How to Stop Your Dog from Destroying the Garden and What to Do with a Destructive Puppy?

by Kremy

Who is to blame for the holes and torn grass? How to stop your dog from destroying the garden? Should we punish a dog that destroys everything?

When he’s busy in the garden around you, you have no idea what you’ll find the next day. It’s a disaster! Holes everywhere, a ruined flowerbed, ripped grass, the damage list is disappointing. But who is the villain? Suddenly, you find the answer in your pet’s strange behavior. He is unusually peaceful. So what is he, a destructive dog? What should you do about it? Should you punish him? How do you stop your dog from destroying the garden? Is it a behavioral issue or just an accident? Do you want to learn a little more about the character of your pet? Follow our comments in the article below!

How to Stop Your Dog from Destroying the Garden? What Is a Destructive Dog?

how to stop your dog from destroying the garden digging tearing eating herbs

Your little girl’s dream has come true: the newest member of the family is a very dynamic and cute Jack Russell. But you won’t think so the day you’re faced with the challenge of removing a urine stain from a mattress or carpet. Let’s get on with it! It’s forgotten! No need to get angry! You need to teach him good manners.

But no! Coming home from work to find the interior ransacked! No need to describe, it’s the apocalypse! You take him outside as punishment, and what you see a few hours later is the last drop. He’s dug up most of the garden. What can you do about it? You’re not the only one! How to stop your dog from destroying the garden? This is the question that thousands of owners ask themselves.

What is the cause and how to fix it? Let’s look at the phenomenon “destructive dog”.

What is the Reason for Dog’s Destructive Behavior?

destructive dog what to do no need scold punish train good manners behavior


First, a very small dog separated from its mother becomes attached to its master and that makes it dependent. So, in your absence, he feels lonely, betrayed and anxious.

Second, lack of activity can turn into a destructive hyperactivity. To exhaust your pet, include him in your walks or indoor games. By diverting his attention, you will succeed on the one hand in showing affection to him and on the other hand, in engaging him in fun activities.

And thirdly, in the event of a change (loss of a loved one or moving in a new house), the dog feels isolated and forgotten. His little world is disturbed and he gets angry.

There is of course a health issue if you notice the puppy eating grass. A digestive problem may be at the root of this behavior. It is not in your skills to remedy, so seek professional help.

Keep all of these situations in mind so you can act appropriately.

Can You Stop A Destructive Dog? How to Stop Your Dog from Destroying the Garden?

how to protect my garden from my dog build fence block access with plants

It has occurred to you that your doggie accompanying you in the garden can imitate you. Digging, digging up, weeding, he follows these frequent activities with interest to repeat them one day, in your absence. Unfortunately, his enthusiasm to “assist” you in horticulture is a disaster for you and you have to think how to stop your dog from destroying the garden? Scolding him will only make the problem worse, because the aggressive behavior on your part will put him under stress.

At the first “test” on his part, consider blocking his access to plants. If your green space allows, you can build a fence the height of your dog’s waist around attractive areas, especially flower beds. This is a temporary solution if you’re working on forming good puppy habits. For a long-term safety project, create green borders of boxwood or other impassable shrubs. The duo of aesthetics and functionality works well.

As for the vegetable garden, the raised beds are inaccessible to laborious little paws. In any case, so as not to deprive your furry friend of his pleasure, create a digging area, preferably in sand. Encourage him to explore this area by burying treats and favorite toys there. In this way, you will help him develop habits that will give you peace of mind when enjoying activities in the garden or relaxing under the gazebo.

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How to Keep a Tidy Garden with a Dog?

how to stop my dog from pulling up plants sow repelling varieties and scented herbs

Ask cat owners how they save plants in the garden and vegetable patch. They will tell you that thorny shrubs and fragrant flowers can keep cats away Natural repellents have the same effective impact on dogs, but beware of toxic ones such as aloe vera and azalea

No danger from perennial creeping thyme which makes an excellent ground cover and is of no interest to your puppy. A good idea is to mark the areas with hardy plants and ornamental grasses: camellias, African daisies.

If your pet knows the “leave” command and the “no”, he will understand and won’t repeat his nonsense. Hold back! Don’t shout at him! Let him hear your categorical tone once, twice, three times if necessary. The result will be a well-trained and well-behaved dog.

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