Are bangs in style in 2023? Learn more about all hair trends in the new year!

by Anjelina

Bangs undoubtedly add charm to any look, make us look younger, change our face and features for the better! Choosing the type of bangs depends on many factors, one of which is the type of one’s hairstyle. The right length and shape of the fringe will turn your look into something to be proud of! In today’s article, we will answer a few questions that are undoubtedly of interest to fashion lovers regarding bangs in the new year. Are bangs in style in 2023? Let’s find out in the next lines!

Are bangs in style in 2023?

are bangs in style in 2023 long haircut with bangs peach hair color

Hair trends are constantly changing, but when it comes to bangs, things are exactly the same! They will absolutely be in style in 2023! If you’re considering visiting your hairdresser soon and getting a new haircut and bangs, don’t think too much, but go ahead and do it! It’s best to trust your hairstylist and let them decide what type of bangs will suit your face shape and features. However, we will let you know about the top 3 types of bangs that will be totally trendy in the new year and that actually look stunning on everyone! Just keep in mind that you’ll need to increase your visits to the salon once you’ve got your amazing bangs, so you can maintain them, and make sure they’ll always look good on you!

Top 3 types of bangs for 2023

are bangs in style in 2023 french bob haircut trendy 2023 bangs short


As already mentioned, the type of bangs is best to be chosen according to each person’s individual features. However, 2023 offers us a few exclusive bangs options that will be all the rage, and the likelihood that they’ll look stunning on you, too, is huge! There’s a good chance that you’ll book a hair appointment after the article ends! Don’t say we didn’t warn you! And now let’s see which will be the trendiest types of bangs in the new year!

Blunt bangs below the eyebrows

blunt bangs straight bangs below the eyebrows

Blunt bangs are back and will stay throughout 2023. Achieve a dreamy and feminine look with thin, blunt bangs just below your eyebrows. It’s a great way to highlight your facial features. And best of all, they look great on any face shape and hair texture. But that’s far from all the benefits: besides matching any look, they add irresistible style and charm to any woman who decides to give them a try. They add volume to thin hair, bangs make you look younger and highlight the freshness of your face. They perfectly highlight your eyes, cheekbones and all those features of your face that you are proud of will stand out! Blunt bangs perfectly complement any short, medium or long haircut and look very natural. They’re also extremely easy to maintain – if your hair is naturally straight, you’ll need little to no styling, but if it’s not, you may need to use a straightener. With a little experience and practice, you’ll also be able to maintain its length yourself at home and not always having to visit the hairdresser!

Long curtain bangs

long curtain bangs medium length hair

Curtain bangs date back to the 1970s. In the last few years they have gained popularity again after many celebrities have appeared at events and shown their new haircuts with curtain bangs. The best thing about this type of bangs is that it’s easily adaptable to different hair textures, but you can play around with its length too. In 2023, long curtain bangs are all the rage. Another advantage is that they can also adapt to most face shapes and are suitable for women of any age. They are the perfect solution for those who want to draw attention to their cheekbones and eyes. This style of bangs is so versatile and can be done on different hair lengths. For example, you can try it on short haircuts such as a bob, medium length ones (layered haircuts) and on long hair regardless of the haircut you choose!

Long asymmetrical bangs

long asymmetrical bangs short hairstyle bob curled at the ends

Asymmetric bangs and especially long ones will be particularly trendy in 2023. They give a feminine look, but are actually quite an extravagant solution. Their advantages are really many, but the biggest one is that they look great with both short (pixie, bob) and medium and long layered hairstyles. This is because they blend in wonderfully with the rest of the hair, and it also means they are perfect for all the latest hair coloring techniques (highlights, balayage). On top of all this, they are ideal for women who lead a hectic lifestyle, as they are easy to maintain and style. You won’t have to constantly visit the hairdresser to maintain their length, as is the case with shorter bangs. Also, long asymmetrical bangs are a great option for girls who want a change in their appearance, but not as drastic!

Haircuts with bangs 2023 – Photo Gallery

short blonde bob highlights framing bangs

Choppy bob with blunt bangs

choppy bob trend with blunt bangs

Wolf cut

shaggy bangs round faces wolf cut

Trending butterfly haircut

butterfly haircut with bangs top trend 2023

Long layered hair with bangs

long layered hair with bangs

Short angled bob with side bangs 

short angled bob with side bangs brown hair

Pixie cut

are bangs in style in 2023 pixie cut with bangs highlights

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