How to pack your suitcase so you have more space? Here are the 8 ultimate tips to help you out!

by Gabby

Who says autumn is not the time for vacations? I love traveling and if I have a chance to do it, I grab my suitcase, I pack the essentials and I go. It is always a good time for a little getaway. Packing your suitcase can really make things hard for you on your vacation. You have to be prepared for any kind of situation, however you cannot pack your entire closet, unfortunately. What is the perfect way for packing, so you can save space? I am coming to the rescue! Let’s see these easy tips and tricks you can adopt on how to pack a suitcase!

How to pack a suitcase like a pro and be as efficient as possible?

how to pack a suitcase tips and tricks to help you be efficient and save space

Packing your suitcase can be a very difficult task sometimes, as we often spend hours wondering what exactly to take with us. Normally what happens is that we over pack, and we have to do the good old exercise of jumping over our suitcase, so we can close it. If you don’t want this happening to you, check out these tips on how to pack everything you need and save space at the same time.

1. How to pack a suitcase? Follow the rule “pack outfits, not clothes”!

plan your outfits packing a suitcase pack outfits not clothes


As a first step, I strongly suggest planning your outfits in advance. Plan what you are going to wear each day of your vacation. You can use a piece of paper and a pen, or download an app on your phone. Choose clothes that you can combine in different ways with each other. Like that, you will have more options to choose from. When packing your suitcase, pack the outfits together. That way they will be ready for you to wear, and you won’t have to search the entire suitcase finding an item and creating a complete chaos.

2. Use the roll up technique

roll up clothes packing your suitcase tips and tricks easy save space and time

Instead of folding your clothes, rolling them up will save you much more space. This trick will also help you see each of the items and will not make your suitcase messy if you want to find something quickly. The method will prevent your clothes from creasing, but also you can check these tips on how to pack without wrinkles.

3. Use compression bags (vacuum seal bags)

how to pack a suitcase compression bags easy vacuum seal bags

If you want to optimize your suitcase storage, and you don’t feel like rolling up clothes, compression bags are the way to do it. If you have an item that you do not want to wrinkle, I would suggest using another method. These bags come in different sizes, so you can choose which ones you are going to need for your travels. Fill them up with your clothes, seal them well, and then remove the air by using a vacuum cleaner. They are very easy to use. If you are going to use several bags, you can stack them on top of each other in your suitcase.

4. How to pack a suitcase? Packing cubes are here to help you!

packing cubes for packing your suitcase easy tips and tricks

Packing cubes are very practical when you want to organize all of your necessities in your suitcase. They will help you separate your shoes, clothes, makeup, underwear, etc. There are different sizes, usually with zippers, so your things won’t be floating around the suitcase. You can check how to use packing cubes efficiently.

5. How to pack your toiletries?

packing toiletries how to pack your suitcase save space

Packing your toiletries can get really messy. To avoid getting shampoo or moisturizer all over your clothes, I suggest you use transparent toiletry bags, and you zip them very well. Another good idea is to make sure you pack multipurpose cosmetics and use travel sizes. If you take the full size with you, you are risking your luggage to be very heavy. Also, traveling with an airplane means that you cannot take liquids that are more than 100 milliliters. The place where they store your luggage during the flight is not pressurized, which means there is a huge chance for the bottles to burst open. Let’s not risk your new vacations clothes, shall we?

6. What to do when packing shoes?

suitcase packing help tips easy saving space and time

I love shoes! They are definitely my obsession, and I always start my outfits by choosing the shoes first! Unfortunately, when traveling, I can never get as many pairs as possible. So what I do is pack 3 pairs that I can get the most out of, meaning that I can switch them between outfits. You can wear the largest shoes on the airplane and pack the rest. Since shoes are probably the items that take much more space than the others, you can use them to store things inside. For example, you can put socks, chargers, or other small things. Use fabric bags, or shoe bags, to put your shoes inside first before placing them into the suitcase.

7. Pack an extra bag for laundry

useful tip when packing a suitcase laundry bag

Instead of wondering what to do with your dirty clothes, pack an extra bag for your laundry. Like that, your unworn clothes will stay fresh, and you won’t have to mix them up with the ones you already used.

8. If you have empty spaces in the corners, fill them up!

packing a suitcase easy tricks to save more space and be efficient

Here, every small corner counts. Fill the small spaces in the corners with bras, chargers, cables, or belts. If you are going on a tropical vacation, and you packed your summer hats, make sure you fill them up with socks, because like that you will prevent them from squishing. With these tips, you will be ready to pack like a pro in no time!

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