Work Christmas party outfit 2022:Best 13 work-appropriate and glamorous party outfits

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Christmas is right around the corner, and every year around this time work-related parties are planned all around the world. Whether it is going to be an office party, pub crawl, formal dining, etc. you need to have the perfect (and appropriate!) work Christmas party outfit for the occasion! Luckily for you, I had to pick out an outfit for myself, so I spent hours looking over various ideas and have gathered just the tips and ideas you need to get that promotion-worthy outfit! So girls, if you want to look your best this work Christmas party 2022, keep on reading to discover the best 13 ideas on work-appropriate and glamorous party outfits!

Leopard skirt work Christmas party outfit

ideas for christmas party outfits_formal christmas party outifts

Let’s start our fabulous picks on work Christmas party outfits 2022 with this stunning leopard skirt outfit! This look featuring a leopard pencil skirt, red turtleneck and black heels is perfect for an office party. You will abide by the appropriate work dress code, but at the same time look glamorous!

Formal velvet pants for your work party

holiday party outfits_winter party outfits

Are you in need of a comfy, but formal daytime winter party outfit? I got you covered! Go with a pair of classy velvet pants featuring an oversized jumper. A sequin or pearl jumper will be the perfect item to add some festive flair to your holiday outfit. Both comfortable and glamorous!

Tweed work Christmas party outfit 2022

work party outifts_formal work party wear

Who doesn’t love a good tweed outfit? Tweed is a great fabric to wear during cold weather, hence it can make the perfect Christmas work party outfit! Get the complete look with a tweed dress and jacket, and combine with polka dot tights, black heels and jewellery of your choice. You can even include a 2023 jewellery trend to look even more stylish!

Fancy winter cocktail party sparkly outfit

cocktail outfit_winter cocktail outift

The work party is going to be at a fancy bar? No problem! Get this look consisting of an eye-catching 80s-style sequin leopard print shoulder top, black slim jeans, high heels and stunning jewellery pieces. I am sure you will be the talk of the event when you wear this fab choice!

Office-friendly work Christmas party outfit

work party outfits_work christmas party outfit

Looking for another office-friendly work Christmas party outfit for 2022? Go for this chic monochrome palette wear! Not only will it be workplace-appropriate, but you will look gorgeous as well. Finish off the look with a pair of classic black pumps.

Bold cocktail jumpsuit for work party 2022

red formal jumpsuit_work christmas party outfit

If you want to go for a bolder look for your work Christmas party, choose the red cocktail jumpsuit as your wear! Complete with a pair of high heels in red, black, white, silver, or gold and hoop earrings. If the jumpsuit is short-sleeved like this one, add a blazer to the look in the same colour as the shoes.

Daytime Christmas work party red dress

formal red dress_red party dress

One of my favourite work holiday party outfits yet! And let me be frank, that I have about 7 or 8 dresses in red shades in my closet. Or were they 9 by now? The thing is that you can never go wrong by wearing a hot red dress like this one to an event. And look how the dress is flattering, but work appropriate at the same time!

Velvet blazer look for work Christmas party

black-pants-blazer-the_formal black outfit idea

What about going full-on black mode for your work Christmas party 2022? Get this classy look by wearing black culottes and a velvet blazer, and complete with a pair of high black heels. Just to die for!

Formal sequins-inspired work party outfit 2022

sequins outfit_sequins party outfit

Sequins are all the rage right now, and they will create an outstanding holiday party outfit for you! This outfit right here, featuring a pair of amazing blue sequin pants, are the perfect nighttime holiday wear for your formal work party. Is it promotion-worthy, what do you think?

Chic work-appropriate Christmas party outfit

grece ghanem_grece ghanem style

Don’t you just love Grece Ghanem?! She is the perfect example to prove that style is ageless, and you can always pull off a fashionable look! Wear her chic work-appropriate outfit to your office or casual Christmas party and have all eyes on you!

Velvet miniskirt holiday party outfit 2022

holiday-party-outfit_winter party outfit

Again, a perfect casual party look. Go for the velvet miniskirt outfit featuring an ivory-coloured jumper. Complete your winter holiday wear with a pair of long boots to keep you warm during your time outside.

Formal winter party red velvet dress 2022

winter formal party outfits_formal winter party outfits

This is by far my top choice! Told you I am a sucker for red dresses, and especially velvet ones! Stun everyone at your formal work Christmas party with this mesmerizing red velvet dress outfit. Complete the look with a pair of high black or silver heels.

Casual glam work Christmas party outfit

casual party outfit_casual party wear

And last but not least, if you are looking for a glam outfit, but also seemingly effortless, you can wear this look to your casual work Christmas 2022 party! All you need is a shiny blouse, a pair of black leather pants and gorgeous heels. You go get that promotion, girl!

I hope you loved these work-appropriate Christmas party outfits, and have already picked one to be your prize winner! So girls, get to shopping and stun all your colleagues this Christmas 2022!




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