Christmas craft activities for 10-year-olds: Easy and festive DIY ideas for kids!

by Anjelina

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year to be with family and friends. Often it is the memories of this holiday that last a lifetime. When we have children, it is important to involve them in the preparations for the holiday and give them small creative tasks. In fact, children can be much more innovative than us. That’s why it’s important to give them the opportunity to express their talents and develop their skills through fun crafts. And what better time to get creative than the winter holidays, when it’s cold outside and Christmas movies have already been watched several times? Roll up your sleeves, get your scissors and glue ready, and get inspired to create with your little helpers. We’ve prepared 4 ideas for Christmas craft activities for 10-year-olds to try this Christmas break!

Christmas craft activities for 10-year-olds

christmas craft activities for 10-year-olds painting on various objects smooth rocks

The craft activities for kids are a great way to arouse your kids’ interest for Christmas, traditions and faith! Whatever you decide to give them as a creative task, we’re sure they’ll put a lot of their pure positive energy into the things they make! Is there anything more adorable and heart-melting than giving a loved one a tree ornament made by your child’s hands? We think anyone would appreciate such a valuable gift! And it’s best if you get involved in the crafting, too, because you’ll get to spend precious time with your kids that way. And we are sure that they love being with you! This may even become a wonderful family Christmas tradition! But now let’s see our suggestions for Christmas craft activities for 10-year-olds!

Pasta ornaments for the Christmas tree

diy easy christmas tree ornaments from pasta gold decoration creative idea


Our first idea, which we’re sure the kids will love, is to make Christmas tree ornaments out of pasta. The large variety of pasta in different shapes allows children to give full rein to their imagination. Take out the pasta available and give the children the task of figuring out how to make ornaments for the Christmas tree – a star, a snowflake, and why not an angel! You will be surprised how many ideas they will come up with! Let them line their creations up on the surface in front of them, and then you help them glue everything together. It’s quickest and easiest with a hot glue gun, but in this case, it’s better for you to do it. Another idea is to use polymer clay glue. Once you’ve glued the parts together, let the kids color them as they wish with acrylic paints.

Christmas paintings on various objects

christmas craft activities for 10-year-olds painting on various objects wood slice smooth rocks

Our next idea is especially suitable for kids who like to paint a lot! You can give them the task to paint traditional symbols of Christmas or winter – a snowman, Christmas stockings, bells, gifts, etc. The interesting thing is that you won’t give them sheets of paper. You will provide other objects for them to paint on. This is where you have to get creative too! Well, we’ll help you out with a few ideas, of course! You can prepare wood slices, smooth river stones or round pebbles. And why not give them some old clock to paint on too! Just be aware that you need to apply varnish to it afterwards to preserve the painting for a long time! Acrylic paints are very suitable for painting on any surface, so children can use them for all objects to paint on.

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Handprint Christmas wreath

handprint christmas wreath craft idea for children hand outlines bow small ornaments

Our next creative suggestion involves teamwork. Let the children make a handprint Christmas wreath. Gather the children together and tell them that they need to trace their hand on a piece of paper. It is best if the paper is green, but if you don’t have any green sheets of paper, the children can color them with paints and wait to dry. Once they have outlined their hands, they should carefully cut along the outline. They need to repeat this several times until they have enough hands for the wreath. Here comes your part – draw a circle about 12 inches (30 cm) in diameter on a piece of cardboard. You also need to draw a smaller one inside the large one so that you get a nice base for the wreath. Start gluing all the hands onto the base, and if the children wish, they can cut out small decorative elements to glue on as well. Finish the Christmas wreath with a beautiful bow!

DIY snow globe

jar full of magic diy snow globe tree waterproof glue glycerine distilled water artificial snowflakes and small figurines

Create a beautiful and romantic jar full of magic. It is best to work together with the child. For this you will need a glass jar, waterproof glue, glycerine, distilled water, artificial snowflakes and small figurines of Christmas trees, fairy tale characters or animals. Glue the figurines to the inside of the jar lid and let the glue dry thoroughly. Put the artificial snowflakes or glitter in the jar and pour distilled water and glycerine inside, but don’t fill to the brim with liquid! Coat the edges of the lid with glue and close it tightly. Optionally, you can add ribbons or other decoration on the outside.

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