Dog Beds Made From Furniture – A Cozy Sleeping Place for Your Pet

by Kremy

Many owners love their pet so much that they allow him to climb on their bed. This practice leads to certain consequences as torn bedding and bad hygiene. It is a must that pets have their own sleeping place and we have selected some original ideas for dog beds made from furniture.

What Do You Need To Know About Dog Beds Made From Furniture?

Dog Beds Made From Furniture Ideas for a cozy sleeping place

When you have a pet, it is understandable that you want to provide the best conditions so that he feels comfortable. There are many original dog house designs, washing stations, crates, traveling baskets – this is a whole industry with a huge product range that can satisfy any need of your pets. Often, pet accessories are quite expensive and in such cases one has to be creative and think outside the box. Dog beds made from furniture are comfortable and sturdy, in addition, you can transform an end table or a nightstand into a sleeping place. It sounds easy, and it really is, but you need to keep in mind a few factors before upcycling old pieces of furniture.

What Do You Need To Know About DIY Old Furniture Dog Beds


Obviously, you will want a comfortable bed for your pet. This means that whatever piece of furniture you decide to transform, it has to provide enough space for the animal. Measure the height, length and width to make sure the dog will be able to turn 360 degrees in it as well as stand inside.

Dog Beds Made From Furniture Ideas – How to Transform Old Furniture into a Special Place for Your Pet?

How to Transform Old Furniture into a Special Place for Your Pet

Before throwing away old furniture, it is worth trying to transform it. Any old item can be given a unique and inimitable look, completely changing their purpose. Here are some ideas for dog beds made from furniture!

Transform a Nightstand or a Chest of Drawers into a Dog Bed

Transform a Nightstand into a Dog Bed

An old chest of drawers or a bedside table can easily be turned into furniture with two functions – a nightstand for you and a bed for your four-legged friend. To do this, you need to remove the bottom two drawers and line the walls. Don’t forget to put a soft pillow on the bottom so that the dog is comfortable.

Stylish and Multi-Functional End Table

Stylish and Multi-Functional End Table cozy dog bed

Octagonal tables with a door were fashionable years ago. If you still have such a table in your home, do not rush to throw it away. Instead, remove the door and repaint it. Then line the inside with fabric and put a pillow to create an adorable bed for your pet.

Transform a Drawer into a Dog Bed

DIY murphy style dog bed from old drawer

Transforming a drawer into a dog bed is an easy project and does not require any skills. Just add feet to the bottom of the old drawer and paint it in a pleasant color. If you are a fan of DIY projects, you can make a Murphy-style bed for your pet!

kitchen cabinet dog bed DIY ideas

You can use an old TV, even a kitchen cabinet to make a bed for your dog. Look at these ideas for inspiration!


how to upcycle old drawers DIY dog bed

Turn an old television set turned into a dog bed


upcycle old furniture DIY dog bed ideas

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