Easy Halloween costumes: 10 last minute ideas to make you look remarkably!

by Gabby

There are a few days left before Halloween is finally here. Most of the time we want to go all over the top for our Halloween costumes, because let’s be honest, this time of the year is all about that, however we are very busy with our day-to-day life. With a blink of an eye, the 31st of October will be here, and we have no idea what to wear! Do not worry, I got you! This year, I would like to do something simple but still be in the spirit of this holiday. The good thing is we have so many options to choose from. There are costumes all about the makeup, couple costumes, cosplay costumes or if you and your girls want to do something together this year – you can! Let’s check out these 20 ideas, so we can look remarkably, even at the last minute!

10 Easy Halloween costumes ideas to try this year

easy halloween costumes 2022 party halloween last minute costume

First things first, let’s figure out what kind of costume would you want to wear this time. Are you doing a couple’s costume? Or you and your bestie want to plan something together? You want to go solo for this year’s Halloween? Another thing you have to consider, since the costume is last minute, is what you have in your closet that you can use. Like that, you are going to make things very easy for you. If you have a wig from last year, why not use it? You can just change the hairstyle. With these 20 ideas that you are going to see, your Halloween costume will be effortless, but still amazing!

1. The one and only – Morticia Addams

easy halloween costumes ideas 2022 morticia adams


Why not dressing like the icon itself – Morticia Addams? If you think about iconic movies, or characters related to Halloween, one of the things that will probably pop in your head will be Family Addams. You can get so many costume inspirations from the movie. Here, you are going to need a long black dress, long black wig and a rose. I think this is simple, but it will make you look absolutely remarkable!

2. The Red Riding Hood

easy halloween costumes ideas 2022 red riding hood

The Red Riding Hood is not a Halloween classic, but still a classic. You are simply going to need a long red cape, a basket and comfy shoes. If you want your costume to be a bit more elegant, you can put some heels on.

3. Mad Max from Stranger Things

mad max stranger things halloween costume idea 2022

If you want to be trendy, but there is no time to prepare, check out Max costume from Stranger things! It does not require much – denim shorts, a t-shirt and a skateboard. If you are not a redhead, you might need a wig as well. If you want to do it the scary, spooky way, you can do Max costume from the scene in season 4, where she is levitating. You will need all white contact lenses and let the scares begin! If you want your house to match your costume, check this Levitating Max Halloween decoration!

4. Easy Halloween costumes – Emily in Paris will give you inspiration!

emily in paris halloween costume ideas last minute easy

Speaking of trendy TV shows, there is no way you missed the viral series Emily in Paris on Netflix. The character was living almost every girl’s dream. She has so many looks on the show for you to choose from. She was iconic for making crazy color combinations, but somehow it worked! Oui, oui, mon cheri!

5. Harry Potter themed costumes – Expecto patronum!

harry potter easy costumes idea 2022 family costume trendy

There is no Halloween that has passed, without me watching Harry Potter movies! It became such a tradition that we make a movie marathon with my friends, and we even bought wands. We love being extra, when it comes to Harry Potter. Put the Sorting Hat on and tell me, which house would it be – Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw?

6. Easy Halloween costumes, but make it iconic – Medusa


@katiefarhood another tutorial🐍 #halloweencostumeideas#halloweencostume#halloweenlook#medusa#medusamakeup#medusacosplay#fyp#halloweenmakeup#makeuptutorial ♬ original sound – Katie Farhood

If you are good with the makeup brushes, this is for you! Katie Farhood is a TikTok famous influencer, who is famous for her Halloween makeup. You can check her profile for other ideas. This Medusa one is very simple, but as you can see it is stunningly beautiful. You can DIY this snake headband and for the makeup, you can use Katie’s idea, or you can do your own. For the headband you are going to need rubber snakes, zip ties, golden spray paint, a headband, and some glitter. It will be absolutely impossible not to look at you!

7. Kim Possible

kim possible easy costume idea 2022 simple cosplay

We all wanted to be Kim Possible when we were little kids. She is one of my all-time-favorite character fighting bad guys. This is a very simple costume that does not require much. If you already have a pair of parachute pants, use them to turn into Kim! You will need a black crop top and a ginger wig. If you want to include your bestie, she can be Shego – Kim’s enemy!

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8. Flapper girls – the “it girls” of the 1920s

flapper girls costume halloween 2022 it girls simple easy

If you want to go as chic as possible for this year’s Halloween, then check out these Flapper girls costumes. They were the “it girls” of the 1920s. Feathers, crystals, diamonds, pearls and these stunning dresses are giving this Great Gatsby vibes.

9. Bonnie and Clyde – the ultimate couple’s Halloween costume

bonnie and clyde classic halloween costume trendy easy ideas 2022

This is essentially the ultimate couple’s costume. Bonnie and Clyde were criminals who were robbing banks, but their love for one another was what made them so famous. If you want to draw inspiration for this costume, you have to check out the 1930s elegant and simple outfits. We can say that this is one of the most sophisticated ideas for couples costumes.

10. Maddy Perez and Cassie Howard from Euphoria

maddie perez and cassie from euphoria halloween costume ideas 2022

Another very trendy and viral series that we can get ideas for Halloween is Euphoria. After Rue, played by Zendaya, the other characters that made a huge impact on the show were Maddy Perez and Cassie Howard. The two besties were totally rememberable. You are a brunette chica with a blonde best friend, or the opposite? Then you are ready to slay Halloween with these costumes!

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