.

11. Long bob with caramel highlights

feathered long bob_caramel hairstyles

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous caramel highlights hairstyle?! Add some extra chic to your feathered long bob by opting for these breathtaking creamy highlights.

12. Blonde feathered lob with bangs

long bob with bangs_long bob with bangs haircut

Sporting the feathered long bob look when you have blonde hair will also go great with bangs. Add some waves to your lengths to give yourself an even more natural and easygoing look.

13. Long feathered bob for thin hair

blonde wavy hairstyles_wavy hairstyles

And last but not least, the feathered long bob hairstyle is a great and easy way to make your hair appear thicker than it actually is. Often, natural blondes tend to have thinner hair, so the best way to make it appear more voluminous is to get this trendy feathered hairstyle!

I hope you all enjoyed our top 13 picks for feathered long bob hairstyles 2022! By now, you probably have some great ideas to share with your hair stylist for your next trip to the salon. Get your fabulous new hairstyle for the holidays and be the talk of the party. Have fun!

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